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C6. Continuous stiffness of penis (not turn to soft after sex)


1. 桃仁梗米粥治疗阳强不倒 (Peach kernel - rice soup for  continuous stiffness of penis)

桃仁 15 克,梗米 100 克

Peach kernel 15 gram, Glutinous rice 100 gram.


Grind the peach kernel into fine powder, add in water with glutinous rise to cook as for a rice soup. Drink it.


2.韭菜子破故纸治疗阳强不倒 (Jiucaizi Poguzhi for continuous stiffness of penis)

韭菜子 30 克,破故纸 30 克

Chinese chive seeds 30 gram, Poguzhi 30 gram.

研细末,每次服 9 克,每天三次。

Grind into fine powder. Drink the powder 9 gram each time, three times a day.

本方治疗62 例阳强不倒患者,58 例治愈,4 例好转。

This formula has been used in 62 cases with penis stiffness. 58 cases were cured, 4 were improved.



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