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E3. High blood pressure (hypertension)



1. 醋花生治疗高血压(傅健方)(Vinegar-soaked peanut for hypertension)

将花生仁放入醋中放置一星期。每天晚上睡前吃3-4 粒,连服7天为一个疗程。

Soak peanut in vinegar for one week (keep the red coating of the peanut). Eat 3-4 such peanut every night before go to bed. 7-day is one healing period.

2. 花椒鹅蛋治疗高血压 (Prickly ash and goose egg for high blood pressure treatment)

将鹅蛋在顶端打一个小孔,放入一粒花椒,用面糊糊住小孔,蒸熟吃蛋,每天一个连吃7 天。

Break a small hole on the top of a goose egg. Put in one prickly ash in. Seal it again with wheat mud. Steam over water to edible. Eat the egg. One for a day, and continue for 7 days.

花椒 Prickly ash

3. 醋花生治疗高血压 (Vinegar-peanut for high blood pressure treatment)

将花生放入醋中浸泡一周,每次吃10 粒,每天两次。血压下降后可隔数日吃一次。

Add peanut in vinegar. Keep for one week. Eat the peanut 10 each time, twice a day. After the blood pressure turns to normal, repeat the eat once after several days.

4. 米醋蜂蜜方治疗高血压 (Vinegar and honey drinking for high blood pressure)


One table spoon of vinegar, little honey, 200 ml of water. Mix and drink it every day, three times a day. It can reduce blood pressure to normal.


5. 荞麦面治疗高血压 (Buckwheat powder for high blood pressure)


Drink buckwheat powder, one table spoon each time, three times a day with empty stomach. It works to reduce blood pressure.


The flower, the leaf and the stem of the buckwheat has stronger blood pressure-reducing function. Dry the whole wheat, use 15 grams, cook in water. Drink the herbal tea.


6. 下肢展开法治疗高血压 (Stretching legs to reduce blood pressure)


Stand straight. Slowly stretch both legs to out side until you cannot. Repeat many times a day. This way can help to reduce blood pressure.


7. 放松脚踝部治疗高血压 (Acupressure to reduce blood pressure)


Use acupressure method to lose the joints and muscles around ankle, foot back, sole and toes. It helps to reduce blood pressure.


You can try to move your neck, wrist and ankle from time to time. It helps to reduce blood pressure too.


8. 大蒜蛋黄方治疗高血压 (Garlic and egg yolk for high blood pressure)


Garlic 400 g, remove the shell. Add into 540 ml of water. Bring with mild fire, to cook until it becomes mud form. After cooling, add five chicken egg yolks in. Continue to cook with mild fire with stirring from time to time, until the mixture becomes sticky form. Make the mixture into pill form, of a size of soya bean for each pill. Drink the pills three times a day, 2 pills each time. This formula works excellent.


9. 芝麻酒治疗高血压 (Sesame liquor for high blood pressure)

将芝麻20 克加入300毫升白酒中。过滤后去酒汁,兑等量凉开水。每天晚上喝90毫升。能治疗高血压。

Add sesame (with shell) 20 g into 300 ml of liquor for one week. After filter to remove the residue, add equal amount of boiled and cooled water. Mix it well. Drink 90 ml each time every day before go to bed. This formula works to reduce blood pressure.


10. 断食疗法治疗高血压 (Fasting therapy for high blood pressure treatment)


Fasting therapy is one of the effective therapies for high blood pressure. The way is: on the first day, the person only each soup (condensed), the second day, only drink loose soup (more water in it), the third, the fourth and the fifth day, only drink water; on the sixth day, only drink soup (diluted, with more water as content); on the seventh day, only drink soup (condensed); thereafter, return to ordinary diet. This is the first fasting period. Wait for 10 days before start the second fasting period in which this time, it only takes 5 days. In the third fasting period, it takes 7 days again. Repeat this way for 5 fasting period.


11. 四脚朝天震动法治疗高血压 (extremes up and shaking for high blood pressure)

仰卧,四脚朝天,微微震动四肢 1-3 分钟。如此10 次。

Lie on the back on the bed. Let the arm and leg up. Shacking them mildly for one to three min. Repeat for 10 times.


12. 冷热澡治疗高血压 (Cold-warm bath for high blood pressure)


Have a cold bath for 3 min, then a warm bath for 3 min. Repeat this way 7 times every day.


