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E9. Constipation


1. 香蕉蘸黑芝麻治疗便秘 (Banana and black sesame to stop constipation)

香蕉 500 克,黑芝麻 25 克

Banana 500 g, Black sesame 25 g.


Fry the black sesame to half edible. Dip banana to the sesame to eat. Eat all of the amount by three times in the same day. This is one-day dose.


For person with high blood pressure, continue to eat it for a long time.

2. 花生仁治疗便秘 (Peanut to stop constipation)

生花生仁 30 克 (一次量)

Peanut 30 g (not fried one. This is one-time dose)


Chew the peanut with empty stomach, once in the morning, and once in the evening. During the treatment, do not eat spicy food, nor drink alcohol.

3. 大黄敷脐部治疗便秘 (Rhubarb to stop constipation)


Take some amount of Rhubarb. Grind it into powder. Add alcohol to make it into mud form. Apply it onto the naval. Cover and seal it properly with gauze and medical tape. Then put a hot-water bag over it for 10 min. Change the herb application everyday.


This formula is mostly used for constipation due to stagnation of indigested food, especially in children.

 4. 芦荟叶治疗便秘 (Aloe leaf for constipation)

芦荟叶,去刺,捣烂,压汁。每次服 2 - 3 勺,一天两次。

Remove thorn of aloe, chop and press to get juice. Drink 2 - 3 tablespoons each time, twice a day.


5. 白矾敷脐部治疗便秘 (Alum powder for constipation)


Apply alum powder onto naval. Add several drops of water on it. Cover it.


6. 苹果治疗便秘 (Apple for constipation)


Every morning and evening, eat one to two apples.


7. 香蕉治疗便秘 (Banana for constipation)

香蕉 250 克,睡前一次吃完。

Banana 250 g, each all once before go to bed.


8. 土豆汁治疗便秘 (Potato juice for constipation)


Wash potato. Chop and press it to get juice. Drink it once in the morning and once before lunch, 200 ml each time, with empty stomach.


This formula has been used to 84 cases with constipation. All were cured. Most of them saw the healing effect after 3-4 days.


9. 蓖麻油和蜂蜜治疗便秘 (Castor oil and honey for constipation)

蓖麻油 300 毫升,蜂蜜 150 毫升

Castor oil 300 ml, Honey 150 ml.


Mix well. Drink it after warm.


10. 红薯治疗便秘 (Sweet potato for constipation)


Chop sweet potato into smaller blocks. Add into water to cook until they are much soft to edible. Add little white sugar and several slides of fresh ginger. Continue cook for a while. Eat it.


This formula is good for constipation in old person and for women after birth giving.


11. 菠菜治疗便秘 (Spinach for constipation)

鲜菠菜 250 克,开水煮3 分钟,捞出去水,以芝麻油伴食,每天两次。

Fresh spinach  250 g. Add boiled water to soak for 3 min. Take out to remove water for a while. Add sesame oil to eat as salad. This is one time dose. Eat it twice a day.


12. 韭菜汁治疗便秘 (Chinese chives for constipation)


Wash Chinese chives. Press to get it juice. Use one cup of the juice, add in some cooking wine (or regular wine) and some amount of boiled water. Drink it.


13. 胡萝卜汁和苹果汁治疗便秘 (Carrot juice and Apple juice to stop constipation)


Mix half amount of carrot juice and half amount of apple juice. Drink the mixture half hour before breakfast every day.


14. 海带汤治疗便秘 (Kelp soup for constipation)


Cook Kelp in water. Drink the water every morning, 30 min before breakfast.


15. 糙米盐水治疗便秘 (Coarse rise and salt for constipation)


Fry coarse rice to yellow in collar. Grind into fine powder. Add two tablespoons of coarse rice and little salt in boiled hot water. Mix well. This is one-time dose. Drink two times a day.


16. 生鸡蛋治疗便秘 (Chicken egg for constipation)

鸡蛋一个,打碎,加入到三倍之凉水中,搅30 民搅拌匀。饭前服,一天一次。此为美国民间偏方。

Take one chicken egg. Break it into three fold of cold water. Stir for 30 min. Drink it once a day before meal.


17. 白菜汁治疗便秘 (Chinese cabbage juice for constipation)


Chinese cabbage. Press to get juice. Drink one cup, 2 hours before meal. It needs to be continued for a longer time.


18. 黑芝麻胡桃治疗便秘 (Black sesame and walnut meat for constipation)

黑芝麻 40 克,胡桃 80 克

Black sesame 40 g, Walnut 80 g.

研细末。每次服 1 勺,饭前清水送服。

Grind into fine powder. Drink one tablespoon each time before meal. Drink water for swallow.

19. 蜂蜜食盐治疗便秘 (Honey and salt for constipation)

蜂蜜 40 克,食盐少许,加水调匀服。

Honey 40 g, Table salt little. Mix them with hot water. Drink it.


