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Folk Tip, folk recipes, folk therapy, introduced here are only to serve as a professional reference database for a doctor in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). It does not aim to let the public to use it by themselves.

These therapies are not the mainstream of the TCM. However, they could work very well for some people, though not for every person. If they work, the healing effect can be very fast, very effective, much more than a mainstream therapy. For this reason, they have been in Chinese history for thousands of years. They are very valuable supplementary to the mainstream TCM.

Medical healing is a critical thing. Anything, good or bad (1), may happen during a therapy, especially if you do not use it as it is required (2). When you use the TCM therapy, you MUST use it as the TCM requested, not as a western medicine tablets for months and years(3). We strongly recommend you to consult with your doctor in TCM before you try by yourself any therapies here. No one can guarantee that the ingredients you use is the right one (4), or the way you use the therapy is a right way (5). Therefore, it would be exclusively your responsibility for anything happen by your own use of such therapy.

A TCM doctor (6)needs to monitor the effect of the herbal therapy and clearly identify a healing effect, a healing crisis, from a side effect. Not every unpleasant feeling during a therapy should be regarded as a side effect, some might be necessary disease-expelling effect, similar to a de-toxic effect. 

  A0. Weight loss (减肥)
A1. Common cold (感冒)
A2. Head ache (头痛)
A3. Trigeminal neuralgia (三叉神经痛)
A4. Cervical spondylosis (颈椎病)
A5. Frozen shoulder (肩周炎)
A6. Stiff neck (颈项强直)
A7. Acute lumber sprain (急性腰扭伤)
A8. Chronic lumbar muscle strain (慢性腰肌劳损)
A9. Sciatic pain (坐骨神经痛)
A10. Lumbar disc herniation (腰椎间盘突出)
A11. Hyperostosis (Bone spur)(骨刺)
A12. Osteoarthritis on the knee (膝部骨关节炎)
A13. Synovitis (��节���膜炎)
A14. Ganglion cyst (腱鞘囊肿)
A15. Tennis elbow (网球肘)
A16. Intercostal neuralgia (肋间神经痛 )
A17. Shoulder-arm stretching pain (肩-上肢抻痛)
A18. Arthritis pain (关节炎)
A19. Gout (痛风)
A20. Muscle spasm or myotonia (肌肉痉挛症)
A21. Burning (烧伤)
A22. Frozen (冻伤)
A23. Cut injury (刀割伤)

A25. Soft tissue sprain and contusion (扭伤)
A26. Bite by dog, bee, wasp, centipede.(动物及毒虫咬伤)..
A27. Feet hurt by wearing shoes (新鞋夹脚伤)
A28. Mis-swallow of foreign thing (误吞异物)

A29. Heel pain (脚跟痛)

  B1. Irregular circle (月经不调)
B2. Painful menstruation (痛经)
B3. Uterine bleeding (崩漏)
B4. Menstruation cessation (停经)

B5. Compensatory menstruation (倒经)
B6. Uterine prolapse (子宫脱垂)
B7. Pregnant vomiting (妊娠呕吐)
B8. Pregnant abdomen pain (妊娠腹痛)
B9. Fetal irritability (胎动不安)
B10. Threatened abortion (先兆流产)
B11. Pregnant swelling (妊娠水肿)
B12. Abortion (流产)
B13. Fetal mal-position (胎位不正)
B14. Labor induction (引产)
B15. Ectopic pregnancy (宫外孕)

B16. Postpartum urinary retention (产后尿潴留)
B17. Postpartum urinary leakage (产后尿失禁)
B18. Postpartum abdomen pain (产后腹痛)
B19. Postpartum bleeding (恶露不尽)
B20. Postpartum blood retention (产后恶露不下)
B21. To promote breast milk (催乳)
B22. To stop breast milk (断乳)
B23. Breast milk leakage (溢乳)
B24. Infertility (不孕症)
B25. Contraception (避孕)
B26. Endometriosis (子宫内膜异位症)
B27. Uterine fibroids (子宫肌瘤)
B28. Polycystic ovary (卵巢囊肿)
B29. Menopause syndrome (更年期综合症)


