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E12. Acute Sour Throat  (Acute Pharyngitis)


1. 黄芩白糖治疗咽部红肿 (Huangqin and white sugar for acute sour throat)

黄芩 30 克,白糖 3 克

Huangqin 30 g, White sugar 3 g.


Grind Huangqin into fine powder. Drink it with the sugar water for swallow. Twice a day.


This formula works for acute sour throat. The person feels more pain and the throat is red and swelling.

2. 万年青治疗咽喉疼痛 (Evergreen leaf for acute sour throat)

万年青 15 克,食盐 3 克

Evergreen 15 g, Table salt 3 g.


Chop into mud. Add water little. Get the juice to drink.


This formula works for acute sour throat.

3. 蝉蜕胖大海治疗急性咽炎 (Chantui Pangdahai Tang for acute sour in throat)

蝉蜕 9 克,胖大海 15 克,薄荷 6 克,麦冬 12 克

Chantui 9 g, Pangdahai 15 g, Mint 6 g, Maidong 12 g

水煎服。 Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea.

4. 鹅蛋全蝎蜈蚣方治疗急性咽痛 (Goose's egg, Scorpion and centipede for acute pain in throat)

鹅蛋 1 个,全蝎 1 只, 蜈蚣 1 条。

One goose egg, one scorpion and one centipede.


Grind the scorpion and centipede into fine powder. Add into the egg (break a small hole), stir well. Burn to edible. Eat the egg. One egg per day.

5. 鸡内金绿豆粉含化治疗急性咽痛 (Jineijing and Green bean powder for acute sour throat)

鸡内金 7 个,绿豆粉 20 克,冰片 0.3 克

Seven Jineijing (chicken stomach), 20 grams of green bean powder, 0.3 gram of borneol powder.


Add honey to make the mixture into pills. Hold in mouth to melt it. Swallow the saliva, but not the pills. 

也可将鸡内金一味,焙干,研细末,吹入咽喉,每天3-5 次。

You can also use the Jineijin only. Grind it into fine powder, blow into throat, 3-5 times a day.

6. 大蒜外敷鱼际处治疗咽痛 (Garlic application on to the Yuji point on hand to reduce sour throat)

将大蒜捣烂如泥,敷于手掌鱼际处,胶布固。3-4 小时后,敷处会起泡,喉痛可减轻。将水泡处保护好,可自愈。

Chop the garlic into mud. Apply on to the Yuji point on the palm. Seal with medical tape. After 3-4 hours, the spot will have blisters. The sour will subside. Protect the blister. They will heal by themselves.

可将大蒜和食盐同捣烂,外敷于手背合谷穴, 或经渠穴位上。男左女右。待起水泡后,挑破水泡。

Alternatively, chop garlic and table salt together to get their mud form. Apply it onto the Hegu point of the back of the hands, or on the Jingqu point on the front arm. For man, apply to the left side, and for woman, apply on to the right side. After there is blister on the spot, break the blister.

7. 荆芥桔梗甘草汤治疗喉痛 (Jingjie Jiegen Tang for sour throat)

荆芥 16 克,桔梗 62 克,甘草 31 克

Jingjie 16 g, Jiegeng 62 g, Licorice 31 g.

研细末。每次服 12 克。早晚各一次。

Grind into fine powder. Drink the powder, 12 g each time, once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

8. 百草霜枯矾治疗咽痛 (Baicaoshuang and dry alum for sour throat and throat ulcer)


Drind Baicaoshuang and dry alum into fine powder. Blow into throat.


In this formula, Baicaoshuang can be replaced by Sangpiaoxiao.

也可将百草霜加蜂蜜做成黄豆大小之丸,一次服 1 丸。凉水吞服。

Alternatively, add honey,

9. 新鲜萝卜汁治疗急性咽炎 (Daikon juice for sour throat)


Chop and press the daikon to get juice. Drink the juice.

10. 咽炎汤治疗急性咽炎 (Yanyan Tang for acute sour throat)

黄芩 10 克,栀子 6 克,板蓝根 10 克,荆芥 6 克,防风 10 克,薄荷 6 克,玄参 10 克,麦冬 10 克,桑白皮 10 克,桔梗 10 克,贝母 6 克,甘草 6 克

Huangqin 10 g, Zhizi 6 g, Banlangen 10 g, Jingjie 6 g, Fangfeng 10 g, Bohe 6 g, Xuanshen 10 g, Maidong 10 g, Sangbaipi 10 g, Jiegen 10 g, Beimu 6 g, Licorice 6 g.

水煎服。Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea.