This formula is for those of constipation, in which the stool is as small rabbit stool (small balls).


20. 牛奶蜂蜜治��便��� (Cow's milk and honey for constipation)

牛奶 250 克,蜂蜜 50 克

Cow's milk 250 g, Honey 50 g.


Bring the milk to boil. Add honey in. Mix it well. Drink it once a day.


This formula works for constipation due to Yin deficiency.

也可在本方中加入葱白汁(取自于100 克 大葱)治疗老人习惯性便秘。

In another way, add Chinese leek stem juice (from 100 g such leek stems) to solve constipation in old person.


21. 番泻叶治疗便秘 (Senna leaf for constipation)

番泻叶 30 克

Senna leaf 30 g.


Cook in water. Drink the tea. Or add it into boiled water, drink as ordinary tea; or use is for enema.


22. 豆油治疗便秘 Soya oil for constipation)

豆油 240 克

Soya oil 240 g.

每次服 80 克。连服两次。大便通后再服80 克。

Drink the oil 80 g each time for two times. After having bowel movement, drink once again.


23. 苹果治疗便秘 (Apple for constipation)


Remove skin of apples, chop in half. Remove kernel, add white sugar or honey in. Cover the another half on. Steam over water until it is edible. Eat it one a day, after meal.

24. 柏子仁治疗便秘 (Boziren for constipation)

柏子仁 4 克,饭前服。

Boziren 4 g. Drink it before meal.


25. 黑芝麻糯米方治疗便秘 (Black sesame and Glutinous rice for the treatment of constipation)

黑芝麻 500 克,糯米 250 克

Black sesame 500 g, Glutinous rice 250 g.


Fry the sesame to edible, and the glutinous ride to yellow in color. Mix them and grind into fine powder. When drink, add one tablespoon of the powder and half tablespoon of white honey to cup. Add boiled water some amount. Drink it with empty stomach, once a day and continue for one month.


26. 苏子蜂蜜方治疗便秘 (Suzi and Honey for constipation)

苏子 10 克,蜂蜜 30 克

Suzi 10 g, Honey 30 g.


Fry Suzi into yellow in color. Add honey to drink the mixture every early morning with empty stomach. Continue for 10 days.


27. 半夏硫磺粉治疗寒性便秘 (Banxia and brim stone powder for constipation)

半夏 9 克,硫磺 3 克。

Banxia 9 g, Brim stone 3 g.

混匀,研细末。每次服 3 克。每天两次。

Mix and grind into fine powder. Drink it 3 grams each time, twice a day.


This formula works for Cold type constipation.


28. 枳实治疗便秘 (Zhishi for constipation)

枳实 10 克

Zhishi 10 g.


Cook Zhishi in water. Drink the herbal tea. This formula works for old person with constipation.


29. 生地太子参治疗便秘 (Shengdi Taizhishen for constipation)

生地 30 克,太子参 30 克

Shengdi 30 g, Taizishen 30 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea.



30. 瓜蒌元明粉治疗便秘 (Gualu and Sodium sulfate for constipation)

全瓜蒌 30 克,元明粉 10 克

Guolu 30 g, Sodium sulfate 10 g.


Grind into powder. Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea.


31. 肉苁蓉治疗便秘 (Roucongrong for constipation)

肉苁蓉 30 克

Roucongrong 30 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea. This formula works for person with weak physical condition.


32. 淡豆豉葱白治疗便秘 (Dandouchi and Chinese leeks for constipation)

淡豆豉 7 粒,葱白 三根

Dandouchi 7 gran, Chinese leek stem three ones.


Chop into very much in mud form. Apply on to naval. Cover and seal with tape. Remove it off after bowel movement.


33. 蒲公英治疗便秘 (Pugongyin for constipation)

蒲公英 15 克

Pugongying 15 g


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea.


34. 菠菜猪血汤治疗便秘 (Spinach and pig blood for constipation)

菠菜200 克,猪血 150 克

Spinach 200 g, pig blood 150 g.


Cook in water until they are edible. Add little salt. Drink the soup. This formula is suitable for constipation in old person, or for person with alcohol addiction, with accumulated fire in the stomach.


35. 猪心柏子仁汤治疗便秘 (Pig heart and Boziren for constipation)

猪心一个,柏子仁 15 克

Pig heart one. Boziren 15 g.


Chop pig heart open, add Boziren in. Cook in water until it is edible. This is one-time dose. Repeat once every three days.


36. 猪肚薏米方治疗体虚便秘 (Pig stomach and Yiyiren to stop constipation)


Pig stomach some amount. Yiyiren some amount.


Cook in water separately until edible. Eat it as main meal. This formula is suitable for whose who is with every weak body condition after a severe illness.


