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C4. Seminal Emission


1. 核桃仁猪肾汤治疗遗精 (Hetaoren Pig kidney for seminal emission)

核桃仁 30 克,猪肾两个,葱,姜,各五片,食盐,食油,酱油,味精各适量。

Walnut kernel 30 gram, Pig kidney two, leeks, ginger, five slides for each, table salt, sauce, gourmet powder little.


Chop the pig kidney into slides, fry for a while. Take it out to remove water from it. Bring the pot again to hot, add oil, fry the leeks and ginger, add in the kidney slides, the walnut, salt, sauce to fry for a while. Add little gourmet and stop the frying. It is ready to eat. Continue to eat this for one week.

2. 双补固精丸治疗遗精 (Shuangbu Gujing Wan for seminal emission)

人参, 五味子,枸杞子,金樱子,石菖蒲。

Renshen, Wuweizi, Gouqizi, Jingyingzi, Shichangpu, equal amount.

研细末,炼蜜为丸。每丸10 克,每服 1 粒,每天两次。

Grind into fine powder. Add honey to make it into pills. Each pill weights 10 gram. Drink the pill, one pill each time, twice a day.


3. 龙骨粥治疗遗精 (Longgu rice soup for seminal emission)

龙骨 30 克,糯米 100 克,红糖 适量。

Longgu 30 gram, Glutinous rice 100 gram, Brown sugar some.


Grind the Longgu into powder. Cook in water to collect the water extract. Add the water extract, the glutinous rice and more water to cook as for a soup. Drink the soup twice a day with empty stomach. Five-day is one healing period.


4. 荷叶治疗遗精 (Lotus for seminal emission)

荷叶 50 克

Lotus leaves 50 gram.

研细末,每服 5 克。一日两次。热米汤送服。

Grind the lotus leaves into fine powder. Drink it 5 gram each time, twice a day with drink of warm rice soup for swallow.




5. 银杏仁鸡蛋治疗遗精 (Yinxing kernel  and egg for seminal emission)

银杏仁 2 枚,鸡蛋一个

Yinxing kernel two, chicken egg one.


Grind the Yinxing kernel into powder. Make a small hole on the egg. Add the powder in and seal the hole with wet paper. Steam the egg. Eat such egg one in the morning and one in the evening. Continue every day until it is cured.


You can also cook the Yinxing kernel 9 gram in water. Drink the water extract. Or, grind it into fine powder, drink the powder.


6. 韭菜子粉治疗遗精 (Chinese chives for seminal emission)

韭菜子,研细末,每服 3 克,每天一次。淡盐水送下。

Grind Chinese chives into fine powder. Drink it 3 gram each time, once a day. Drink light table salt water for swallow.


7. 桑螵蛸白糖治疗遗精 (Sangpiaoxiao sugar powder for seminal emission)

桑螵蛸 30 克,烧炭研细末,加白糖 15 克。每晚临睡前一次服完。连服三天。

Sangpiaoxiao 30 gram. Burn to get its char form. Grind into fine powder, mix with 15 gram of white sugar. Drink all once before go to bed. Repeat for three days.


8. 锻龙骨韭菜子治疗梦遗 (Duanlonggu Jiucaizi for seminal emission during dream)

锻龙骨 10 克,韭菜子 10 克。研细末,每晚服 6 克。

Duan Longgu 10 gram, Jiucaizi 10 gram. Grind into fine powder, 6 gram every night before go to bed.


9. 生姜檫脚心治疗梦遗 (Fresh ginger for seminal emission during dream)


Rub sole with fresh ginger every night. It can stop seminal emission.


10. 五倍子治疗顽固性遗精 (Wubeizi for difficult seminal emission)

五倍子 500 克,水泛为丸,每服 3 克,每天三次。

Wubeizi 500 gram. Add water to make it into pills. Drink 3 gram each time, three times a day.



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