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D9. Mole


1. 石灰治疗痣 (Quicklime for the treatment of mole)


Mix quicklime and alcohol to make a mud. Smear the mud on to the mole. It will fall after half day.

2. 生石灰碱面酒精治疗疣 (Quicklime and Soda powder for wart)


Quicklime and Soda powder, equal amount. Add alcohol to make it into mud. Apply the mixture onto the wart (not to the normal skin). The wart will fall soon.



3. 黄豆芽煮食治疗疣 (Soya Bean spring for wart or mole)


Cook soya bean spring in water until it is edible. Drink the soup and eat the spring until feel full in stomach. All of the meals of the day eat the same way, no any other food or oil. Three-day is one healing period. From the fourth day, eat vegetarian, but still make the soya bean spring as the main dish. One week is sufficient to cure.




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