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What you should do during the treatment


There are some points you should know during the treatment, to work with your doctor for the best healing results.

1. With acupuncture treatment

(1). Follow the schedule requirement for the acupuncture treatment. Your doctor knows your body now, and he knows how often you need the treatment. Don’t think that he only wants your money. If your pain has been completely released, he should have no reason to convince you to come so often as beginning.

Usually, we recommend acupuncture once every two days for most kinds of diseases. For people in North America with busy life style, it is hard to follow this schedule, it is then recommended to come at least twice a week. Gradually, you may need the treatment once every week, once every two weeks for the maintenance for some time.

(2). Some people may experience more pain or very tired after the treatment. It is called healing crisis. It happens in about 5% of people, possibly due to the over stimulation to the body by the treatment. It usually takes half to one day to disappear. If it unfortunately happens, just have a rest and drink more water, eat easy-digestive food, to save your energy. Usually people feel much better after the healing crisis. “No pain, no gain”?

(3). Do not have acupuncture, if you feel very tired, very thirsty, or very nervous. Under such conditions, you may feel more pain or even fail. So, have relax, drink little water before your acupuncture treatment. It will also be better if you can massage your body overall with your hands before the treatment.


2. With herbal treatment

(1). Prepare the herbs. Traditionally, you have to cook the herbs by yourself at home. It is still true in most of the herbal clinic in Edmonton. If you have herbs from us, you may not need to cook it since the herbs we are using are the herbal granules, which have been pre-cooked and dried into powder. What you need to do is just to add hot water to dissolve it, wait for a while and drink it.

(2). Principally, You drink the herbs after eating, if the herbs work for problem over your stomach, e.g. in your head, neck and your chest. You need to drink it before eating, if the herbs work for your problem in the stomach area. For problem in your arm, and legs, drink it at the noon with empty stomach.

(3). If the herbs are for one day, finish it within one day. If they are for two days, finish them within two days. Do not make it for more than three days or even four days. Follow the requirement for the doctor.

(4). The Chinese herbal medicine includes the sweating therapy, vomiting therapy, bowel movement therapy, balancing therapy, etc. So, if the sweating therapy is used, your sweating after drink of the herbs is expected. You needn’t consider it as side effect. Of course, your doctor will let you know what is expected with each herb formula. But, report to your doctor if you feel something strange.

(5). Along with the herbal therapy, especially if the therapy belongs to “radical treatment” with the use of some special herbs, people may feel the improvement of the current problem first. But later they may start to feel pain or sufferings from other part of the body. For example, if you have a common cold, your doctor gives you some herbs for the cold. With the release of the cold syndrome, you may start to feel nausea or some dizziness or annoyed. This could mostly be due to the exist of extra water-phlegm in your stomach before the treatment. The herb removes the Cold xie (xie in Chinese means disease-causing factors) from your skin surface, but “disturbed” the water-phlegm in your stomach. Just report to your doctor your feeling. If he is qualified, he/she should start a second herb formula to solve the water-phlegm problem. After that, You should feel much better than before, compared with the use only antibiotics or pain killers! This is one of the reasons that we encourage people report your overall conditions to your doctor during consultation. Do not attempt to tract your doctor’s attention only to you current problem.

(6). Basically, during the herbal therapy, we recommend not to take spice food, ice food, fried food, or meat, especially the meat from sea (such as fish, crab, shrimp, etc.). Do not drink green tea or black tea with the herbs. Try not to use microwave to warm your herbs.

(7). Report to your doctor if you have a history of alcohol drinking or feel hot inside of the body usually. This is important for some kind of treatment, especially with the sweating therapy.

(8). If you want to understand the function of each herb in the herb formula, remember that, some herbs work as the king, some others, as a general/soldier. Some herbs may work as a buffer to reduce the side effect of the other herbs, or to make the effect start slower but continuously. The herbs work as a group in the formula. The formula is not just as a collection of bundle of herbs that, theoretically, work for the specific problem.

3. Overall suggests:

(1). How much exercise you need during the treatment?

During the treatment, we recommend that you should have a rest mostly. Try not to have exhausted physical activity, or to experience emotional stress. You body is in a weakness status and what we are working now is to help the body to restore its own mechanism solving the health crisis. Too much exercise will force the body to share its energy for the healing process. Disease gets recovered sooner when the body is in a peaceful status than in a stressful status. Suggest: have gentle walk every day only. Stop whenever you feel little bit sweat or little bit tired. Return to your normal exercise after you get complete recovered.

For same reason, we do not recommend our patient to have distance traveling during the treatment, especially if we tell them they should not have normal level of exercise. So many times it happens that, the overall condition of the patient crashed after a long distance traveling. Following treatment seems hard than before to work.

(2). Eat foods that are easy to digest.

Do not take something that is hard to digest normally. Avoid taking dairy products (cow’s milk, cheese, yogurt, etc.), especially if you have “phlegm” accumulation syndrome (talk with your doctors if your condition belongs to the syndrome). Eat more in the morning and at noon, but less in your supper, especially do not eat something if your have trouble in sleep.

(3). Proper sleep.

According to Chinese Medicine, human is still a kind of animal. We should live following the nature changes. This means that, we should go to bed early and get up later in the morning, in the winter; but get up early too in the summer time. See, most of animal live like this? It is hard for us living in such a “modern” time. People may have to study, to go to party, to visit friends, to go to film…. all later at night, then sleep till very later in the morning. It is against nature! Proper sleep is very important for those of us under health crisis to recover.

(4). How much water we should drink?

People drink water when they feel dry in mouth or on skin, or thirsty. Some may drink it only because they believe that more water is good to their health. This is not true, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. Water belongs to kidney system. More water will suppress the function of the kidney system, so cause chronic fatigue, weakness in lower back and knees, night urine, disturbed sleeping, low libido, cold hands and feet, even palpitation, bloating feeling in the stomach area and swelling on your feet.

Suggestion: drink water when you feel thirsty. It means something wrong in your body if you always feel thirsty even if you drink lots of water, or if your feel very dry in mouth. You have to solve the problem, rather than just drink too much water. It doesn’t work!



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