13. 苹果蜂蜜方治疗高血压 (Apple and honey for high blood pressure)


Chop and grind apply into mud form, half cup amount. Add one table spoon of honey in. Mix well. Eat it.


14.铁锈水治疗高血压 (Ion rust soup for high blood pressure)


Cook soup by use of ion rust water. Drink the soup.


15. 芦荟汁治疗高血压和低血压 (Aloe juice for high blood pressure and also for low blood pressure)


Chop and press aloe to get juice. Drink the juice every day. It works for both high blood pressure and also low blood pressure.


16. 玉米须治疗高血压 (Corn tassel for high blood pressure)

玉米须 60-80 克

Corn tassel 60-80 g.

晒干,洗净后水煎服。 每天三次。

Dry under sunshine, wash, cook in water. Drink the tea three times a day. This is one-day dose.


17. 肉桂吴茱萸敷脚心治疗高血压 (Cinnamon Wuzhuyu for high blood pressure treatment)


Cinnamon, Wuzhuyu and Cishi, equal amount.


Grind all into fine powder. Add honey to make it into fine powder. Smear and apply the mud onto the Yongquan point on the sole, seal it with tape. If the condition is with Yang overwhelming, also apply to the Taichong point; if with Yin and Yang both deficiency, apply to the Zhusanli point also. Use two points each time in turn. Seal with medical tape. Change it every day before go to bed.


This formula works well for mild cases of hypertension.

18. 西红柿白糖治疗高血压 (Tomato and sugar for hypertension)


Fresh tomato, two. Dip white sugar to eat every morning with empty stomach.


19. 桃仁杏仁敷脚心方治疗高血压 (Peach kernel and apricot kernel for high blood pressure)

桃仁 12 克,杏仁 12 克,栀子 3 克,胡椒 7 粒,糯米 14 粒

Peach kernel 12 g, Apricot kernel 12 g, Zhizi 3 g, Hujiao 7 granules, Glutinous rice 14 granules.


Grind all into fine powder. Add egg white to make it into mud form. Apply it onto the Yongquan point. Seal with tape. Remove it next morning. Do it one foot each time in turn. Six-day is one healing period.


20. 松花蛋淡菜粥治疗高血压 (Preserved egg and Mussel for high blood pressure treatment)

松花蛋 一个,淡菜 50 克,大米 50 克

Preserved egg one, Mussel 50 g, rice 50 g.


Cook in water as for soup. Eat the soup every morning. 


21. 白矾米泔水治疗高血压 (Alum and Rice-washing water for high blood pressure treatment)

白矾 60 克,米泔水一盆。

Alum 60 g, Water that has been used to wash rice, about 2000 ml (enough to wash feet later)


Add the alum into the rice-washing water. Bring to hot to dissolve the alum completely. Soak and wash feet with the alum water when it is still warm.


The rice-washing water in this formula should not be replaced by simple water, ordinary boil water.


22. 何首乌石决明方治疗高血压(吉林磐石县中医院张思成方)(Heshouwu Shijueming Fang for primary hypertension treatment)

何首乌 50 克,石决明 25 克,珍珠母 20 克,白菊花 15 克,钩藤 15 克

Heshouwu 50 g, Shijueming 25 g, Zhenzhumu 20 g, White Ju Flower 15 g, Gouteng 15 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea.

This formula is used for the treatment of primary hypertension. The patient could have: dizziness, headache, ear ringing, out of sorts, poor sleep, dry mouth and throat, sour or weak in knee, thin pulse, light tongue in color, etc.

23. 丹参丹皮汤治疗高血压 (湖北荆门县沙洋人民医院李邦阔方)(Danshen Danpi Fang for hypertension)

丹参 30 克,丹皮 30 克,山楂 30 克,葛根 30 克,泽泻 30 克,何首乌 30 克,黄芪 30 克,地龙 15 克,五味子 15 克,赤芍 15 克,川芎 15 克,夏枯草 15 克

Danshen 30 g, Danpi 30 g, Hawthorn 30 g, Ge root 30 g, Zexie 30 g, Heshouwu 30 g, Huangqi 30 g, Dilong 15 g, Wuweizi 15 g, Chishao 15 g, Chuanxiong 15 g, Xiakucao 15 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea.


