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E17. Oral Ulcer


1.  吴茱萸胆南星大黄粉敷脚心治疗口腔溃疡 (Wuzhuyu Dannanxing Rhubarb powder for oral ulcer)

吴茱萸 4 份,胆南星 1 份,大黄 2 份

Wuzhuyu 4 parts, Dannaxing 1 part, Rhubarb 2 parts.

研细末,加醋调成糊状,外敷于脚心涌泉穴,纱布覆盖,胶布固定,12 小时后去除。

Grind into fine powder. Add vinegar to make it into mud form. Apply it onto the Yongquan point on the sole. Cover with gauze, seal with medical tapes. Remove it after 12 hours.

本方导热下行,治疗口腔溃疡 18 例,均痊愈。小儿年龄越小,见效越快。

This formula works to bring floating Fire down. It has been used for 18 cases with oral ulcer. All were cured. The younger the age of a child, the faster the healing effect comes.

2. 口炎散治疗口腔溃疡 (Kouyansan for oral ulcer)

山豆根 30 克,大黄 30 克,黄连 15 克,人中白 2 克,青黛 20 克,砂仁 10 克,孩儿茶 15 克,枯矾 15 克,没药 15 克,冰片 3 克。

Shandou root 30 g, Rhubarb 30 g, Huanglian 15 g, Renzhongbai 2 g, Qindai 20 g, Sharen 10 g, Haiercha 15 g, Kufan 15 g, Moyao 15 g, Borneol 3g.


Grind into fine powder. Add 2% Gentian violet to make the mixture into thin mud form. Smear it onto the ulcer.


This formula has been used to 37 cases, all were cured.

3. 五倍子青黛粉治疗口腔溃疡 (Wubeizi Qingdai powder for the treatment of oral ulcer)

五倍子 5 克,青黛 7.5 克,冰片 7.5 克,硼砂 10 克,人中白 12.5 克

Wubeizi 5 g, Qingdai 7.5 g, Borneol, 7.5 g, Boxa 10 g, Renzhongbai 12.5 g.

研细末。涂患处, 每天 2-3 次。

Grind into fine powder. Smear onto the ulcer, 2-3 times a day.

本方治疗口腔炎,牙龈炎等 24 例,外敷 3-5次后全部治愈。

This formula is used for oral ulcer and gum ulcer 24 cases. After 3-5 times of the powder smear, all were cured.


Alternatively, mix the Wubeizi and Alum (equal mount). Grind into fine powder. Smear to the ulcer.


Or, grind Wubeizi and Borneol into fine powder. Smear the powder to the ulcer.

4. 口疮断生饮治疗复发性口腔溃疡 (Kouchuang Duansheng Yin for recurrent oral ulcer)

黄芪 15 克,太子参 30 克,当归 10 克,生地 30 克,麦冬 10 克,甘草 15 克,肉桂 3 克(研细末,分三次冲服),细辛 3 克,肉苁蓉10 克,赤芍 30 克, 蒲黄 (包煎) 6 克,金银花 15 克,连翘 15 克,黄柏 6 克,凤尾草 10 克,升麻 6 克,柴胡 6 克,木通 3 克,薄荷 6 克。

Huangqi 15 g, Taizishen 30 g, Danggui 10 g, Shengdi 30 g, Maidong 10 g, Licorice 15 g, Cinnamon 3 g (grind into fine powder. drink it by three times), Xixin 3 g, Roucongrong 10 g, Chishao 30 g, Puhuang (fold) 6 g, Jinyinhua 15 g, Liangqiao 15 g, Huangbo 6 g, Fengweicao 10 g, Shenma 6 g, Chaihu 6 g, Mutong 3 g, Mint 6 g.

水煎服。 三十天为一个疗程。疗程结束后,服肉苁蓉粉, 每次 3 克,一天三次;另外用五倍子泡水漱口。每天 3-5 次。连用一个月。

Cook in water. 30-day is one healing period. After finish of the healing period, drink Roucongrong powder, 3 g each time, three times a day. At the same time, add Wubeizi in water to rinse mouth, 3-5 times a day. Continue for one month.

5. 硼砂红枣葱白方治疗口腔溃疡 (Borax, Chinese date, Chinese leeks, for oral ulcer)

硼砂 9 克,大枣  15 克,葱头(连须) 3 克,冰片 1 克。

Borax 9 g, Chinese date 15 g, Chinese leek (with tassel) 3 g, Borneol 1 g.


Cook the Borax, Date, and Leek in water. Get the juice. Add Borneol in. Mix it well. Smear the mixture onto the ulcer.

可将硼砂 30 克,蜂蜜 15 克,混匀,口含后吐出。可根治口疮。

Mix Borax 30 g with Honey 15 g. Hold in mouth for several min. Then spit out. It may help cure.

