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D23. Black spot on face or on skin


1. 黑砂糖外涂治疗黑斑 (Black crystal sugar for black spot on skin)

黑砂糖两勺,加少量水煮,冷却后以此糖水涂皮肤。保存5-6 分钟后就可洗掉。如此数月,皮肤可白。黑砂糖有漂白作用。

Black crystal sugar two teaspoons. Add into water to dissolve, then bring to boil for several min. After cooling down, smear the sugar solution on to the skin. Keep for 5-6 min, then wash it off. Continue such way for several months. The black crystal sugar has a function of whitening.

2. 四白香绿粉治疗皮肤黑斑 (Sibau Xianglu Powder for black spot on face)


Gansong, Shannai, Xiangru, Baizhi, Bailian, Fangfeng, Gaoben, Baijiangcan, Baifuzi, Tianhuafen, Guanglingxiang, Green bean powder, soap, equal amount.


Grind all into fine powder. When use, add it into water, wash face or skin. Continue for several months.


3. 薏苡仁治疗面部黑斑 (Semen coicis for skin black spot)

薏苡仁,研细末。每次服 10 克,每天三次,饭前半小时到一小时服。需要服数月。

Semen coicis

Grind into fine powder. Drink 10 gram each time, three times a day, about half hour to one hour before meal. Continue for several months.


Alternatively, you can cook 50 grams of semen coicis in water as for a rice soup. When it is edible, add little sugar to drink the soup. Drink it once a day, continue for one month.




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