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D5. Miliaria, Prickly heat, Heat rash (痱子)


1. 绿豆滑石粉治疗痱子 (Green bean and Talcum powder for prickly heat)


Green bean powder, Talcum powder, equal amount.


Mix them well. Apply the powder onto the skin. This formula is used to the prickly heat during summer season.

2. 黄瓜治疗痱子 (Cucumber smear for prickly heat)


Cucumber, wash and chop into slides. Use it to smear the skin. Do it after shower and before go to bed.

3.芦荟叶治疗痱子 (Aloe juice for prickly heat)


Remove the stab on the aloe, wash and chop it to mud, press to get juice. Smear the juice on to the skin, twice a day.


4. 苦参三黄酊治疗痱子 (Kushen Rhubarb solution for prickly heat)

苦参 20 克,大黄 20 克,冰片 10 克,黄连 10 克,雄黄 10 克

Kushen 20 g, Rhubarb 20 g, Borneol 10 g, Huanglian 10 g, Xionghuang 10 g.

将诸药加入75% 酒精300 毫升中浸泡2-3天。将此液涂抹于皮肤。涂抹面部时注意不要使药液流入眼睛。

Add the herbs into 300 ml of 75% alcohol. Store for 2-3 days. Smear it onto the skin. Be careful not to allow the herbal extract touch the eyes.


5. 地龙茶叶治疗痱子 Earthworm and Tea leaves for prickly heat)

鲜地龙 30 克,茶叶 10 克,75% 酒精 200 毫升

Fresh earthworm 30 g, Tea leaves 10 g, 75% alcohol 200 ml.


Add the earthworm and tea leaves into alcohol. Store for three days. Smear this lotion onto the skin.


6. 败酱草治疗痱子 (Baijiangcao wash for heat rash)

败酱草 6 克,大火水煎两分钟。用此药水洗皮肤。每天两次。

Baijiangcao 6 gram. Cook in water with big fire for two min. Use this herb extract to wash skin.


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