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D25. Wrinkles on face


1. 养乐多去皱养颜 (Yoghurt for wrinkles)

发酵后之牛奶,抹在皮肤上,用纱布包扎以免流失,约 15 分钟后洗去。每周三次,连用三个月。
Apply the yoghurt on skin. Fold loss with gauze to prevent it flows away. Keep for about 15 min, then wash it off. Do this way three times a week, continue for three months.

2. 蛋黄蜂蜜去皱方 (Egg yolk and Honey to remove wrinkles)

将蛋黄与一小勺蜂蜜,一小勺面粉混合搅拌后敷脸。15 分钟后洗净。如果为干性皮肤,可在方中加入一些橄榄油。洗后用冷霜涂脸,按摩5分钟拭去。

Add chicken egg yolk with one teaspoon of honey and same amount of wheat powder. Mix them well. Apply it on to the face. Keep for 15 min. Wash it off. If the skin is dry skin, add little olive oil in the formula. After clear of the lotion, use regular face lotion on the face, and massage the face for 5 min. Clear it also.


3. 杏仁蛋清美容消斑 (Apricot and egg white to remove pigments)


Apricot kernel, rinse it in water. Remove its skin, chop it into mud. Mix it with chicken egg white to make it into mud form. Apply it onto face every night before go to bed and wash it off with liquor next morning. Continue this way until the pigments go away. 


This formula works for pigment after pregnancy and for black-brown spot/rash on skin.

注: 蛋白敷面与蛋清敷面方可交替使用,效果更好。方法是,第一天用蛋黄敷面,第二天休息,第三天用蛋清敷面,第四条休息,第五天再蛋黄敷面,如此交替。六个月后可使所有小皱纹消失。

Note: the Egg-yolk method and the egg-white method need to be used intern: on the first day, use the egg-yolk method; the second day, have a break; on the third day, use the egg-white method; the forth day, break; on the fifth day, use the egg-yolk method again, so in turn. Continue this way for 6 months. If you really want beauty, you have to prepare mind do it this way. Sorry for your inconvenience.



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