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E1. Tinnitus (Ear ringing)


Herbal therapy tips for Tinnitus

1. 核桃肉治疗耳鸣 (Walnut for tinnitus)

核桃仁适量,每日三次,每次30 克。

Eat walnut kernel three times a day, 30 grams each time.


This formula is suit for those who has kidney Jing deficiency, with tinnitus of thin ringing (not strong as wave). The ringing is stronger at night than during daytime. The person usually also has sour in lower back and knee.

2. 泽泻天麻汤治疗耳鸣 (Zexie Tianma Tang for tinnitus)

泽泻30 克,天麻 10 克,陈皮 12 克,半夏 9 克

Zexie 30 g, Tianma 10 g, Chenpi 12 g, Banxia 9 g


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea. This formula is suitable for Phlegm-Fire combination condition. The person feels plug and block inside ear, cloudy head, bloating chest, cough, overwhelming phlegm, etc.

本方治疗38例,显效 22 例,有效 12 例,无效 3 例。

This formula has been reported being used in 38 cases with tinnitus. After treatment, 22 cases were basically cured, 12 were much improved and 3 failed.

3. 夏枯草香附汤治疗耳鸣 (Xiakucao Xiangfu Tang for tinnitus)

夏枯草 30 克,香附 20 克,石菖蒲 15 克,火炭母 30 克。

Xiakucao 30 g, Xiangfu 20 g, Shichangpu 15 g, Huotanmu 30 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea. This formula is good for those whose ear rings as machine running, with block feeling inside the ears, cloudy and heavy mind.

4. 熟地山药汤治疗耳鸣 (Shoudi Shanyao Tang for tinnitus)

熟地 240 克,山药 120 克,山萸肉 120 克,泽泻 90 克,茯苓 90 克,丹皮 90 克

Shoudi 240 g, Chinese Yam 120 g, Shanyurou 120 g, Zexie 90 g, Fuling 90 g, Danpi 90 g.


Grind into fine powder. Add honey to make into pills, which should be as a size of green bean. Drink the pill, 9 gram each time, three times a day.


This formula is used for people with Liver and Kidney deficiency. The ear ringing is thin and weak (low pitch), with sour in lower back and knee.


5. 桑叶丹皮汤治疗耳鸣(周执中方)(Sangye Danpi Tang for tinnitus)

桑叶 10 克,丹皮 6 克,栀子 10 克,连翘 6 克,菊花 10 克,川贝母 6 克,瓜蒌皮 15 克

Sang leaves 10 g, Danpi 6 g, Zhizi 10 g, Lianqiao 6 g, Ju flower 10 g, Chuan Beimu 6 g, Gualupi 15 g. 


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea. This formula is used for tinnitus due to Phlegm-Fire accumulation in the ear.


6. 熟地山萸肉汤治疗耳鸣(周执中方)(Shoudi Shanyurou Tang for tinnitus)

熟地 10 克,山萸肉 6 克,天冬 10 克,麦冬 10 克,磁石 10 克,龟板 10 克,五味子 3 克,白芍 10 克,牛膝 5 克,秋石 3 克

Shoudi 10 g, Shanyurou 6 g, Tiandong 10 g, Maidong 10 g, Cishi 10 g, Guiban 10 g, Wuweizi 3 g, Baishao 10 g, Niuxi 5 g, Qiushi 3 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea. It is for tinnitus due to True Yin deficiency.


7. 菊花芦根冬瓜皮方治疗耳鸣 (Juhua Lugen Dongguapi fang for tinnitus)

菊花 30 克,芦根 30 克,冬瓜皮 30 克

Ju flower 30 g, Reed root 30 g, Wax gourd skin 30 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea. It is used for the treatment of tinnitus.


8. 全蝎薄荷麝香方治疗耳鸣 (Scorpion, Mint, Musk for tinnitus)

全蝎 14 个,薄荷叶 14 张,麝香 1.5 克。

Scorpion 14, Mint leaves 14, Musk 1.5 g.


Bake the Quanxie and Bohe leaves to dry. Grind into powder. Mix with musk and then with water to make into thin piece. Insert it into the ear for the treatment of tinnitus.










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