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D8. Scabies (疥疮)


1. 雄黄硫磺三仙丹治疗疥疮(周洪范方)(Realgar, brim stone, Sanxian Dan for scabies)


Grind all into powder. Fold with gauze. Dip Camphor oil to smear and to rub the scabies. It needs three days to cure.


Sanxiandan: Shuiyin 17 g, Puxiao 17 g, Alum 17 g. You may not be able to use the Shuiyin in US. Omit it.

2. 硫磺韭菜治疗疥疮(广东深圳连朝晖方)(Brim Stone, Chinese chives for scabies)


Brim Stone, Chinese chives, some amount.


Fry the chives in pot to hot. Fold it with gauze, press slight to let some juice start to come. Dip some brim stone powder, smear and rub the body with the gauze when it is warm. Do it once every day for three days.

3. 硫磺雄黄轻粉外搽治疗疥疮(新疆呼头壁县医药公司献方)(Brim Stone, Realgar, Qinfen for scabies)

硫磺 20 克,雄黄 10 克,轻粉 5 克,红粉 5 克,冰片 5 克。

Brim Stone 20 g, Xionghuang 10 g, Qinfen 5 g, Red powder 5 g.

研细末,加入95% 酒精中放置数小时。摇匀后,用棉花蘸之搽患处。每天两次。

Grind into powder. Add into 95% alcohol for several hours. Mix it well. Dip the solution with a cotton ball to smear the skin. Do it twice a day.

You may not be able to get the Qinfen in US, omit it.

4. 硫磺粉外搽治疗疥疮 (Brim stone smear for scabies)


Smear brim stone powder on the skin, twice a day. Before smear and rubbing, wash the skin with soap and warm water. During the treatment (3-4 days), do not have shower or bath and do not change dressing.


If the scabies remains, smear the skin with Baibu-alcohol solution (30 g of Baibu in 100 ml of alcohol). Or, wash the skin with Baibu extract (Cook Baibu in water to collect the extract).

5. 枯矾硫磺胡椒粉治疗疥疮 (Dry alum, Brim stone and pepper for scabies)

枯矾 30 克,硫磺 30 克,胡椒(炒) 30 克

Dry alum 30 g, Brim stone 30 g,  Hujiao (fried) 30 g.


Grind into fine powder. Add sesame oil to make it into mud form. Smear it to the skin.

6. 雄黄硫磺粉治疗疥疮 (Realgar and brim stone for scabies)

雄黄 10 克,硫磺 10 克

Realgar 10 g, Brim stone powder 10 g


Grind into fine powder. Add pig oil to make it into mud form. Smear it onto the affected skin. Fold it with gauze and warm the skin close to a fire.


7. 硫磺白芷方治疗疥疮 (Brim stone and Baizhi powder for scabies)

硫磺 10 克,白芷 10 克

Brim stone powder 10 g, Baizhi 10 g.


Fry the Baizhi into yellow in color. Add the Brim stone powder in, then some sesame oil (or Vaseline) to make the mixture into mud form. Apply the mud onto the skin.


8. 百草霜粉治疗疥疮 (Baicao Shuang rubbing for scabies)


Grind the Baicaishuang into fine powder. Smear and rub the skin with the powder.


9. 蛇床子洗剂治疗疥疮 (Shechuangzi extract washing for scabies)


Cook the Shechuangzi in water. Wash the skin with the water extract.


10. 桃树叶艾叶硫磺治疗疥疮 (Peach leaves, Ai leaves, and Brim stone powder for scabies)


Add peach leaves, Ai leaves (Argy wormwood leaves) and little Brim stone powder into a cotton bag. Put the bag into the bath water to have a bath.


11. 万年青根叶治疗疥疮 (Japonica leave or roots for scabies)


Cook Japonica leaves or roots in water. Wash skin with the herb extract.


12. 苦楝子(川楝子)治疗疥疮 (Chinaberry seeds for scabies)

川楝子 30 克,水煎洗患处,每日三次。

Cook Chinaberry seeds in water. Wash the infected skin with this herb extract.


Alternatively, cook the Chinaberry tree park in water. Wash skin with the herb extract. Note do not wash for too long time each time, since the park has kind of toxic.


13. 苦参百部乌梅花椒汤外洗治疗疥疮 (Kushen, Baipu, Black plum, and Huajiao washing for scabies)

苦参 40 克,百部 40 克,乌梅 20 克,花椒 20 克

Kushen 40 g, Baibu 40 g, Black plum 20 g, and Huajiao 20 g.


Cook in water. Wash skin with the herb extract, once a day, 15 min each time, with rub and pinch the scabies knob with hand.



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