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E4. Low blood pressure (Hypotension)



1. 韭菜汁治疗低血压 (Chinese Chives juice for low blood pressure)


Chop the Chinese chives to get juice. Drink one cup every morning. It helps to improve blood circulation so as to correct low blood pressure.


2. 芦荟汁治疗高血压和低血压 (Aloe juice for high blood pressure and also for low blood pressure)


Chop and press aloe to get juice. Drink the juice every day. It works for both high blood pressure and also low blood pressure.

3. 黄芪党参黄精汤治疗低血压 (Huangqi Dangshen Huangjing Tang for low blood pressure)

黄芪 15 克,党参 15 克,黄精 20 克,肉桂 8 克,大枣 10 枚,甘草 6 克。

Huangqi 15 g, Dangshen 15 g, Huangjing 20 g, Rougui 8 g, Chinese date 12 g, Licorice 6 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea. 20-day is one healing period.

4. 枸杞子淫羊藿方治疗低血压 (Gouqizi Yinyanghuo Fang for low blood pressure)

枸杞子 15 克,淫羊藿 15 克

Gouqizi 15 g, Yinyanghuo 15 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea.

5. 西洋参桂枝治疗低血压 (Ginseng Guizhi as tea for low blood pressure)

西洋参 5 克,桂枝 15 克,制附子 12 克,甘草 10 克

Ginseng 5 g, Guizhi 15 g, Zhi Fuzi 12 g, Licorice 10 g.


Add boiled water to the herbs. Prepare it and drink it as ordinary tea. Drink it everyday.


This formula has been used to 28 cases with low blood pressure. After drink of this tea for 28 to 31 days, the blood pressure returned to normal in all cases.

6. 党参黄精治疗低血压 (Dangshen Huangjing for low blood pressure)

党参 30 克,黄精 30 克,甘草 10 克

Dangshen 30 g, Huangjing 30 g, Licorice 10 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea.


7. 黄芪党参汤治疗低血压 (Huangqi Dangshen for low blood pressure)

黄芪 20 克,党参 20 克,白术 10 克,当归 10 克,柴胡 10 克,升麻 10 克,枸杞子 25 克,附子 6 克,炙甘草 6 克。

Huangqi 20 g, Dangshen 20 g, Baizhu 10 g, Danggui 10 g, Chaihu 10 g, Shenma 10 g, Gouqizi 25 g, Fuzi 6 g, Zhi Licorice 6 g.


Cook in water. One-week is one healing period.



If the patient feels vexed, poor sleep and poor memory, add Yuanzhi 10 g, Yejiaoteng 10 g; If feels sour in lower back and weak knee, add Xuduan 10 g, Niuxi 10 g, Duzhong 10 g; if feels pain all over the body, add Jixueteng 10 g, Chuanxiong 10 g, Weilingxian 10 g, Xixin 3 g.

8. 人参黄芪汤治疗低血压 (Renshen Huangqi Tang for the treatment of low blood pressure syndrome)

党参 15 克,黄芪 25 克,熟地 25 克,山药 25 克,山茱萸 20 克,枸杞子 20 克,丹皮 10 克,泽泻 10 克,麦门冬 10 克,茯苓 10 克,五味子 10 克,甘草 6 克。

Dangshen 15 g, Huangqi 25 g, Shoudi 25 g, Shanyao 25 g, Shanzhuyu 20 g, Gouqizi 20 g, Danpi 10 g, Zexie 10 g, Maimendong 10 g, Fuling 10 g, Wuweizi 10 g, Gancao 6 g.

水煎服。气虚明显者,黄芪可至40-50 克;血虚者,加当归,何首乌,鸡血藤各20-30克;头晕者,加野菊花,天麻,钩藤 10-15 克;腰膝酸软者,加杜仲,狗脊,续断 10-15 克;阴虚火旺者,加黄柏,知母,生地 8-12 克。

Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea. If the condition is with more Qi deficiency, the amount of Huangqi can be increased to 40-50 g; if with blood deficiency, add Danggui, Heshouwu, Jixueteng 20-30 g; if with dizziness, add  Wild Ju flower, Tianma, Gouteng 10-15 g; if with sour and weak in knee and lower back, add Duzhong, Gouji and Xuduan 10-15 g; if with Yin deficiency and Fire overwhelming, add Huangbo, Zhimu, and Shengdi 8-12 g.


Half-month is one healing period.

本方治疗低血压者55例,一到两个疗程后,血压恢复正常者48例,明显改善者5例,无效2 例。

This formula has been used to 55 cases with low blood pressure. After one to two healing periods, the blood pressure returned normal in 48 cases, improved in 5 cases and failed to change in 2 cases.

9. 芍药甘草汤治疗低血压 (Yaoyao Licorice Tang for low blood pressure)

白芍根 10 克,甘草 1 克。

Baishao root 10 g, Licorice 1 g.


 Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea.


10. 肉桂桂枝草味汤治疗低血压 (Cinnamon Guizhi Licorice and Wuweizi Fang for Low blood pressure)

肉桂 15 克,桂枝 15 克,甘草 15 克,五味子 25 克

Cinnamon 15 g, Guizhi 15 g, Licorice 15 g, Wuweizi 25 g.


 Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea.


11. 甘草五味茯苓汤治疗低血压 (Licorice Wuweizi Fuling Tang for low blood pressure)

甘草10 克,五味子 10 克,茯苓 15 克

Licorice 10 g, Wuweizi 10g, Fuling 15 g.


 Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea.



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