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D22. Vasculitis


1. 蜗牛治疗脉管炎 (Snail mud application for vasculitis)


Chop alive snail (with shell) into mud. Apply the mud onto the wound of the vasculitis. Change it every day.

2. 蟾酴丸治疗脉管炎 (Toad pill for vasculitis)

将活蟾酴洗净去肠杂,入锅煮烂去骨,和面粉捣烂做成丸。每服 6-9 克,一天三次。

Use alive toad, wash and remove inside organs. Add into water to kook until it is soft as mud. Remove its bones, add wheat powder to make into dough and then into pills. Drink the pills 6-9 gram each time, three times a day.

3. 鹿角胶熟地方治疗脉管炎 (Lujiaojiao Shoudi for vasculitis)

鹿角胶 15 克,熟地 50 克,肉桂 5 克,麻黄 2 克,白芥子 10 克,姜黄炭 2 克,甘草 5 克。

Lujiaojiao 15 gram, Shoudi 50 gram, Rougui 5 gram, Mahuang 2 gram, Baijiezi 10 gram, Jianghuangtan 2 gram, Gancao 5 gram.


Cook in water. Drink the herb extract.


4. 玄参当归陈皮汤治疗血栓闭塞性脉管炎 (Xuanshen Danggui Chenpi Tang for thromboangitis obliterans)

玄参 30 克,当归 12 克,陈皮 10克,金银花 30 克,乳香 12 克,苍术 10 克,没药 12 克,白扁豆 12 克,甘草 3 克

Xuanshen 30 g, Danggui 12 g, Chenpi 10 g, Jinyin flower 30 g, Ruxiang 12 g, Cangzhu 10 g, Moyao 12 g, Baibian bean 12 g, Licorice 3 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea. This formula has been used to 9 cases with  thromboangitis obliterans, all of which were cured.


5. 当归丹参黄芪汤治疗血栓闭塞性脉管炎 (Danggui Danshen Huangqi Tang for thromboangitis obliterans)

当归 15 克,丹参 15 克,黄芪 15 克,金银花 15 克,紫花地丁 15 克,制乳香 10 克,制没药 10 克,红花 10 克,元胡 10 克,生地 10 克,蒲公英 15 克,土茯苓 15 克,甘草 15 克

Danggui 15 g, Danshen 15 g, Huangqi 15 g, Jinyin flower 15 g, Purple flower Diding 15 g, Zhi Ruxiang 10 g, Zhi Moyao 10 g, Red flower 10 g, Yuanhu 10 g, Shengdi 10 g, Pugongyin 15 g, Tufuling 15 g, Licorice 15 - 30 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea. This formula has been used to 61 cases with  thromboangitis obliterans. 24 were cured, 19 were much improved, and 10 were improved to some level, 8 cases was worse.


6. 薏苡仁白术汤治疗血栓闭塞性脉管炎 (Yiyiren Baizhu Tang for thromboangitis obliterans)

薏苡仁 30 克,白术 30 克,土茯苓 30 克,茯苓 60 克,车前子15 克,桂枝 3 克

Yiyiren 30 g, Baizhu 30 g, Tufuling 30 g, Fuling 60 g, Cheqianzi 15 g, Guizhi 3 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea.

土蜂房 30 克,锻为末,醋调搽患处,每天2-3 次。

At the same time, grind 30 grams of Tufengfang into powder. Add vinegar to make it into mud. Rub the skin with the herbal mud, two to three times a day.


This formula has been used to 15 cases with  thromboangitis obliterans. Most of them were cured after drinking of the tea for 60-100 days.


7. 熟地当归薏苡仁汤治疗血栓闭塞性脉管炎( (Shoudi Danggui Yiyiren tang for thromboangitis obliterans)

熟地 30 克,当归 30 克,薏苡仁 30 克,桂枝尖 9 克,炮姜 9 克,白芥子 12 克,鹿角片 12 克,元胡 15 克,赤芍 15 克,红花 6 克,甘草 6 克,参三七 30 克

Shoudi 30 g, Danggui 30 g, Yiyiren 30 g, Guizhi tip 9 g, Paojiang 9 g, Baijiezi 12 g, Lujiao 12 g, Yuanhu 15 g, Chishao 15 g, Red flower 6 g, Licorice 6 g, Shensanqi 30 g.


