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D12. Chapped hands or feet


1. 猪油蜂蜜外敷治疗手足皲裂 (Pig oil and honey for chapped hands or feet)

猪油 30 毫升,蜂蜜 70 克。

Pig oil 30 ml, honey 70 gram.


Bring the pig oil to melt, remove residues. After cooling down little bit, add honey in. Mix them well. When use, wash the hands or feet with warm water for 30 min, scratch off the dirty skin, dry with towel, smear the oil-honey lotion on the affected skin.

另外一方用猪油 30 毫升,蜂蜜 20 毫升。(四川大足县三驱卫生院赵学良方)

In another formula, it uses pig oil 30 ml but only 20 ml of honey.


Smear it twice in the day time, and once before go to bed.


You can simply smear boiled pig oil on the skin.

2. 白矾白芨马勃膏治疗手足皲裂 (Alum, Baiji, fistball lotion for chapped hands or feet)

白矾 10 克,白芨 15 克,马勃 6 克

Alum 10 gram, Baiji 15 gram, fistball 6 gram


Cook in water. Use the herb water to wash the affected hands or feet.


Take another dose of the same ingredients and the same amount. Grind into fine powder. Add Vaseline to make 20% location. Smear the herb lotion on to the affected skin, once a day after wash of the skin with the herb extract above.

3. 糯米白矾青黛膏治疗手足皲裂 (Rice, alum, camphor, indigo, for chapped hands or feet)

糯米 1500 克,白矾 60 克(研细末),樟脑 15 克,青黛 30 克。

Glutinous rice 1500 gram, Alum powder 60 gram, Camphor 15 gram, Natural indigo powder 30 gram


Wash the glutinous rice, filter to dry, grind into fine powder, add it with water to bring to boiling until it turns as soup. Add the alum, camphor, and indigo in. Mix them well. Smear the lotion on to the affected skin. Fold and seal with gauze and medical tape.


4. 黄豆凡士林方治疗皮肤皲裂 (Soya bean for skin chapped)

黄豆 1 份,凡士林 2 份。

Soya bean one part, and Vaseline two parts.

将黄豆研细末,加入凡士林调成糊状。洗净患处后涂上此糊。 必要时包扎固定。每三天换药一次。

Grind the soya bean into fine powder, add Vaseline to make the mixture into mud form. Apply it on to the skin after wash of the skin. Fold or seal it when it is needed. Change it once every three days.


5. 白芨冰片五味子治疗皮肤皲裂(叶碧青方)(Baiji Bingpian Wuweizi Fang for chopped skin)

白芨 80 克,冰片 12 克,五味子 12 克

Baiji 80 g, Borneol 12 g, Wuweizi, 12 g

同研细末,加凡士林400 克,调成糊状。外敷患处。

Grind all into fine powder. Add 400 g of Vaseline to make the mixture into mud form. Apply it on to the skin.


6. 甘油红花油治疗皮肤皲裂(陕西郭仁旭方)(Ganyou Honghua You For chopped skin)

甘油 60 毫升,红花油 15 毫升,青黛 4 克,香水 1 毫升,75% 酒精 20 毫升。

Glycerol 60 ml, Red flower oil 15 ml, Natural indigo 4 g, Face lotion 1 ml, 75% alcohol 20 ml.


Mix all well. Smear on to the skin, three times a day.


7. 鱼肝油治疗皮肤皲裂 (Fish oil for skin crack)


Pinch break the fish oil pill. Squeeze out the oil. Smear it on to the skin, one to two times a day. It needs about one week to cure. This formula has been used to 136 cases with skin crack.


8. 头发灰治疗皮肤皲裂 (Hair ash for skin crack)


Burn hair into ash. Mix it with candle oil, or Bai tree oil, or Vaseline to make it into mud form. Smear on to the skin.




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