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D27. Grey Hair


1. 鲜核桃绿皮蝌蚪膏染发( Walnut and  tadpole to stain black hair)


Fresh walnut shell (its green skin) and tadpoles, equal amount.

Chop them into mud. Smear onto the hair. It needs 2-3 times to make the hair turn black again.


People in North America may have no chance to try this therapy.

2. 乌发丸治疗黑发早白(Wufa Wan for early grey of hairs)

当归须 100 克,黄芪 100 克,地龙 30 克,蛰虫 30 克,水蛭 30 克,僵蚕 60 克,地骨皮 100 克,茯苓 200 克,熟地 100 克,生地 100 克,石菖蒲 30 克,远志 30 克,牛膝 60 克,菟丝子 100 克,天麻 30 克,羌活 30 克,白芍 60 克,川芎 30 克,肉苁蓉 60 克,穿山甲 30 克,鹿角霜 60 克。

Danggui Xu 100 gram, Huangqi 100 gram, Dilong 30 gram, Zhechong 30 gram, Shuizhi 30 gram, Jiangchan 60 gram, Digupi 100 gram, Fuling 200 gram, Shoudi 100 gram, Shengdi 100 gram, Shichuangpu 30 gram, Yuanzhi 30 gram, Niuxi 60 gram, Tusizi  100 gram, Tianma 30 gram, Qianghuo 30 gram, Baishao 60 gram, Chuanxiong 30 gram, Rouchongrong 60 gram, Chuanshajia 30 gram, Lujiaoshuang 60 gram.

研细末,水泛为丸,每次5克,每日三次。饭后服。以茯苓10 克,当归 10 克,肉苁蓉 6 克,合欢皮 6 克,水煎之药汁送服。

Grind all into fine powder. Add water to make pills. Drink 5 gram of pills each time, three times a day. Cook Fuling 10 gram, Danggui 10 gram, Rouchongrong 6 gram, and Hehuanpi 6 gram. Drink this herbal extract to help swallow of the pills.


Three-month is one healing period.

3. 老生姜皮治疗白发 (Old Ginger skin to stop grey hair)

老姜皮 300 克

Old ginger skin, 300 gram.


Add the old ginger skin into a pot with previous oily on the surface. Cover the pot tightly, not to let air leak. Heat the pot to fry the ginger skin, first with big heat, then smaller heat. Take it out to dry. Grind it into fine powder. When use, pick off the grey hair, smear the ginger powder into the hair hole with finger. Alternatively, smear the ginger powder on the root of the grey hair, pull off the grey hair, then smear the ginger powder into the hair hole.


Alternatively, smear honey to the hair holes, after remove of the white hair.

4. 红糖芝麻核桃仁治疗早白发 (Brown sugar, sesame, walnut to stop grey hair)

红砂糖 500 克,黑芝麻 250 克,核桃仁 250 克

Brown crystal sugar 500 gram, Black sesame 250 gram, Walnut 250 gram.


Add the brown sugar into water, bring to cook in lower heat until the mixture turns sticky. Add fried black sesame and walnut. Mix them well. Add the mixture into a bowl with cooking oil on the surface. After cooling down little bit, press the mixture even, cut it into smaller piece. Eat the sugar cake. It works to make the grey hair turn black.

5. 黑豆治疗早白发 (Black bean to stop early grey hair)

黑豆 150 克,盐少许。

Black bean 150 gram, table salt little.


Steam the black bean over water until it is edible. Take out and dry it. Steam it again and cooling and dry it again. Repeat such way for nine times. When use, chew 6 gram each time, and drink light salt water for swallow. Drink it twice a day. It works to stop early grey hair.

6. 醋煮黑豆治疗白发 (Black bean and vinegar for grey hair)

黑豆 120 克,米醋 500 克。

Black bean 120 gram, vinegar 500 gram.


Add the black bean in the vinegar. Bring to boil until the mixture turns into sticky soup. Filter and remove the residues. Use a brush, dip the soup to brush the hair. Do it once a day. It is forbid to use this formula if the skin has skin diseases.




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