6. 茵陈漱口治疗口腔溃疡 (Yinchen to rinse mouth to solve oral ulcer)

将茵陈(30克)洗净切碎,加水 300 毫升,浸泡21小时后,每天取水漱口数次。

Take Yinchen 30 g. Wash and chop into small pieces. Add into  300 ml water. Keep for 21 hours. Use this solution to rinse mouth, several times a day.


Alternatively, cook Yinchen in water. Drink it as ordinary tea.

7. 白矾白糖外涂治疗口腔溃疡 (Alum and sugar to smear to solve oral ulcer)

白矾 6 克,白糖 4 克。

Alum 6 g, White sugar 4 g.


Put both in a clay plate. Bring to warm to melt it. After cooling, smear it onto oral ulcer.

7. 地龙吴茱萸外涂治疗口腔溃疡 (Dry Earthworm Wuzhuyu smear for oral ulcer)

干地龙 10 条,吴茱萸 1.8 克

Dried earthworm 10 pieces, Wuzhuyu 1.8 g.

研细末。加少许面粉,醋,调成糊状。外敷脚底涌泉穴位。纱布覆盖,胶布固定。每天换药 1-2 次。一般用药 3 天可愈。

Grind into fine powder. Add little wheat powder and vinegar to make it into mud form. Apply to Yongquan points on the sole. Cover with gauze, seal with medical tape. Change it 1-2 times a day. It usually needs 3 days to cure.

8. 蛋黄油外涂治疗口腔溃疡 (Yolk oil smear to cure oral ulcer)


Cook chicken eggs in water to edible. Take the yolk out. Put in a metal pot. Bring to hot with mild fire to allow the yolk turn yellow in color. Then bring to strong fire to cook to allow the oil out of the yolk. Collect the oil. Smear it onto the ulcer, after clear and sterilize the ulcer.

本方治疗20 余例,一般用药 1-2 天可愈合。

This formula has been used to 20 cases with oral ulcer. It usually needs 1-2 days to cure.

9. 西瓜汁治疗口腔溃疡 (Watermelon juice for oral ulcer)

将西瓜汁含口中,保持 3-5 分钟后咽下,如此反复多次,直至西瓜全部含完。

Hold watermelon juice in mouth. Keep for 3-5 min, then swallow down. Repeat for more times until the watermelon is finished.


Alternatively, hold tomato juice in mouth for several min, then swallow. Repeat several times.

10. 石榴籽治疗各种口腔溃疡 (Pomegranate seeds for oral ulcer)


Two fresh pomengranate.


Open the pomegranate to takes the seeds. Chop the seeds break, add into hot water. After cool, rinse mouth with it, several times a day.


This formula works for oral ulcer, tonsilitis, sour throat, and more inflammation in mouth.


Alternatively, burn the pomegranate to black in color. Grind into fine powder. Rinse month with the powder.


11. 西瓜皮栀子汤治疗口腔溃疡 (Watermelon peel, Zhizi Tang for oral ulcer)

西瓜一个,炒栀子 6 克,赤芍 10 克,黄连 1.5 克,甘草 1.5 克。

Watermelon one, Chao Zhizi 6 g, Chishao 10 g, Huanglian 1.5 g, Licorice 1.5 g.


Cut open the watermelon, remove the melon pulp. Chop the melon peel into smaller pieces, cook in water with the herbs. Drink the herbal tea.


12. 萝卜汁治疗口腔溃疡 (Daikon juice rinse mouth to solve oral ulcer)


Chop Daikon and press to get its juice. Use the juice to rinse mouth, several times a day.


13. 麦麸冰片治疗口腔溃疡 (Wheat bran and borneol for oral ulcer)

小麦麸皮 2 份,冰片 1 份。

Wheat bran 2 parts, borneol 1 part.

将麦麸烧成灰,与冰片混合,研细末,外敷患处,每天 2 - 3 次。一般 5 天内愈合。

Burn the wheat bran into ash. Mix the ash with borneol. Grind into fine powder. Smear on to the ulcer, 2-3 times a day. It usually takes 5 days to cure.


14. 丝瓜盐治疗口腔溃疡 (Towel gourd and salt for oral ulcer)


Old towel gourd one, sale little.


Wash the towel gourd, chop into small pieces. Add in water to cook for half hour. Add salt, continue to cook for half hour. Drink the tea twice a day.


The towel gourd works to clear Fire from body. It is used to solve bad odor in mouth, sour in joint, burning sensation in urine.


15. 霜后茄子治疗口腔溃疡 (Eggplant for oral ulcer)


Use eggplant that has been stayed after frost. Chop into slides and dry in air. Grind into fine powder. Smear to the ulcer.

