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C3. Reverse ejaculation



1. 逆向射精方 (Nixiang Shejing Fang for reverse ejaculation)

菟丝子 15 克,牛膝 15 克,山药 15 克,金银花 15 克,丹参 15 克,巴戟天 10 克,当归 10 克,红花 10 克,路路通 10 克,续断 12 克,土茯苓 12 克,沉香 12 克,杜仲 18 克,蒲公英30 克。

Tusizi 15 gram, Niuxi 15 gram, Shanyao 15 gram, Jinyinhua 15 gram, Danshen 15 gram, Bajitian 10 gram, Danggui 10 gram, Honghua 12 gram, Louloutong 10 gram, Xuduen 12 gram, Tufuling 12 gram, Chenxiang 12 gram, Duzhong 18 gram, Pugongyin 30 gram.


Cook in water. Drink the herbal extract. Thirty-five dose is one healing period.

2. 海马酒治疗逆行射精 (Haima liquor for reverse ejaculation)

海马一对,白酒 500 毫升

Sea horse two, liquor 500 ml

将海马浸入白酒中密封。两周后饮用。每晚睡前饮50 毫升。本方适宜于肾阳不足导致的逆行射精。

Add the sea horse into the liquor. Seal and store for two weeks. Drink 50 ml each time before go to bed. This formula is used for reverse ejaculation due to Kidney deficiency.


3. 桃仁粥治疗逆行射精 (Peach kernel soup for reverse ejaculation)

桃仁(去皮尖)10 克,梗米50 克。

Peach kernel (remove tip and skin) 10 gram, Glutinous rice 50 gram.


Grind the peach kernel into fine powder. Add into the glutinous rise and water to cook for a soup. Drink the soup every morning (you can add little brown sugar).


This formula is used for reverse ejaculation due to block by stagnated blood.

4. 绿豆粥 (Green bean and Tongcao soup for reverse ejaculation)

绿豆50 克,小麦 50 克,通草 5 克。

Green bean 50 gram, wheat 50 gram, Tongcao 5 gram.


Cook the Tongcao in water. Collect the herbal extract. Use the herbal extract to cook the wheat and green bean as for a soup. Drink the soup every morning, with little addition of white sugar.


This formula is used for reverse ejaculation due to block of urethra duct by Wetness-Hotness.



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