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D20. Anal fissure


1. 当归生地膏治疗肛裂 (Danggui Shengdi paste for anal fissure)

当归 15 克,生地 15 克,麻油 150 克,黄蜡 30 克

Danggui 15 gram, Shengdi 15 gram, Sesame oil 150 gram, Yellow wax 30 gram.


Cook the Danggui and Shengdi in the oil until the herbs turn into withered. Remove the herb residue, add in the yellow wax to make the mixture into paste form. Each time after bowel movement, wash the anus first, then apply the herb paste into the anus. Change it once every day.

2. 乳香没药膏治疗肛裂 (Ruxiang Moyao paste for anal fissure)

乳香 20 克,没药 20 克,丹参 10 克,冰片 5 克,蜂蜜 30 克。

Ruxiang 20 gram, Moyao 20 gram, Danshen 10 gram, Bingpian (borneol powder) 5 gram, Honey 30 gram.

将前四味研细末。加入 75% 酒精中放置五天。再加入蜂蜜调成糊状。每次大便后,将肛门用 1:5000 高锰酸钾洗净,再涂上此药膏。每天换药一次。直至伤口愈合。

Grind the first four ingredients into fine powder. Add in 75% alcohol and store for five days. Add in the honey to make the mixture into paste form. Each time after bowel movement, wash the anus with 1:5000  potassium permanganate solution. Then apply the herb paste into the anus. Change the herb paste once a day. Continue to use this therapy until the wound is cured.

本方治疗32例,出血全部停止。大多数患者用药3-4天后出血停止,4.5 天后疼痛消失。一般愈合时间为7天。

This formula has been used to 32 case with anal fissure. Bleeding stopped in all cases. In most cases, the bleeding stopped after 3 to 4 day, pain subsided after 4.5 days, and the wound healed after one week.



3. 云南白药外涂治疗肛裂 (Yunan Baiyao for anal fissure)


Smear the Yunan Baiyao on to the anal fissure, before wash and clear the wound.


4. 无花果叶子治疗肛裂 (Figs leaves for anal fissure)


Cook fig leaves in water. Use it wash the anus, 3-5 times a day, or wet-apply to the anus.


5. 鸡蛋黄治疗肛裂 (Yolk oil for anal fissure)

将鸡蛋黄用文火熬,取蛋黄油,涂檫患处,每天1-2 次。

Add chicken egg yolk in pot. Bring to mild fire to cook until there is oil out from the yolk. Smear the yolk oil on to the fissure.






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