  C0. Impotency (阳痿)
C1. An-ejaculation (不射精症)
C2. Premature ejaculation (早泄)
C3. Reverse ejaculation (倒精)
C4. Seminal emission (遗精)
C5. Penis shrink (缩阳)
C6. Penis stiffness (阴茎强直)

C7. Male infertility (男性不育症)
C8. Sperm - low number (精子量少)
C9. Sperm - low activity (精子活力不足)
C10. Sperm - no sperm (无精子症)
C11. Sperm - blood sperm (血精症)
C12. Sperm - no liquefaction (精子不液化)
C13. Sperm - dead sperm (死精症)
C14. Infertility -immune disorder (免疫性不育症)
C15. Testis pain (睾丸痛) 
C16. Scrotum eczema (阴囊湿疹)
C17. Hydrocele (睾丸鞘膜积液)
C18. Prostatitis (前列腺炎)
C19. Prostate enlargement (前列腺肥大)

  D0. Acne (痤疮)
D1. Urticaria (荨麻疹) (Hives)
D2. Atopic dermatitis (神经性皮炎)
D3. Eczema (湿疹)
D4. Psoriasis (牛皮癣)
D5. Prickly heat (痱��)
D6. Wart (����子)
D7. Corn (鸡眼)
D8. Scabies (疥疮)
D9. Mole (痣)

D10. Body odor (狐臭)
D11. Contact dermatitis (接触性皮炎)
D12. Skin crash (手足皲裂)
D13. Erysipelas (丹毒)
D14. Shingles (带状疱疹)
D15. Ringworm of nails (甲癣)
D16. Scar tissue (疤痕组织)
D17. Folliculitis, boils, carbundles (疖, 痈)
D18. Vitiligo (白癜风) (Leukoderma)
D19. Haemorrhoids (痔疮) (piles)
D20. Anal fissure (肛裂)
D21. Hand & feet sweat (手足多汗症)
D22. Vasculitis (脉管炎)
D23. Skin black spot (皮肤黑斑)

D24. Freckle (雀斑)
D25. Face wrinkle (面部皱纹)
D26. Face whitening (面部增白方)
D27. Skin maintenance (皮肤保健)
D28. Grey hair (头发早白)
D29. Hair loss (脱发)

D30. Harden skin-muscle after injection (肌肉注射后皮肤硬结)

  E0. Dizziness syndrome (眩晕症)
E1. Ear ringing (Tinnitus) (耳鸣)
E2. Sweat (多汗症)
E3. High blood pressure (高血压)
E4. Low blood pressure (低血压)
E5. Hyperthyroidism (甲亢)
E6. Hypothyroidism (甲低)
E7. Cough (咳嗽)
E8. Asthma (哮喘)
E9. Constipation (便秘)
E10. Diarrhea (腹泻)
E11. Poor sleep (失眠)
E12. Acute pharyngitis (急性咽炎)
E13. Chronic pharyngitis (慢性咽炎)
E14. Chronic sinusitis (慢性鼻窦炎)
E15. Allergic rhinitis (过敏性鼻炎)
E16. Chronic atrophic rhinitis (慢性萎缩性鼻炎)
E17. Oral ulcer (口腔溃疡)
E18. Toothache (牙痛)

        For more information, please check here.

  (1). Any thing may have side effect, including air or water. Can you breath the free air in a fast way, say 80 times per minute? Can you drink 1 liter of water per hour? If the air and water can bring side effect to you if you do not consume it in a proper way,  why not a herb? Chinese medicine prescribe a herbal therapy, taking into the consideration of the nature of the disease, the age, the sex, the season of the year, the year, the body reaction, and more. It dose not work as simply to give you a pain killer if you have a pain.

