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E0. Dizziness Syndrome


Herbal therapy tips for dizziness, including Meniere's Syndrome

1. 防眩汤治疗眩晕 (曹颖甫方)(Fang Xuan Tang for dizziness )

党参 9 克,半夏 9 克,当归 30 克,熟地 30 克,白芍 30 克,白术 30 克,川芎 15 克,山萸肉 15 克,陈皮 3 克,天麻 9 克

Dangshen 9 g, Banxia 9 g, Chinese angelica 30 g, Shoudi 30 g, Baishao 30 g, Baizhu 30 g, Chuanxiong 15 g, Shanyurou 15 g, Chenpi 3 g, Tianma 9 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea.


This formula is used for dizziness but with weak condition. It is used for dizziness due to high blood pressure, low blood pressure, cerebral atherosclerosis,  Meniere's syndrome, etc.

2. 柳树枝研细末治疗眩晕 (Willow branches for dizziness)


Willow branches some amount. Grind into fine powder. Drink 10 gram each time, once a day.

若为火证,加夏枯草 15 克;
若为风证,加钩藤 30 克;
痰证,加制半夏 12 克;
瘀证,加丹参 15 克;
气虚加太子参 30 克;
血虚加当归 12 克;
阴虚加女贞子 15 克,旱莲草 15 克;
阳虚加仙灵脾 15 克,仙茅 15 克;

If the dizziness is due to Fire, add Xiakucao 15 g;
If it is due to Wind, add Gouteng 30 g;
If it is due to Phlegm, add Zhi Banxia 12 g;
If it is due to Blood stagnation, add Danshen 15 g;
If it is due to Qi deficiency, add Taizishen 30 g;
If it is due to Blood deficiency, add Chinese angelica 12 g;
If it is due to Yin deficiency, add Nuzhengzi 15 g, Hanliancao 15 g;
If it is due to Yang deficiency, add Xianlingpi 15 g, Xianmao 15 g.


Cook these herbs in water. Use the herb tea to help swallow the willow branch powder.


This formula has been used to dizziness condition of various reasons. All were cured. The patients drunk the herbal tea as less as 2 days, and as long as 7 days.

3. 大建中汤治疗眩晕 (Da Jianzhong Tang for dizziness)

人参, 干姜,川椒,饴糖,半夏,白术。

Renshen, Ganjiang, Chuanjiao, Yitang, Banxia, and Baizhu.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea.

4. 镇眩汤治疗眩晕 (Zheng Xuan Tang for Dizziness)

川芎 15 克,白芍 15 克,当归 10 克,生地 10 克,桂枝 10 克,白茯苓 15 克,白术 10 克,甘草 10 克,龙骨 40 克,牡蛎 40 克

Chuanxiong 15 g,Baishao 15 克,Chinese Angelica 10 g, Shengdi 10 g, Cassiabark tree branch 10 g, White Fluling 15 g, Baizhu 10 g, Licorice 10 g, Longgu 40 g, Muli 40 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea.

5. 挹神汤治疗眩晕 (Yi Shen Tang for dizziness)

石决明(先下)30 克,牡蛎 20 克,生地 9 克,白芍 9 克,夜交藤 9 克,白蒺藜 9 克,酸枣仁 15 克,合欢花 9 克,远志 9 克,黄芩  9 克,附子 6 克

Shijueming (cook first) 30 g, Muli 20 g, Shengdi 9 g, Baishao 9 g, Yejiaoteng 9 g, Baijili 9 g, Suanzaoren 15 g, Hehuahua 9 g, Yuanzhi 9 g, Huangqin 9 g, Fuzi 6 g.


If the condition belongs to Liver blood deficiency, with cloudy slight view and yellow color in face, use more Baishao, add additional Chinese angelica, Heshouwu and Ajiao;


If the condition belongs to Liver Yang upfloating, use more amount of Muli, add additional Daizheshi and Tianma;


Liver Wind blowing, with muscle shacking and tingling, add Ju flower, Gouteng and Jiangcan;


If the condition belongs to Liver Fire floating up, with headache and red eyes, add Longdancao, Aloe, Qingdai;


With kidney Yin deficiency, with sour lower back, hotness in palm and sole, use more amount of Shengdi, add Shanyurou, Tiandong, Nuzhengzi, Guibanjiao and Chinese angelica;


With Kidney Yang deficiency, remove Baijili, Yuanzhi, but add Rougui (Chinese Cinnamon), Fuzi, Roucongrong, and with Shoudi, Guiban, Sangshenzi, and Gouqizi. 


Cook the herbs in water. Drink the herbal tea.


This formula can be used to any kinds of dizziness if it is caused by Yin deficiency and with Fire overwhelming.