37. 批把叶麦冬汤治疗便秘 (Bipa leaf and Maidong Tang for constipation)

批把叶 15 克,麦冬 15 克

Piba leaf 15 g, Maidong 15 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea。


38. 木瓜蜂蜜汤治疗便秘 (Papaya and honey for constipation)

木瓜粉 6 克,蜂蜜 6 克

Papaya powder 6 g, Honey 6 g.


Add the two into boil water. Drink it. It works for constipation with blood in stool.


39. 莱菔子大黄茶治疗便秘 (Laifuzi and Rhubarb for constipation)

莱菔子 10 克,大黄 6 克。

Laifuzi 10 g, Rhubarb 6 g.


Add into boiled hot water. Drink it as tea.


40. 大黄芒硝汤治疗便秘 (Rhubarb and Glauber's salt to stop constipation)

大黄 2 克,加水 270 毫升煎至180 毫升。取汁,加入芒硝3.8 克混匀。早晚饭前30 分钟服。

Cook Rhubarb 2 grams in 270 ml water until the water is about 180 ml. Collect the water part. Add 3.8 grams of Glauber's salt in. Mix it well. Drink it 30 min once before breakfast and once before supper. 


41. 大黄火麻仁方治疗便秘 (Rhubarb and Huomaren for constipation)

大黄 6 克,火麻仁 12 克。

Rhubarb 6 g, Huomaren 12 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea.


42. 肉苁蓉羊肉汤治疗阳虚便秘 (Roucongrong and Lamb for constipation)

肉苁蓉 15 克,羊肉 50 克,梗米 100 克

Roucongrong 15 g, Lamb 50 g, Glutinous rice 100 g.


Cook the Roucongrong and lamb in water until the lamb is edible. Remove the reside (lamb and herbs), collect the soup. Add the glutinous rice into the soup to cook as for an ordinary soup. Drink the rice soup.


This formula works for constipation due to Yang deficiency.


43. 黄芪当归汤治疗便秘 (Huangqi Danggui Tang for constipation)

黄芪 20 克,当归 20 克,炙甘草 20 克,升麻 10 克,防风 10 克。

Huangqi 20 g, Danggui 20 g, Zhi Licorice 20 g, Shenma 10 g, Fangfeng 10 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea.


44. 桃树叶子和花治疗便秘 (Peach leaf and peach followers for constipation)

将桃树叶子和桃花阴干,水煎当茶服。 此为美国偏方。

Dry peach leaf and flower without sunshine. Cook in water. Drink it as ordinary tea. It works to stop constipation. This is US folk tip.


45. 黄芪党参白术汤治疗便秘 (Huangqi Dangshen Baizhu Tang for constipation)

黄芪 15 克,党参 15 克,炒白术 30 克,当归 15 克,熟地 30 克,升麻 6 克,炒枳壳 6 克,柏子仁 10 克,郁李仁 6 克,肉苁蓉 10 克,桔梗 10 克,火麻仁 10 克,桃仁  10 克,杏仁 10 克,松子仁 10 克,橘红  6 克,沉香 3 克,天花粉 10 克。

Huangqi 15 g, Danshen 15 g, Chao Baizhu 30 g, Danggui 15 g, Shoudi 30 g, Shenma 6 g, Chao Zhike 6 g, Boziren 10 g, Yuliren 6 g, Roucongrong 10 g, Jiegen 10 g, Huomaren 10 g, Taoren 10 g, Xingren 10 g, Songziren 10 g, Juhong 6 g, Chenxiang 3 g, Tianhuafen 10 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea. One-month is one healing period.


46. 达原饮治疗便秘 (Dayuanyin for constipation)

厚朴 8 克,槟榔 10 克,草果 6 克,知母 12 克,黄芩 12 克,白芍  15 克,玄参 15 克,石斛 15 克,甘草 5 克,桑椹 20 克,天花粉 20 克,麦冬 20 克。

Houpu 8 g, Binglang 10 g, Caoguo 6 g, Zhimu 12 g, Huangqin 12 g, Baishao 15 g, Xuanshen 15 g, Shihu 15 g, Licorice 5 g, Sangshen 20 g, Tianhuanfen 20 g, Maidong 20 g.

水煎服。本方治疗便秘一年以上者31 例,全部获愈。

Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea. This formula has been used to 31 cases with constipation for more than one year. All were cured.


47. 白术苍术汤治疗便秘 (Baizhu Cangzhu Tang for constipation)

白术 30 克,苍术 30 克,枳壳 10 克,肉苁蓉 20 克

Baishu 30 g, Cangzhu 30 g, Zhike 10 g, Roucongrong 20 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea.


48. 决明子治疗便秘 (Juemingzi for constipation)

决明子12 克,水煎服。当茶饮。

Juemingzi 12 g. Cook in water. Drink the water as ordinary tea.


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