(2). In this website, whenever it is indicated to cook the herbs in water, it means first to soak the ingredients in water for 20 min. The top surface of the water in the cooking pot is about one to two inches higher than that of the ingredients. The cooking pot should be a clay one, not at all a metal one. Bring the pot to boiling. Once it boils heavily, turn down the heat to lower level to keep a small boiling. Continue to cook until the final liquid (herb extract) in the pot is about 200 ml - 300 ml. The extract is usually separated into two or three parts. Drink each part each time, two to three times a day. If you still cannot understand how to cook and to drink it, consult with your Chinese friends. 

In our clinic, we use herb granules, in stead of the crude herbs. The herb granules are the herbs that have been re-cooked, dried, and sprayed into powder, similar as a milk granule. When use, we only need to add little water to re-dissolve it. It is very convenient to use.

If you are interested to some therapy, but some ingredients in it might be hard for you to get, give us a call, and we may be able to supply you some.

(3). There is a example: A very famous Chinese herbal formula, the Xiao Chaihu Tang, works very well for many clinic conditions. It was found also good for the healing of hepatitis, so in Japan, people take it for months of months or years of years. Of course some side effects come, which leads to the forbid of its use in Japan. This is very strange the decision by a medical authority who bans a herb in therapy for its side effect due to an non-professional use, but does not ban the chemotherapy that kill the cancer cells but also the normal body cells so as to speed up the person's death. How a side effect of a herb due to improper way of its use leads to total ban of its use in a healing process by a professional? Is this a logical manner?

(4). For example of ginseng. The ginseng grows in America bears Cold property according to TCM system, which is used when a person feels thirsty, and wants to drink cooler water. Whereas a ginseng grows in China or Korea bears Warm property, so we use it to a person with cold hands and cold feet, who likes to drink hot water and to stay in a warm room. Another example: the diamond and black lead. Why their physical property is very different but they bear the same chemical molecule? So, the same name or the same chemical molecule of two things may not the SAME thing! In addition, the water from a well and the water from your water pipe may not bear the same life-nutrition or healing property in the TCM system!

(5). Even if you use the TCM in a proper way, no one can still guarantee you no side effect: each person is different for their body reaction. For example, to eat shrimp, most people can enjoy it, but some may have diarrhea, even an allergic shock to threaten life. To have an in vein glucose infusion, most persons have no problem, but some may get heart shock or acute kidney failure. Who can predict such bad thing for each individual before it really happens? Further more, the body tolerance to some thing (including a herbal therapy) is also related to the condition of the body at the specific time. A side effect may happen with more chance, if the body is in a very hungry condition, very tired, very hot with lots of sweat, or if the person is in a very strong emotional conflict with others, and if the person worries his health, money, reputation.. very much.

More information: arsenic is well known a extremely poisonous thing that can kill a person, whereas it has been well documented, and well tested in China that it works very well to even cure leukemia. How can you understand this phenomenon? To a person without leukemia, it can kill the person, and to a person with leukemia, it saves his life! This is the world: it is very mysterious. If something is good, it may not always a good one, and if something is bad, it may not always be bad. Think about the western medicine and TCM; the democracy and the despotic; the freedom and the rules; the capitalism and the socialism...

(6). For a TCM doctor, we recommend you do not take such people as your client, who does not mind the constipation from a pain killer, the headache from the daizepam, the thyroid function loss after a thyroid surgery, or do not mind the highly toxic, even life-threatening side effects from a chemotherapy, but does not want to expect, understand, or tolerate any side effect from a herbal therapy. If a person only wants healing effect, but not ready to endure some much mild side effects, do not be eager to prescribe herbs to them. This is good for both you and the person: you cannot tell out all possible side effects, though you may know some. For those people, it is better to suggest them back to whatever the current medical system they are visiting. Do not promise that the TCM therapy is no harm, no side effect. If you do so, it means that you do not know TCM yet, or you have very poor clinic experience.



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