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D24. Freckles



During the treatment, it is not recommended to eat edible amaranth, kelp, carrot, Coco powder, Orange, cow liver, pig liver, walnut, as to avoid increase in the pigment.

Edible Amaranth

1. 杏仁蛋清美容消斑 (Apricot and egg white to remove pigments)


Apricot kernel, rinse it in water. Remove its skin, chop it into mud. Mix it with chicken egg white to make it into mud form. Apply it onto face every night before go to bed and wash it off with liquor next morning. Continue this way until the pigments go away. 


This formula works for pigment after pregnancy and for black-brown spot/rash on skin.

2. 鸡蛋醋外涂治疗雀斑 (Egg and vinegar for freckles)


Put fresh egg into vinegar. Keep for 3 to 5 days. Take it out, use the egg white. Smear it onto the face, several times a day. For mild freckles, it takes several days to see the effect. For severe cases, it needs several weeks.

3. 冬瓜祛斑美容 (Wax gourd for freckles)


Peel the wax gourd, chop it into thin slides. Add it into the mixture of water-liquor (1:1 by vol) in a clay pot (not metal pot) , bring to boil until the gourd is as in a mud form. Stir it well, remove residues, continue keep in small boiling until it turns into paste form. Smear it on the face every day before go to bed and wash it off next morning. Continue this way every night for two months.


This formula has a function of making-beauty. However, it needs longer time to use.

4. 冬瓜仁莲子白芷美容 (Donggua kernel, Lotus seeds, and Baizhi powder for freckling removal)

冬瓜仁 250 克,莲子粉 25 克,白芷粉 15 克。研细末。每天饭后服一小勺。非常有效。

Wax gourd seeds 250 gram, Lotus seeds 25 gram, Baizhi powder 15 gram.

Grind all into fine powder. Drink one teaspoon after each meal. You need to try this way for weeks.

5. 白茄子治疗雀斑 (White egg plant for freckles)


Chop white color egg plant into slide. Use it to rub the skin, or put on to the skin.


6. 香菜水治疗雀斑 (Coriander water wash for freckles)


Coriander some amount. Wash and cook in water. Wash face with the water solution. Keep doing for months.



7. 赤小豆花及豆治疗雀斑美容 (Red bean for freckles)


Press the red bean flower into juice. Smear the juice on the face.

Bake the red bean to dry. Grind it into fine powder. Mix it with rice bran. Drink the mixture after addition of water in it.


8. 丝瓜络僵蚕白茯苓治疗蝴蝶斑 (Sigualuo Jiangcan Baifuling for butterfly rash)

丝瓜络 10 克,僵蚕 10 克,白茯苓 10 克,菊花 10 克,珍珠母 20 克, 玫瑰花 3 朵,红枣 10 枚

Sigualuo (towel gourd sponge) 10 gram, Jiangcan 10 gram, Bai Fuling 10 gram, Juhua 10 gram, Zhenzhumu 20 gram, rose flower three, Chinese date 10.


Cook in water. Drink the extract. Continue for ten days. During the treatment, it is forbid to eat leeks, ginger, hot pepper, garlic, such stimulating spice; not use make-up products or stimulating soap; not to have strong sunshine; and should keep calm emotion.


9. 消斑美容汤 (Pigment-clearing beauty soup)

当归 10 克,川芎 10 克,赤芍 10 克,生地 15 克,熟地 15 克,白芷 10 克,女贞子 15 克,紫草 10 克。

Danggui 10 gram, Chuanxiong 10 gram, Chishao 10 gram, Shengdi 15 gram, Shoudi 15 gram, Baizhi 10 gram, Nuzhenzi 15 gram, Zicao 10 gram.


Cook in water. Drink the herb extract. Continue for one to two months.


10. 鹿角灰密陀僧方外涂治疗雀斑 (Lujiaohui Mituoshen application for freckles)


Lujiao ash, Mituoshen, Baifuling, Tianmendong, equal amount.


Grind into fine powder. Add honey to make it into mud form. Every night before go to bed, rub skin with a chopped side of egg plant, then smear the herbal mud on to the skin. Remove it next morning.


This method has been used to 10 cases, all were cured. It takes about 10 days for the freckles to diminish.


11. 白芷泡醋治疗雀斑 (Baizhi and vinegar for freckles)

白芷 100 克,白醋 500 克

Baizhi 100 g, Vinegar 500 ml.

将白芷加入醋中,放置半个月。用醋液外搽皮肤。每日三次,每次5 分钟。

Add Baizhi into vinegar for 2 weeks. Smear the vinegar on to the skin, three times a day, 5 min each time.

12. 牵牛花之子治疗雀斑 (Morning glory seeds for the treatment of freckles)


Grind the morning glory seeds into fine powder. Mix with chicken egg white to make it into mud form. Apply it on to the face, keeping for overnight. Wash it off next morning.

Morning glory seeds


If there is no morning glory seeds, use plum seeds instead.

13. 珍珠母白菊花方治疗雀斑 (余土根方)(Zhenzhumu Baijuhua Fang for freckles)

珍珠母 30 克,白菊花 9 克,白僵蚕 12 克,茵陈 12 克,夏枯草 12 克,六月雪 12 克,白茯苓 12 克,柴胡 12 克,生地 12 克,女贞子 12 克,炙甘草 4.5 克

Zhenzhumu 30 g, White Ju flower 9 g, Baijiangcan 12 g, Yinchen 12 g, Xiakucao 12 g, Liuyuexue 12 g, Baifuling 12 g, Chaihu 12 g, Shengdi 12 g, Nuzhengzi 12 g, Zhi Licorice 4.5 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea.


This formula has been used to 60 cases with freckles. The effective rate is 90%.


14. 鸡蛋清调二丑粉治疗雀斑 (Egg white and Erchou for freckles)


Add Erchou powder into chicken egg white. Make it into mud form. Smear it onto the face every night before go to bed. Wash it way next morning.


15. 丹参浮萍鸡血藤方治疗面部雀斑(李太安方)(Danshen Fuping Jixueteng for freckles)

丹参 30 克,浮萍 30 克,鸡血藤 30 克,生地 20 克,连翘 15 克,红花 10 克,川芎 10 克,荆芥 10 克,甘草 10 克

Danshen 30 g, Fuping 30 g, Jixueteng 30 g, Shengdi 20 g, Lianqiao 15 g, Honghua 10 g, Chuanxiong 10 g, Jinjie 10 g, Gancao 10 g

本方治疗雀斑30 例,全部治愈。

This formula has been used for 30 cases with freckles. All were cured after drinking of the herbal for 6-18 doses.



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