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D10. Body odor


1. 生姜治疗狐臭 (Ginger to remove body odor)


Chop fresh ginger into mud, press it to get juice. Apply and smear the juice to the armpit, several times a day.

2. 米醋茴香粉治疗狐臭 (Vinegar and Aniseed for body odor)

将茴香粉 5 克,加入米醋100 毫升中。调和涂腋下。

Mix 5 grams of Aniseeds with 100 ml of vinegar. Smear it onto the armpit.


Alternatively, mix quicklime with vinegar to mud form. Smear the mixture on to the armpit.


3. 用自己的小便治疗自己的狐臭 (Use one's urine to solve one's body odor)


Use the person own warm urine to wash his/her armpit. The urine should not be waited to cool. Cold urine is no effect. Also, this method has to be continue without break.


4. 核桃油外涂治疗狐臭 (Walnut oil smear for body odor)


Smear walnut oil on to the armpit. Massage the armpit after the smear.

5. 泥鳅治疗狐臭 (Loach for body odor)


Chop the loach (no wash, keep its sticky body mucus) into mud form. Apply it onto the armpit. Do it several times a day until the body odor diminishes.

6. 辣椒碘酒方治疗狐臭 (Hot pepper -Iodine solution for body odor)

将辣椒切成小块,放入瓶内,加入2%碘酒 10 毫升,密封摇荡,即成碘酒酊。用棉签将药酒涂于腋下。每天 1-3 次,连续7 天。

Chop hot pepper into small pieces. Add them into a bottle, add 2% iodine solution in. Seal it and mix them well. After one day, smear it onto the armpit, once to three times a day for continuous seven days.



7. 狐臭散治疗狐臭 (Hucu San for body odor)

佩兰 9 克,滑石 12 克,枯矾 6 克

Peilan 9 gram, Talc 12 gram, dry alum 6 gram.


Grind all into fine powder. Smear the powder on to the armpit, fold with gauze and fix with bandage. Change the herbal powder every three days. 


8. 二石密陀僧散 (Two Stone Yellow lead powder for body odor)

滑石 70 克,炉甘石 15 克,密陀僧 10 克,冰片 5 克

Talc 70 gram, Luganshi 15 gram, Yellow lead 10 gram, Borneol 5 gram.


Grind into fine powder. Smear it onto the armpit after each shower.

You may not be able to use this formula since it contains lead.


9. 藿香佩兰木香方治疗狐臭(刘沛然方)(Huoxiang Peilan Muxiang Fang for body odor)


Huoxiang, Peilan, Muxiang, Xiangru, Chao Cangzhu, Linglingxiang, Baizhi, Tanxiang, Caodoukou.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal tea. It has been used to 30 cases with body terrible odor. 3- 9 days of herbal therapy solved the problem.



10. 密陀僧大蒜外敷治疗狐臭 (Yellow lead and garlic for body odor)

密陀僧 1 份,大蒜 3 份。

Yellow lead one part, Garlic 3 parts.


Grind the yellow lead into fine powder, and chop the garlic (remove skin) into mud form. Mix them together. Smear it onto the armpit. Fold and seal with gauze and medical tape. Change it every day. 7-day is one healing period.

本方治疗11例狐臭患者,痊愈7例,好转3 例,无效1例。病程越短,疗效越快。失败一例为患病18年之患者。

This formula has been used in 11 cases with body odor. 7 cases were cured, 3 were much improved, and 1 failed. The shorter the illness history, the faster the healing effect. The failure case was with body odor for 18 years.


This formula can also be used to bad odor due to sole sweat. Smear the herb mud on to the sole for one week. Change it every day.


11. 丁香升药方治疗狐臭 (Zidingxiang Shengyao fang for body odor)

紫丁香 2 份,升丹 3 份,冰片 2 份,石膏 5 份,滑石粉 3 份,明矾(或枯矾) 5 份。

Purple Dingxiang 2 parts, Shendan 3 parts, Borneol 2 parts, plaster stone 5 parts, Talc powder 3 parts, Alum (or dry alum) 5 parts.


Mix all well. Smear on to the armpit after washing with soap, twice a day.


12. 密陀僧冰片枯矾方治疗狐臭 (Yellow lead, borneol, dried alum for body odor)

密陀僧 30 克,冰片 6 克,枯矾 30 克。

Yellow lead 30 gram, Borneol 6 gram, Dried alum 30 gram.


If the sweat is too much, add herb Wuweizi in.

同研细末。储存于有色瓶子中。用时,先将腋窝洗净,拭干,将药粉涂于腋窝,稍按摩摩擦。每天两次,连续用 20 天为一个疗程。一个疗程后间隔5-6天再开始下一个疗程。最好秋冬汗少时用。

Grind all into fine powder. Store in a colorful bottle. When use, wash the armpit and dry it. Apply the herb powder on to the armpit. Massage the armpit little bit. Do this way twice a day for twenty days, which in one healing period. After one healing period, have 5-6 days break before the next healing period. It is better to use this therapy in fall or in winter, in which the body sweat is less.

You may not be able to use this formula since it contains lead.


13. ����水石��陀���外��治疗狐臭 (Hanshuishi and Yellow lead powder for body odor)


Hanshui stone and Yellow lead powder, same amount.


Mix them well, smear in on the armpit, several times a day.








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