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E16. Chronic atrophic rhinitis


1. 大蒜治疗萎缩性鼻炎 (Garlic for the treatment of atrophic rhinitis)


Garlic (it is better to use purple color garlic). Remove peel, chop into mud form. Filter to get juice. Add salt to make into 40% garlic solution, or, add glycerol to make it into 50% garlic solution. Dip the solution with cotton bar, smear it in nasal mucus, three times a day.


This for atrophy rhinitis. The person feels headache, stuffy nose. The smelling ability is reduced or lost. There is yellow-green crust over the nasal mucus. The nose feels dry, or running nose, or bleeding, etc.

2. 香附筚拨大蒜膏外敷治疗老年人鼻涕不断 (Xiangfu Bibo Garlic application for running nose in old person)

香附, 筚拨,各等份,大蒜适量。

Xiangfu, Bibo, equal amount. Garlic, some amount.


Grind into fine powder and mix with garlic to make it into mud form. Apply it onto the fontanelle. Also do moxibustion over the herbal paste.

This formula is used to old person with continuous running nose.

本方治疗30例,痊愈18 例,好转 9 例,无效3例。

This formula has been used to 30 cases. Among them, 9 cases were much improved, 3 cases failed.

3. 丝瓜藤治疗慢性萎缩性鼻炎 (Towel gourd cane for the treatment of atrophic rhinitis)

取丝瓜藤尽根部15 厘米长。烧成黄褐色,研细末冲服。每次服 10 克,每天 2-3 次。

Use towel gourd cane, 15 cm from the root. Burn it into yellow-brown color. Grind into fine powder. Drink the powder with water. Drink 10 grams each time, 2-3 times a day.



4. 芦荟汁治疗慢性萎缩性鼻炎 (Aloe juice for atrophic rhinitis)


Chop aloe into juice. Smear the juice into the nasal mucus.


This formula works for dry nose with puffy feeling.





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