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D21. Sweat on hands or feet


1. 鞋内喷酒治疗脚臭 (Alcohol in shoes to solve feet odor)


Spray little liquor into the shoes, repeat twice. It can diminish feet odor.


2. 鞋内放白矾粉治疗脚汗症 (Alum in shoes to solve feet sweat)


Smear some alum powder in shoes, then put a show pad to wear.

3. 滑石粉治疗脚汗症 (Talc powder for feet sweat)


Smear talc powder evenly in the shoes. Do it once every day for seven days.


The talc can be replaced by alum powder.

4. 白萝卜洗脚治疗脚汗症 (Daikon for feet sweat) 


Cook daikon (e.g. white carrot) in water (the amount can be more or less). Wash feet with the water.



5. 白矾洗脚治疗脚汗症 (Alum washing for feet sweat)


Wash feet with hot water every night before go to bed. Add 30 grams of alum in the water. Repeat for several nights.


6. 山药苍术方治疗脚汗症 (Yam and Cangzhu for feet sweat)

山药 30 克,苍术 20 克,木瓜 10 克,肉豆蔻 15 克,苏叶 15 克,槟榔 10 克,藿香 15 克,浮小麦 15 克,炙甘草 10 克

Chinese yam 30 g, Cangzhu 20 g, Papaya 10 g, Roudoukou 15 g, Suye 15 g, Binglang 10 g, Huoxiang 15 g, Fu xiaomai 15 g, Zhi Licorice 10 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea.



7. 白矾艾叶防风外洗治疗脚汗症 (Alum, A leaves, Fangfeng for feet sweat)

白矾 10 克,艾叶 15 克,防风 20 克

Alum 10 g, A leaves 15 g, Fangfeng 20 g.


Cook in water. Use the water extract to wash the feet.

8. 五倍子枯矾滑石粉治疗手足多汗症 (Gallnut, Dry alum and  Talc powder for sweat on feet and hands)


Gallnut, dry alum, talc, equal amount.


Grind into fine powder. Smear the powder on the feet or hands after wash with water.


9. 白矾葛根洗脚治疗脚汗症 (Alum and Gegen wash for feet sweat)

白矾(或枯矾) 25 克,葛根 25 克

Alum (or dry alum) 25 g, Gegen 25 g.

水煎洗脚,每天三次,每次30 分钟。

Cook in water. Wash feet with the herb extract, three times a day, 30 min each time.


This formula was used to 74 cases with feet sweat. Among them, 67 were cured, 4 were improved and 3 failed.


Alternatively, cook alum and dried ginger in water. Wash feet and hands with the herbal extract the same way as above.



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