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D26. Whitening face


1. 冬瓜仁桃花白杨皮法 (Wax gourd, peach flower and White poplar bark for face whitening)

冬瓜仁 250 克,(去克),桃花 200 克,白杨皮 60 克。

Wax gourd kernel 250 gram (remove shell), Peach flower 200 gram, Bark of white poplar tree 60 gram.


Grind all into fine powder. Drink it after meal, 10 grams each time, three times a day. Continue for 30 days at least. If want more white, double the amount of wax gourd; if want more pink on the face, double the amount of peach flower.

2. 白冬瓜膏增白方 (Wax gourd paste to whiten skin)

白冬瓜,用竹刀去皮切片,用酒 1.5 升(或黄油1.5 升), 水1 升,煮烂过滤去渣,更煎成膏。每夜涂之,则黑色全消,颜如白玉。

White wax gourd. Peel it and chop it into slides with bamboo knife (for fear of metal color contamination from metal knife to the later paste). Add it into 1.5 liter liquor (or same amount of butter), 1 liter of water. Bring to boil until the gourd becomes as mud. Filter off the residue, continue cook until the whole mixture is as paste form. Apply the paste onto the skin (face) every night before go to bed. Wash it off next morning. The skin will be well whitened.

3. 白芷增白方 (Baizhi whitening formula for whitening face)

白芷 2.5 克,硫磺 5 克,冰片 5 克,细辛 5 克,山奈 5 克,丁香 10 克,轻粉 10 克,甘松 12.5 克,木贼 15 克,藿香叶 15 克,元明粉 15 克,杏仁 15 克,荆芥花 25 克,紫苏仁 25 克,天虫 (蚕)25 克,密陀僧 25 克,苏合油 25 克 (苏合油后入),肥皂 50 克,铅粉 50 克。

Baizhi 2.5 gram, Liuhuang (Sulfur) 5 gram, Binpian (Borneol) 5 gram, Xixing 5 gram, Shannai 5 gram, Dingxiang 10 gram, Qinfen 10 gram, Gansong 12.5 gram, Muzei 15 gram, Huoxiang leaves 15 gram, Huanmingfen 15 gram, Apricot kernel 15 gram, Jingjie flower 25 gram, Zisou kernel 25 gram,  Silkworm 25 gram, Mituoseng 25 gram, Suhe oil 25 gram (add later), soap 50 gram, Qianfen (Lead powder) 50 gram.


Grind all into fine powder. It has the name of Yu Rong powder. Yu Rong here means beauty in Chinese. Every night before go to bed, use your own saliva to make the powder into mud form and apply it on your face. Next morning, wash it off and then tap little this powder on the face.


Remember, it might be forbid to use Qianfen and Qinfen here. I really doubt if people out of China can chance to try this formula.


 4. 木瓜杏仁美容方 (Papaya and Apricot for beauty)

木瓜(去皮及核)150 克,杏仁 50 克,猪油 50 克,用钵捣烂调和,每夜涂于面部。

Papaya (remove skin and kernel) 150 gram, Apricot 50 gram, pig oil 50 gram.

Chop it and grind into powder, mix with the melt oil to make the mixture into mud form. Apply it on to the face every night.


5. 菊花梨汁美容法 (Chrysanthemum and pear juice for beauty)

白菊花 50 克,梨汁 50 克,白果 50 克,白蜜 50 克,人乳 200 毫升,白酒 200 毫升。

White chrysanthemum 50 gram, pear juice 50 gram, Ginkgo 50 gram, White honey 50 gram, human milk 150 -200 ml, liquor 150-200 ml.


Mix the chrysanthemum, the pear juice and liquor together. Bring to steam to condense it. Chop the ginkgo into mud, mix with the condensed mixture, the honey and milk, to form mud mixture. Apply the mud onto the face every night and wash it off next morning.



6. 珍珠粉美容方(Pearl powder for beauty)

珍珠粉 25 克,滑石 25 克,杏仁 20 克,麝香 2 克。

Pearl powder 25 gram, Huashi (talc) powder 25 gram, Apricot 20 gram, Shexiang (Musk) 2 gram.


Grind all into fine powder. Mix with chicken egg white to make it into mud form. Smear it on the face every night. Wash it off next morning.

内服方:沉香 15 克,丁香 15 克,茴香 15 克,乳香 15 克,藿香 15 克,桃花片 50 克

Oral formula: Chenxiang (Eaglewood) 15 gram, Dingxiang (Lilac) 15 gram, Huixiang (Cumin) 15 gram, Ruxiang 15 gram, Huoxiang 15 gram, Peach flower 50 gram.



7. 防风荆芥方美容细皮肤 (Fangfen Jingjie formula for beauty and body fragrance)


Fangfeng, Jingjie, Xixin, Danggui, Qianghuo, Zaojiao, Baizhi, Huoxiang, Haoben, Chuanxiong, Gansong, Honghua, equal amount for each.


Cook in water. Have a bath with addition of the herb extract. It works to expel dirty odor of the body, and make the nice fragrance on the body for three days. You may want to try it when you need to have a date, a marriage festival or other celebration event?


8. 沉香丁香方增香 (Chenxiang Dingxiang formula to make the body more fragrance)

沉香,丁香,降香,乳香,藿香,茴香,砂仁,甘松,山奈,白芷,细辛,川芎,蒿本,桂心,樟脑,当归,百药煎,肉豆蔻,豆粉,各100 克,麝香 5 克。

Chenxiang, Dingxiang, Jiangxiang, Ruxiang, Huoxian, Huixiang, Sharen, Gansong, Shainai, Baizhi, Xixin, Chuanxiong, Haoben, Guixing, Zhangnao, Danggui, Baiyaojian, Roudoukou, Soy powder, 100 gram for each. Musk 5 gram.

研细末,炼蜜味丸,直径约1厘米。每天早晨漱口后舌下含化 1 丸。3日口香,5日身香,10 日床被香,一个月后洗面皆香,两个月后面如童,肤软如棉。

Grind all into fine powder. Add honey to make it into pills, of a diameter of 1 cm. Every morning after rinse mouth or have a brushing teeth, hold one pill under the tongue. After three days, the mouth is fragrance; after five days, the body is fragrance, and after ten days, the bed covering is aroma; after one month, it is fragrance in face washing; and after two months, the face looks much younger and the skin-muscle is much soft as cotton. It is said so.


9. 丁香白蒺藜洗面方 (Dingxiang Baijili washing to whiten face)

丁香 50 克,白蒺藜 50 克,黑白丑 50 克,白芨 50 克,白蔹 50 克,川椒 50 克,香苜蓿 35 克,当归稍 25 克,升麻 25 克,楮实子 20 克,白茯苓 15 克,白附子 12.5 克,麻黄(去节) 10 克,连翘 7.5 克。

Dingxiang 50 gram, Baijili 50 gram, Heibaichou 50 gram, Baiji 50 gram, Bailian 50 gram, Chuanjiao 50 gram, Xiang Muxu 35 gram, Danggui  25 gram, Shengma 25 gram, Chushizi 20 gram, Bai Fuling 15 gram, Bai Fuzi 12.5 gram, Mahuang (remove joints) 10 gram, Lianqiao 7.5 gram.

研细末。每用 25 - 30 克洗之,能使皮肤变白如玉。

Grind all into powder. Add 25-30 gram in water. Use the water to wash face or skin. It is to whiten face or skin.



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