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C5. Penis Shrunk in


1. 葱白白酒外敷方治疗阴茎缩入 (Leek and Liquor external application for penis shrunk in)

老葱白 200 克,白酒 150 克

Old leek stem 200 gram, Liquor 150 gram.


Wash and chop the leek stem, add it into pot to fry until it is very hot. Add the liquor in, mix them well. Apply the leek-liquor on to the lower abdomen. Fry to warm it when it turns cold. Repeat several times. It should be ok.

2. 白酒胡椒汤治疗阳缩 (Liquor and pepper powder for penis shrunk in)

胡椒 50 粒 (研细末),白酒适量

Pepper 50 grains (grind into fine powder), liquor some amount.


Warm the liquor. Add it into the pepper powder. Drink it.

3. 韭菜白酒方治疗阴茎缩入 (Chinese chives and liquor for penis shrunk in)

韭菜适量,白酒(60 度) 100 克。

Chinese chives some, liquor (60 degree) 100 ml.


Wash, chop and grind the Chinese chives to get one cup of juice. Add it into the liquor. Steam the mixture to warm. Drink all once the mixture.


4. 辣椒虾仁白酒方治疗阳缩 (Hot pepper, Shrimp, liquor for penis shrunk in)

红尖辣椒2-3 个,鲜虾 100 克,白酒(60度以上)适量

Red-tip hot pepper 2-3, fresh shrimp 100 gram, Liquor (60 degree and higher) some.


Fry the hot pepper and shrimp in hot oil to edible. Add the liquor in and bring the mixture to boil. Drink and eat all once.

5. 老姜块治疗阳缩 (Ginger insert in anus for penis shrunk in)


Old ginger, remove skin, bake to warm, insert into anus (chop in proper shape), the penis will come out again.

临产治疗47 例,全部治愈。

This folk tip has been used in 47 patients. All were cured.



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