Soak the herbs in liquor. Drink the liquor all over within half month.



8. 毛冬青猪蹄治疗血栓闭塞性脉管炎 (Pubescent Holly Root and pig foot for thromboangitis obliterans)

毛冬青 100-150 克,猪蹄一个

Pubescent Holly Root 100 - 150 g, Pig foot one.


Cook in water for more than 4 hours. Drink the soup and eat the meat. This is one-day dose. 20-day is one healing period. Have a break of one week before start the next healing period.

另外一方用毛冬青根 150 克,猪蹄 1 个,鸡血藤 50 克,丹参 50 克。

In another formula, it is used Maodongqing root 150 g, Pig foot one, Jixueteng 50 g, Danshen 50 g.



9. 松香水蛭方治疗血栓闭塞性脉管炎 (Songxiang Shuizhi Tang for thromboangitis obliterans)

制松香 12 克,水蛭 1 克,全蝎 0.8 克

Zhi Songxiang 12 g, Leech 1 g, Scorpion  0.8 g.


Grind into fine powder. Drink it with cold boiled water for swallow. 30-day is one healing period.

另外,将松香22克,加香油(桐油)10 毫升调成糊状,外敷于患处。纱布适当包扎固定。

At the same time, mix 22 grams of Songxiang with 10 ml of Sesame oil (or use Chinese wood oil). Make it into paste form. Smear it on to the skin. Fold and seal with gauze and medical tapes.


10. 黄芪郁金桃仁方治疗血栓闭塞性脉管(俞凡先方)(Huangqi Yujing Taoren fang for thromboangitis)

黄芪 40 克,郁金 9 克,桃仁 9 克,牛膝 9 克,白芷  9 克,红花 6 克,全蝎 3 克,当归 20 克。

Huangqi 40 g, Yujin 9 g, Peach kernel 9 g, Niuxi 9 g, Baizhi 9 g, Red flower 6 g, Scorpion 3 g, Chinese angelica 20 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea. If the condition belongs to Cold, add Guizhi, Fuzi and Xixin; if it is Hot condition, add Jinyin flower, Xuanshen and Huangbo.


11. 紫草益母草方治疗血栓闭塞性脉管(悉九一方)(Zicao Yimucao fang for thromboangitis)

紫草 15 克,益母草 60 克,紫花地丁 30 克,赤芍 15 克,丹皮 15 克,甘草 30 克

Zicao 15 g, Yimucao 60 g, Zihuadiding 30 g, Chishao 15 g, Danpi 15 g, Gancao 30 g.

热重者加水牛角 30 克,生石膏 60 克,柴胡10 克;湿热偏重者加大黄 10 克,黄芩 15 克,黄柏 15 克。

If Fire is overwhelming, add Shuiniu Thorn 30 g, Brim stone powder 60 g, Chaihu 10 g; if Dampness-Hotness is strong, add Rhubarb 10 g, Huangqin 15 g, Huangbo 15 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea.

另外用大黄粉 50 克,玉枢丹 1 克,面粉 50 克,加水及醋调成糊状,外敷患处。适当包扎固定,隔日换药一次。

In addition, add Rhubarb 50 g, Yushudan 1 g, and wheat flower 50 g. Add water and vinegar to  make it  into mud form. Fold and seal properly. Change the herbs once every day.


12. 蛋黄乳香治疗血栓闭塞性脉管(河南中医学院吴润苍方)(Yolk Ruxiang fang for thromboangitis)

鸡蛋黄 10 个,乳香 5 克,没药 5 克,珍珠 1 克,麝香 0.5 克

Egg yolk 10; Ruxiang 5 g, Moyao 5 g, Zhengzhu 1 g, Musk 0.5 g.


Cook chicken eggs in water to edible. Collect the yolk. Grind the remaining herbs into fine powder. Mix the herbs and the yolk well. Smear it onto the skin. Change it three times a day.


This formula can be used to broken wound of thromboangitis.



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