本方治疗小儿口疮。This is formula to oral ulcer in child.


Alternatively, burn the eggplant peel to black. Grind it into fine powder. Smear to the ulcer.


16. 芝麻油盐水治疗口腔溃疡 (Sesame oil and salt for oral ulcer)

将芝麻油数十滴,滴入一汤勺食盐中将盐化开。滴4-5 滴入口中。每天十余次。

Drop tens of sesame oil into a tablespoon of salt to melt the salt. Drop several drops in mouth, tens of times a day.

本方治疗小儿口疮. This formula works to solve oral ulcer in child.


17. 鸡蛋油治疗小儿口疮 (Edd and sesame oil for oral ulcer)

香油 50 克,鸡蛋一个,鸡蛋壳 7 个,五倍子 10 克,冰片 5 克。

Sesame oil 50 g, One chicken egg, seven egg shells, Wubeizi 10 g, Borneol 5 g.

将香油倒入锅内加热,打入鸡蛋,煎至色变黄后去出。油凉后倒入小碗。将五倍子,鸡蛋壳焙干,研细末。将冰片研细末。将药末都加入到香油中混匀。 将药油涂在口腔内。

Add the sesame oil in pot. Bring to hot. Break egg in, fry until the egg turns yellow. Pour out the oil when it is cold. Bake the Wubeizi and egg shells to dry. Grind them and borneol into fine powder. Add the powder into the oil. Mix it well. Smear the oil to the mouth mucus.

This formula is used to treat mouth white color ulcer in child.


18. 黄连干姜粉治疗口腔溃疡 (Huanglian and Dried ginger smear to ulcer)

黄连 60 克,干姜 30 克。研细末。涂于患处。

Huanglian 60 g, Dried ginger 30 g. Grind into fine powder. Smear to ulcer.


Alternatively, mix Huanglian and Xixin. Grind into fine powder. Add vinegar to make it into mud form. Apply to naval.


19. 蒲黄干姜粉外涂治疗口腔溃疡 (Puhuang and ginger for oral ulcer)


Puhuang and Ganjiang, grind into fine powder. Smear the powder to the ulcer.


Smear Puhuang powder to mouth mucus can solve ulcer or inflammation due to fungus infection.


20. 冰片硼砂方治疗口腔溃疡 (Borneol and Borax formula for oral ulcer).

冰片 0.3 克,硼砂 0.6 克,朱砂 1.5 克,青黛 1.5 克,黄连 1 克,白茯苓 1.5 克

Borneol 0.3 g, Borax 0.6 g, Zhusha 1.5 g, Qingdai 1.5 g, Huanglian 1 g, Baifuling 1.5 g.


Grind into fine powder. Blow into mouth.


21. 白芨牛奶治疗口腔溃疡 (Baiji and milk for oral ulcer)


Baiji powder. Add some cow's milk, or human milk, to make it into mud form. Apply to the Yongquan point on the soles.


22. 五倍子白糖方治疗口腔溃疡 (Wubeizi and Sugar for oral ulcer)

五倍子 3 克,白糖 3 克。

Wubeizi 3 g, White sugar 3 g.


Grind into fine powder. Blow into the mouth.


23. 马鞭草治疗口腔溃疡 (Mabiancao for oral ulcer)

马鞭草 30 克。水煎服。

Mabiancao 30 g. Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea.


24. 细辛敷肚脐治疗口腔溃疡 (Xixin for oral ulcer)


Grind Xixin into fine powder. Add vinegar to make it into fine powder. Apply to naval, cover it with gauze and seal it with medical tape. Change it every day. Repeat for 4-5 days.


25. 芦荟汁治疗口腔溃疡 (Aloe juice for oral ulcer)


Remove thorn from aloe, chop and press it to get juice. Hold the juice in mouth for several min before swallow it.


26. 天门冬麦门冬方治疗口腔溃疡 (Tianmendong Maimendong Fang for oral ulcer)

将天门冬,麦门冬,玄参各等量,研细末,加蜜为丸,一次服 3 克。一天三次。

Tianmendong, Maimendong, Xuanshen, equal amount. Grind into fine powder. Add honey to make it into pills. Drink the pills, 3 gram each time, 3 times a day.


27. 黄柏黄连外涂治疗口腔溃疡 (Huangbo and Huanglian powder smear for oral ulcer)


Grind Huangbo and Huanglian (equal amount), grind into fine powder. Smear to the ulcer.


28. 白矾泡脚治疗口腔溃疡 (Alum feet-soak for oral ulcer)

将白矾加水,加热至 45度。泡脚。

Add alum in water. Bring to 45 degree. Soak feet in it.



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