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D11. Contact dermatitis


1. 鹌鹑蛋治疗过敏性皮炎 (Quail egg for contact dermatitis)


Quail eggs.

Quail egg one (You can buy it in Chinese retail shop near you) . Break and drink the egg without any cooking. It can prevent allergic reaction within several weeks.


This formula can help to prevent allergic reaction such as skin rash or nausea due to eat fish, shrimp, or due to drug injection (in hospital).

2. 海螃蟹治疗接触性皮炎 (Sea Crab external use for contact dermatitis)


Cook the sea crab (or shrimp) in water. Use the water to wash the skin. Or, chop the sea crab into mud, apply it onto the skin.

3. 枇杷叶黄芩黄连汤治疗油漆性皮炎(朱培亭方)(Loquat leaves Huangqin Huanglian Tang for contact dermatitis due to contact painting oil)

枇杷叶 45 克,黄芩 6 克,黄连 6 克,黄柏 6 克

Loquat leaves 45 g, Huangqin 6 g, Huanglian 6 g, Huangbo 6 g.


Cook in water. Wash the affected skin with the herbal extract. For most people, one dose is sufficient to solve the problem.


4. 茶叶艾叶方治疗放射性皮炎(走秉志方)(Tea leaves, Argy wormwood Formula for contact dermatitis due to radiation damage)

茶叶 15 克,艾叶 15 克,女贞子叶 15 克,皂角 15 克

Lea leaves 15 g, Argy wormwood 15 g, Nuzhenzi leaves 15 g, Zaojiao 15 g.


Cook in water. Wash skin or wet application with this herb extract. Do it three times a day.

治疗放射性皮炎12 例,全部治愈。治疗时间最短21天,最长 480天。

This formula has been used to 12 cases with radiation dermatitis. All were cured. The healing time was as short as 21 days, and as long as 480 days.



5. 黄芪桃仁红花汤治疗日光性皮炎(贾美华方)(Huangqi Taoren Honghua Fang for sunburn dermatitis)

黄芪 45 克,桃仁 15 克,红花 9 克,皂角刺 15 克,赤芍 15 克,炒穿山甲 9 克

Huangqi 45 g, Peach kernel 15 g, Red flower 9 g, Zaojiaoci 15 g, Chishao 15 g, Chao Chuanshanjia 9 g.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea. Add more water in the herbal residue to cook. Wash the skin with the secondary extract.


This formula has been used to 16 cases of dermatitis due to sunburn. All were cured. Most cases were cured after about one week.


6. 栗子叶捣烂取汁治疗油漆性皮炎 (Chestnut leaves for contact dermatitis)


Chop the chestnut leaves into mud. Smear it onto the skin.


7. 韭菜治疗接触性皮炎 (Chinese chives for contact dermatitis)


Chop Chinese chives into mud or get its juice. Apply the mud or juice on to the skin, or drink the juice.


8. 白矾煎汤外洗治疗接触性皮炎 (Alum water solution for contact dermatitis)


Cook Alum in water. Wash skin with the water solution.








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