24. 莲须女贞子方治疗高血压(邓铁涛方)(Lianxu Nuzhenzi Fang for hypertension)

莲须 12 克,女贞子 12 克,桑椹子 12 克, 山药 15 克, 钩藤 10 克,地龙 10 克,旱莲草 10 克,牡蛎(先煎)25克,龟板(先煎)25 克,牛膝 15 克。

Lotus tassel 12 g, Nuzhengzi 12 g, Sangshengzi 12 g, Chinese yam 15 g, Gouteng 10 g, Dilong 10 g, Hanliancao 10 g, Muli (cook first) 25 g, Guiban (cook first) 25 g, Niuxi 15 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea. This formula is suit for primary hypertension that belongs to Liver and Kidney Yin deficiency.


25. 牛膝丹参汤治疗高血压(严冰方)(Niuxi Danshen Fang for High Blood Pressure)

牛膝 20 克,丹参 20 克,泽泻 20 克,钩藤 30 克,桑寄生 15 克,川贝 6 克,生地 10 克,益母草 10 克,地龙 10 克,山药 10 克,枸杞子 10 克,制附子 3 克,茶叶适量

Niuxi 20 g, Danshen 20 g, Zexie 20 g, Gouteng 30 g, Sangjisheng 15 g, Chuanbeimu 6 g, Shengdi 10 g, Yimucao 10 g, Dilong 10 g, Chinese yam 10 g, Gouqizi 10 g, Zhi Fuzi 3 g, Tea leaf some amount.

水煎服。本方用于高血压II 期。

Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea. This formula is used for hypertension stage II.

26.玄参钩藤汤治疗高血压  (河北新医大代桂满方)(Xuanshen Gouteng Tang for hypertension)

玄参 15 克,钩藤 15 克 (后下),夏枯草 9 克,地龙 9 克,炒酸枣仁 9 克,夜交藤 15 克

Xuanshen 15 g, Gouteng (add in later during cook) 15 g, Xiakucao 9 g, Dilong 9 g, Chao Suanzaoren 9 g, Yejiaoteng 15 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea. One-month is one healing period.


27. 磁石石决明泡脚治疗高血压(姚亮别方)(Cishi Shijueming wash feet for hypertension)

磁石,石决明,党参,黄芪,当归,桑枝,枳壳,乌药,蔓荆子,白蒺藜,白芍,炒杜仲,牛膝,各6克,独活18 克。

Cishi, Shijueming, Dangshen, Huangqi, Danggui, Sangzhi, Zhike, Wuyao, Manjingzi, Baijili, Baishao, Chao Duzhong, Niuxi, 6 g for each; Duhuo 18 g.


Cook in water. Use the herbal solution to wash/soak feet for one hour every day.


This formula has been used to 20 cases with hypertension. The result is satisfied.


28. 钩藤冰片泡脚治疗高血压 (Gouteng and borneol soak feet for hypertension)

将钩藤 20 克剪碎,加冰片少许,加入热水中化开,泡脚 30-45 分钟,每天两次。

Chop Gouteng 20 gram, add Borneol little into hot water to dissolve all. Soak feet in the water for 30-45 min. Do it twice a day.


29. 钩藤黄芩方治疗高血压(河北邢台地区医院贾朴斋方)(Gouteng Huangqin Fang for High Blood Pressure treatment)

钩藤 9 克,黄芩 6 克,当归 9 克,桑寄生 6 克,杜仲 6 克,枳实 4.5 克,川牛膝 4.5 克。

Gouteng 9 g, Huangqin 6 g, Danggui 9 g, Sangjisheng 6 g, Duzhong 6 g, Zhishi 4.5 g, Chuanniuxi 4.5 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea.

30. 柴胡葛根丹参汤治疗高血压 (Chaihu Gegen Danshen Tang for hypertension)

柴胡 6 克,葛根 10 克,丹参 10 克,菊花 12 克,桑枝 12 克,丹皮 10 克,赤芍 10 克,红花 10 克,地龙 10 克,薄荷 6 克。

Chaihu 6 g, Gegen 10 g, Danshen 10 g, Ju flower 12 g, Sanzhi 12 gram, Danpi 10 g, Chishao 10 g, Red flower 10 g, Dilong 10 g, Mint 6 g.