11. 山豆根桔梗方治疗咽炎 (Shandougen Jiegen Fang for sour throat)

山豆根 10 份,桔梗 5 份,金银花 3 份,麦冬 4 份。

Shandougen  10 parts, Jiegen 5 parts, Jinyinhua 3 parts, Maidong 4 parts.

制成片剂。每片 0.3 克。口服 每次 3-4 片,每天三次。

Make all into tablets. Each tablet weights 0.3 gram. Drink the tablets 3-4 tablets each time, three times a day.


12.清咽汤治疗急性咽炎 (Qing Yan Tang for acute sour throat)

薄荷 3 克,甘草 3 克,桔梗 3 克,麦冬 6 克,玄参 6 克,生地 6 克,菊花 10 克,金银花 10 克,白茅根 10 克,藕节 10 克。

Mint 3 g, Licorice 3 g, Jiegen 3 g, Maidong 6 g, Xuanshen 6 g, Shengdi 6 g, Ju Flower 10 g, Jinying Flower 10 g, Baimaogen 10 g, Oujie 10 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea.


13. 生附子外敷治疗咽痛 (Fuzi external application for sour throat)


Take not processed, original Fuzi. Chop into mud form. Add vinegar to make it into mud form. Apply on the sole.


14. 热水泡脚及芥子糊外敷 (Hot water soak feet and Mustard application on throat)


When there is sour throat, soak feet with hot water. At the same time, mix mustard powder with honey to make the mixture into mud form. Apply it on to the throat, so to make the skin there to be red in color.


15. 艾叶内服外敷治疗咽痛 (Argy Wormwood leaf drink and external application to solve sour throat)


Cook argy wormwood leaf in water. Drink the herbal tea. At the same time, add some argy wormwood leaf into vinegar to chop into mud form. Apply it onto the front neck, twice a day.


16.  芦荟汁治疗咽喉痛 (Aloe juice to solve sour throat)


Remove thorn of aloe leaf. Chop to get its juice. Drink the juice one big tablespoon each time.


17. 大蒜塞鼻子治疗咽痛 (Garlic in nose hole to stop sour throat)


Squeeze in garlic into nose with the tip side in. Squeeze in the right nose if the sour is on the left, and squeeze into the left side, if the sour is on the right side. If the sour is on both sides, squeeze into both sides.


18. 桔梗甘草汤治疗咽喉痛,牙痛等 (Jiegen Licorice Tang to stop sour throat and sour teeth)

桔梗 37. 5 克,甘草少许。

Jiegen 37.5 g, Licorice little.

水煎服。Cook in water. Drink the tea frequently.


19. 土豆汁米醋外敷治疗咽喉痛 (Potato juice and vinegar for sour throat)


Chop potato, press to get its juice. Add little vinegar. Mix well. Soak gauze in to wet. Apply the gauze on to the neck. Change it when it turns dry.


20. 韭菜热敷治疗咽喉痛 (Chinese chives application to stop sour throat)


Chop Chinese chives. Fry it to warm. Apply it on to the throat. Change it whenever it turns cold.


21. 芥子外敷治疗咽喉痛 (Mustard powder application to stop sour throat)


Add water into mustard powder to make it into mud form. Apply the mustard mud on to the throat. Change it when it turns dry.


22. 少商穴放血治疗咽喉痛 (Shaoshang Point bleeding to stop sour throat)

咽喉突然疼痛时,可在拇指内侧边缘顺手背方向3-5 毫米处的少商穴位上,针刺放血,男左女右。

When the throat suddenly feels sour, bleeding on the Shaoshang point, which is located on the back of thumb nail, 3-5 mm to its inner side of the nail root. For man, use the Shaoshang point on the left thumb.  For woman, use her right side Shaoshang point.


23. 土牛膝岗梅根方治疗咽喉炎 (Tuniuxi Gangmeigen Fang for sour throat)

土牛膝 21 克,岗梅根 15 克,山芝麻 6 克,甘草 6 克。

Tuxiuni 21 g, Gangmei root 15 g, Shanzhima 6 g, Licorice 6 g.

水煎服。Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea.

本方治疗咽喉炎患者106例,其中痊愈100 例,好转 3 例,未随访3例。

This formula has been used to 106 cases with acute sour throat. Among them, 100 cases were cured, 3 were improved. Another 3 cases were not followed up.


24. 板蓝根山豆根方治疗咽喉炎 (Banlangen and Shandougen for acute sour throat)

板蓝根 15 克,山豆根 15 克,白茅根 15 克

Banlan root 15 g, Shandou root 15 g, Baimao root 15 g.

水煎服。Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea.


25. 茶叶蜂蜜方治疗咽痛 (Tea and Honey for sour throat)


Prepare green tea as usual way with boiled water. Add some honey. Mix it well. Drink from time to time.


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