6. 五味子当归酸枣仁汤治疗梅尼尔氏综合征 (潘嘉龙方)(Wuweizi Danggui Suanzaoren Fang for Meniere's syndrome)

五味子 10 克,当归 6 克,酸枣仁 10 克,龙眼肉 15 克,山药 10 克

Wuweizi 10 g, Chinese angelica 6 g, Suanzao kernel 10 g, Longyanrou 15 g, Chinese Yam 10 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea. It is for Meniere's syndrome.


7. 代赭石牡蛎白芍汤治疗耳鸣(王书成方)(Daizheshi Muli Baishao Tang for dizziness)

代赭石 20 克,牡蛎 20 克,白芍 10 克,草决明 10 克,钩藤 10 克,半夏 10 克,茯苓 10 克,陈皮 10 克,旋复花 10 克,竹茹 10 克,五味子 10 克,柴胡 10 克,黄芩 10 克,甘草 3 克。

Daizheshi 20 g, Muli 20 g, Baishao 10 g, Caojueming 10 g, Gouteng 10 g, Banxia 10 g, Fuling 10 g, Chenpi 10 g, Xuanfu flower 10 g, Zhuru 10 g, Wuweizi 10 g, Chaihu 10 g, Huangqin 10 g, Licorice 3 g.

水煎服。 主治耳源性眩晕。

Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea. It is used for dizziness due to ear problems.


8. 代赭石夏枯草方治疗眩晕��毛如��方)(Daizheshi Xiakucao Fang for dizziness)

代赭石(先煎) 30 克,夏枯草 12 克,姜半夏 12 克,猪苓 12 克,钩藤 12 克(后下)

Daizheshi (cook first) 30 g, Xiakucao 12 g, Ginger-Banxia 12 g, Zhuling 12 g, Gouteng 12 g (Cook latest).


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea. This is for dizziness due to ear problems.


9. 天麻炖鸡方治疗美尼尔氏综合征(Tianma and chicken meat for Meniere's syndrome)

天麻 15 克,鸡一只。

Tianma 15 g, chicken one.


Clear the chicken, remove its inside organs. Cook in water with the Tianma. Do not add table salt. When the chicken is edible, eat the meat and drink the soup, mostly the soup.


It is for the treatment of Meniere's syndrome.


10. 泽泻白术汤治疗眩晕(彭日敦方)(Zexie Baizhu Fang for tinnitus of ear source)

泽泻 20 克,白术 15 克

Zexie 20 g, Baizhu 15 g.


Cook  in water. Drink the herbal tea. It is used for the treatment of ear-source dizziness.


11. 柴胡黄芩半夏汤治疗眩晕(印会河方)(Chaihu Huangqin Longdancao Tang for dizziness due to ear problems)

柴胡 9 克,黄芩 15 克,半夏 12 克,青皮 9 克,枳壳 9 克,竹茹 9 克,龙胆草 9 克,栀子 9 克,蔓荆子 12 克,苍耳子 9 克,大青叶 15 克

Chaihu 9 g, Huangqin 15 g, Banxia 12 g, Qingpi 9 g, Zhike 9 g, Zhuru 9 g, Longdancao 9 g, Zhizi 9 g, Manjingzi 12 g, Cangerzi 9 g, Daqingye 15 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea. It is for dizziness of ear source.


12. 川芎泽泻汤治疗美尼尔氏综合征(程运文方)(Chuanxiong Zexie Tang for Meniere's Syndrome)

川芎 30 克,泽泻 30 克,当归 15 克,白芍  15 克,白术 15 克,茯苓 15 克,白茅根 15 克

Chuanxiong 30 g, Zexie 30 g, Chinese angeliac 15 g, Baishao 15 g, Baizhu 15 g, Fuling 15 g, Baimao root 15 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea. It is for the treatment of Meniere's syndrome.


13. 泽泻白术汤治疗美尼尔氏综合征(于昌贵方)(Zexie baizhu Tang for Meniere's syndrome)

泽泻 10 克,白术 6 克,茯苓 6 克,半夏 6 克,益智仁 6 克,陈皮 4 克,牛膝 4 克,女贞子 7 克,旱莲草 7 克,菊花 7 克,甘草 3 克

Zexie 10 g, Baizhu 6 g, Fuling 6 g, Banxia 6 g, Yizhiren 6 g, Chenpi 4 g, Niuxi 4 g, Nuzhenzi 7 g, Hanliancao 7 g, Ju flower 7 g, Licorice 3 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea. Three-day is one healing period. It is for Meniere's syndrome.


14. 独活鸡蛋汤治疗美尼尔氏综合征 (Duhuo chicken egg for Meniere's syndrome)

独活 30 克,鸡蛋6个

Duhuo 30 g, Chicken egg 6.


Cook the Duhuo and chicken eggs in water until the egg is edible. Remove the shell, continue to cook for 15 min. Eat the eggs, two eggs each time, once a day. Three-day is one healing period. Continue for two to three healing periods.


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