If the condition is with more blood stagnation, add Chuanshanjia, Sanlen and Ezhu; if with more Hotness, add Huangqin; If with constipation, add Dahuang; if with more headache, add Manjingzi; if with swelling, add Yimucao, Zelan; if with itching, add Tianzhuhuang, Zhuli and Dannanxing. Once the herbs start to work, reduce the amount of Chaihu, Mint, Dilong and Red flower.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea.


31. 金银花,菊花茶治疗高血压 (Jinyin flower and Ju flower tea for high blood pressure treatment)

金银花 25 克,菊花 25 克。

Jinyin flower 25 g, Ju flower 25 g.


Add to boil water. Drink as ordinary tea. This is one-day dose. Continue for 3-4 weeks. Usually, it takes one week to see the reduction of the high blood pressure.

头晕明显者加桑叶 12 克;动脉硬化,血脂高者加山楂 24-30 克;连服3-4 周。一般需要一周后,血压开始下降。

If the condition is with dizziness, add Sang leaf 12 g; if with arthrosclerosis and high blood lipids, add hawthorn 24-30 g.


32. 夏枯草桑寄生方治疗高血压 (Xiakucao Sangjisheng Fang for hypertension)

夏枯草 15 克,桑寄生15 克,黄芩 12 克,牛膝 12 克,白芍 12 克,牡蛎 30 克,马兜铃 12 克,钩藤 12 克。

Xiakucao 15 g, Sangjisheng 15 g, Huangqin 12 g, Niuxi 12 g, Baishao 12 g, Muli 30 g, Madouling 12 g, Gouteng 12 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea.

本方治疗20 例,19例有效。

This formula has been used to 20 cases with hypertension, it worked for 19 cases.


33. 夏枯草草决明方治疗高血压 (Xiakucao Caojueming Fang for hypertension)

夏枯草 30 克,草决明 30 克,石膏 30 克,槐角 15 克,钩藤 15 克,茺蔚子 15 克,黄芩 15 克。

Xiakucao 30 g, Caojueming 30 g, Brim stone powder 30 g, Haijiao 15 g, Gouteng 15 g, Chongweizi 15 g, Huangqin 15 g.


Cook in water. Filter it. Add honey to make into paste form. Drink it three times. 15-day is one healing period.


This formula has been used to 97 cases with hypertension. The effective rate is 90.6%.


34. 菊花丹皮枕头治疗高血压 (Juhua Danpi as pillow for hypertension)

菊花 100 克,丹皮 250 克,白芷 250 克,川芎 250 克

Ju flower 100 g, Danpi 250 g, Baizhi 250 g, Chuanxiong 250 g.

头痛较剧烈者,加细辛 250 克(另外装小布袋,头痛消失后去掉)。体胖而下午面部潮红者,丹皮,川芎可增加至375 克。胃气弱者,如果感到白芷气味不适,可减去125 克。

If the condition is with heavy headache, add Xixin 250 g (put in separate smaller bag. It can then be removed if the headache subsides). For overweight body with red face in the afternoon, the Danpi and Chuanxiong can be increased to 375 g. If the stomach is weak, the patient cannot tolerate the smell of Baizhi, reduce it to 125 g. 


Put all the herbs into a cotton bag. Use it as pillow for sleep. This formula can also be used for the treatment of dizziness, headache, cloudy head with poor sleep, etc.


35. 黄芪淫羊藿方治疗高血压 (Huangqi Yinyanghuo for hypertension)

黄芪 30 克,淫羊藿 10 克,巴戟天 10 克,何首乌30 克,熟地 30 克,桂枝 10 克,白芍 10 克,钩藤(后下) 30 克,当归 15 克,川芎 15 克,潼蒺藜 10 克,白蒺藜 10 克,龙骨 30 克,牡蛎 30 克

Huangqi 30 g, Yiyanghuo 10 g, Bajitian 10 g, Heshouwu 30 g, Shoudi 30 g, Guizhi 10 g, Baishao 10 g, Gouteng (add later in the cooking) 30 g, Danggui 15 g, Chuanxiong 15 g, Tongjili 10 g, Baijili 10 g, Longgu 30 g, Muli 30 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea.

