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D15. Ringworm of nails


1. 独头蒜治疗癣症 (Single garlic for ringworm of nails)


Single garlic (e.g. the garlic is without segments) one.


Chop the garlic into slide. Smear and massage the infected skin and nail with the garlic slides. Do it two to three times a day. If there is liquid secretion from the skin, apply alum powder after the garlic massage. Usually, it needs 5-7 days to see the healing effect, maximum 15 days. Continue the massage every day until it is cured. Note, do not wash the infected skin with cold water. You must do the garlic smear and massage before go to bed.

2. 蛇床子治疗各种癣症 (周洪范方)(Shechuangzi for various ringworm)


Cook Shechuangzi in water. Wash the skin or nails with the herbal extract. After wash, smear the Shechuangzi powder (remove its shells and skin, grind into powder), and drink the shell tea (cook the shells in water, collect the shell extract)



This formula is used for various ringworm. On the second day, the swelling can reduce, and after one week, it can be cured.

3. 滑石甘草枯矾方治疗癣症(李连杰方)(Huashi Licorice and Dry Alum for ringworm)

滑石粉 6 份,甘草粉 1 份,枯矾 1 份

Huashi 6 parts, Licorice 1 part, Dry Alum 1 part.


Mix well. Smear the powder on to the skin, after washing of the skin with warm water. Do it twice a day.


Usually, it takes five days to see the effect and ten days for cure.

4. 食醋黄铜方治疗癣证 (云南南涧县浪沧乡刘文祥方)(Vinegar and Cupper for ringworm)

食醋 300 毫升,黄铜 50 克

Vinegar 300 ml, Yellow cupper 50 g.


Add the cupper into the vinegar until there is copper verdigris. Smear the skin with the verdigris, twice a day.


Usually it takes about one week for cure. This formula is toxic. Do not drink it orally.

5. 苍术黄柏牛膝方治疗癣症(王道坦方)(Cangzhu Buangbo Niuxi Fang for ringworm)

苍术 15 克, 黄柏 15 克,牛膝 10 克,龙胆草 30 克,明矾 40 克

Cangzhu 15 g, Huangbo 15 g, Niuxi 10 g, Longdancao 30 g, Alum 40 g.


Cook in water. Wash hands or feet with the herbal extract, two to three times a day, 30 min each time. Dry the feet or hand naturally without using any towel.

6. 醋洗治疗癣症 (周洪范方)(Vinegar wash for tinea syndrome)


Bring vinegar to boiling to condense it. Use it to smear the skin for the treatment of ringworm.

7. 川楝子治疗头癣 (Chuanlianzi for the treatment of ringworm on head)


Wash the Chuanlianzi, put in iron pot to fry to dry. Remove its kernel, grind the shell into fine powder. Add sesame to make it into mud form. Smear it on to the scalp, once a day. Before smear, wash clear the scalp with Alum solution.


炒川楝子 Chuanlianzi


本方治疗头癣300 多例,效果极佳。

This formula has been used to 300 cases with tinea in head. The healing effect is very good.


8. 川楝子肉治疗癣症


Remove the kernel of the Chuanlianzia. Only use its fruit part. Bake to dry and grind into fine powder. Add pig oil (melted), or Vaseline to make it into paste form. Smear on to the scalp for the treatment of tinea on head. Change the smear every day without any fold or seal.

本方治疗头癣35 例。轻者 3-5 天,重者 10 - 15 天治愈。

This formula has been successfully used to 35 cases with head ringworm. It took as less as 3 to 5 days, and as long as 10-15 days for cure.


9. 黄连花椒治疗癣症 (Huanglian Huajiao for tinea)

黄连 50 克,花椒 25 克

Huanglian 50 g, Huajiao 25 g.

研细末,加入 70% 酒精中浸泡3天后涂于患处。每天3-4次。连用10天为一个疗程。

Grind into fine powder. Add in 70% alcohol for three days. Smear it on to the tinea, three to four times a day. Ten-day is one healing period.

本方治疗103例。经20-30天后治愈90例,好转13 例。

This formula has been used to 103 cases. After 20-30 days of treatment, 90 cases were cured and 13 were much improved.


10. 松针五倍子外敷治疗癣症 (Songzheng Wubeizi application for tinea)

松针 30 克,五倍子 4.5 克,老柑皮 18 克,密陀僧 3 克

Songzheng 30 g, Wubeizi 4.5 g, Old Orange skin 18 g, Yellow lead powder 3 g.


Grind into fine powder. Add into vinegar for three days. Smear the liquid onto the tinea, three times a day.

本方治疗12 例,一般需要4 天治愈。

This formula has been used in 12 cases. Usually it takes about 4 days for cure.




11. 地骨皮甘草外洗治疗手癣 (Digupi and Licorice for hand tinea)

地骨皮 30 克,甘草 15 克

Digupi 30 g, Licorice 15 g.


Cook in water. Wash hands with the herbal extract.

本方治疗手癣患者 30 例,全部治愈。最多用药5天。

This formula has been used to 30 cases. All were cured. It took no more than 5 days for cure.


12. 透骨草地骨皮外洗治疗手癣及手脱皮症 (Tougucao Digupi washing for hand tinea or hand skin peeling)

透骨草 12 克,地骨皮 12 克,五加皮 12 克,骨碎补 12 克,羌活 12 克,独活 12 克,续断 12 克,川椒 12 克,红花 12 克,食盐  75 克,食醋 250 毫升。

Tougucao 12 g, Digup 12 g, Wujiapi 12 g, Gusuibu 12 g, Qianghuo 12 g, Duhuo 12 g, Xuduan 12 g, Chuanjiao 12 g, Red flower 12 g, Table salt 75 g, Vinegar 250 ml.


Add 500 ml water to cook. Smoke the skin with the herbal extract first, then wash hands with it. Do it once a day. One such dose can be used for three to four times.


13. 苏木蒲公英方外洗治疗足癣症 (Sumu Pogongying wash for feet tinea)

苏木 30 克,蒲公英 30 克,钩藤 30 克,防风 15 克,防己 15 克,川椒 15 克,黄芩 15 克,白矾 15 克。

Sumu 30 g, Pugongying 30 g, Gouteng 30 g, Fangfeng 15 g, Fangji 15 g,














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