偏阳虚者加肉桂 10 克;兼阴虚者,加玄参 30 克,丹皮 15 克,生地 30 克;兼痰湿者去熟地,加半夏 10 克,陈皮 10 克,石菖蒲 10 克;有痰火者,加黄芩 10 克,半夏 10 克;失眠者,加炒酸枣仁 15 克;血瘀者,加丹参 30 克,红花 10 克。

If the condition is more with Yang deficiency, add Cinnimon 10 g; if with Yin deficiency, add Xuanshen 30 g, Danpi 15 g, Shengdi 30 g; if with phlegm and dampness, remove Shoudi, but add Banxia 10 g, Chenpi 10 g, Shichangpu 10 g; if with Phlegm and Fire, add Huangqin 10 g, and Banxia 10 g; if with poor sleep, add Chao Suanzaoren 15 g; if with blood stagnation, add Danshen 30 g, Red flower 10 g.


36. 吴茱萸粉敷脚心治疗高血压 (Wuzhuyu powder applied on feet for hypertension treatment)


Wuzhuyu, gind into fine powder. Add vinegar to make it into mud form. Apply it onto the Yongquan point on the sole. Cover and seal properly. Leave it overnight, and repeat everyday.


Alternatively, add equal amount of garlic. Chop into mud form. Mix with the Wuzhuyu powder. Also apply to the Yongquan point on the sole every night before go to bed. Remove it next morning. Or, you can add Chuanxiong and Baizhi, equal amount of Wuzhuyu, gind into powder. Add vinegar to make into mud. Apply the same way.


37. 降压外敷膏 (Jiangya Gao for high blood pressure treatment)

蓖麻仁 50 克,吴茱萸 20 克,附子 20 克,生姜 150 克,冰片 10 克

Bimaren 50 g, Wuzhuyu 20 g, Fuzi 20 g, Shengjiang 150 g, Borneol 10 g.


Grind into powder. Add water or vinegar to make it into mud form. Apply it on to the Yongquan point on the sole. Cover and seal properly. Remove it next morning. Seven-day is one healing period.

38. 向日葵叶子治疗高血压 (Sunflower leaf for high blood pressure treatment)

向日葵叶子 120 克

Fresh sunflower leaf 120 g.


Cook in water. Drink the tea, three times a day. This is one-day dose.

39. 泽泻川芎汤治疗高血压 (Zexie Chuanxiong Tang for hypertension)

泽泻 50 克,川芎 20 克,白术 20 克,草决明 15 克,野菊花 15 克,桑寄生 15 克,钩藤 50 克,全蝎 5 克。

Zexie 50 g, Chuanxiong 20 g, Baizhu 20 g, Caojueming 15 g, Wild Ju flower 15 g, Sanjisheng 15 g, Gouteng 50 g, Quanxie 5 g. 

气血淤滞者,加丹参 15 克,桃仁 15 克,红花 15 克;气阴两虚者,加续断 10 克,生地 10 克;肝阳上亢者加玄参 10 克,枸杞子 10 克,麦冬 10 克。

If the condition is with Qi and Blood stagnation, add Danshen 15 g, Peach kernel 15 g, Red flower 15 g; if with Qi and Yin deficiency, add Xuduan 10 g, Shengdi 10 g; if with Liver Yang overwhelming, add Xuanshen 10g, Gouqizi 10 g, Maidong 10 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea.

本方治疗高血压60例,治疗后血压正常者45例;基本正常者12 例;无效者3例。

40. 降压膏治疗高血压 (Jiangya Gao for hyperension)

吴茱萸 15 克,川芎 10 克,桃仁 10 克,栀子 6 克,胡椒 3 克,生姜 150 克,冰片 10 克

Wuzhuyu 15 g, Chuanxiong 10 g, Peach kernel 10 g, Zhizi 6 g, Hujiao 3 g, Fresh ginger 150 g, Borneol 10 g.


Chop and grind the fresh ginger into mud. Grind all others into fine powder. Mix them together. Add water or vinegar to make the mixture into mud. Apply to the Yongquan point on the sole, one feet each night in turn. Continue for 10 days, which is one healing period.


41. 夏枯草水煎服治疗高血压 (Xiakucao for high blood pressure)


Xiakucao (self-heal grass) 15 g, cook in water. Drink the herbal tea every day. It works to reduce blood pressure.


For more information, please check here.




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