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C18. Prostatitis


1. 五圣汤治疗慢性前列腺炎 (Wusheng Tang for chronic prostatitis)

半枝莲 30 克,蛇舌草 30 克,黄柏 30 克,土茯苓 30 克,红藤 30 克

Banzhilian 30 gram, Sheshecao 30 gram, Huangbo 30 gram, Tufulinng 30 gram, Hongteng 30 gram.

水煎灌肠。每天一次。本方治疗29 例,痊愈25 例。好转4例。治疗需要21-48天。

Cook the herbs in water. Use it for enema therapy, once a day. This formula has been used to 29 cases with chronic prostatitis. 25 cases were cured, 4 were much improved. The therapy has been 21-48 days.

2. 益精降浊汤治疗慢性前列腺炎 (Yijing Jiangzhuo Tang for chronic prostatitis)

萆薢 15 克,菟丝子 15 克,山药 15 克,益智仁 15 克,泽泻 12 克,山茱萸 12 克,败酱草 20 克,车前子 10 克,丹参 10 克,甘草 3 克。

Bixie 15 gram, Tusizi 15 gram, Shanyao 15 gram, Yizhiren 15 gram, Zexie 12 gram, Shanyurou 12 gram, Baijiangcao 20 gram, Cheqianzi 10 gram, Danshen 10 gram, Gancao 3 gram.


Cook in water. Drink the herb extract. During the treatment, it is needed to avoid spicy and hot food, the wine or liquor, and avoid heavy labor work.

本方治疗53 例慢性前列腺炎患者,治愈32例,好转 16 例,无效5例。

This formula has been used to 53 cases with chronic prostatitis After treatment, 32 cases were cured, 16 were much improved and 5 failed.

3. 导气除湿汤治疗慢性前列腺炎 (Daoqi Chushi Tang for chronic prostatitis)

黄柏 20 克,滑石 18 克,茯苓 18 克,泽泻 18 克,知母 15 克。

Huangbo 20 gram, Huashi 18 gram, Fuling 18 gram, Zexie 18 gram, Zhimu 15 gram.


Cook in water. Drink the water extract with empty stomach. This is one day dose.


This formula has been used to 30 cases with chronic prostatitis. 23 cases were cured, 6 were much improved, and 1 failed.


4. 前列腺 I 号方(Qianlixian I formula for chronic prostatitis)

蛇舌草 9 克,蒲公英 12 克,败酱草12 克,甘草 5 克,黄柏 9 克,土茯苓 12 克,虎杖 15 克,大黄 9 克,黄芪 20 克。

Sheshecao 9 gram, Pugongyin 12 gram, Baijiangcao 12 gram, Gancao 5 gram, Huangbo 9 gram, Tufuling 12 gram, Huzhang 15 gram, Dahuang 9 gram, Huangqi 20 gram.


Cook in water. Drink the herb tea. 20-day is one healing period. The effective rate of this formula was reported to be 92%.


5. 前列腺汤加减治疗慢性前列腺炎 (Qianliexian Tang for chronic prostatitis)

丹参 12 克,泽兰 10 克,赤芍 10 克,红花 10 克,王不留行 9 克,乳香 12 克,没药 12 克,青皮 12 克,川楝子 15 克,小茴香 9 克,败酱草 9 克,蒲公英 12 克,白芷 3 克。

Danshen 12 gram, Zelan 10 gram, Chishao 10 gram, Honghua 10 gram, Wangbuliuxing 9 gram, Ruxiang 12 gram, Moyao 12 gram, Qinpi 12 gram, Chuanlianzi 15 gram, Xiaohuixiang 9 gram, Baijiangcao 9 gram, Puhuang 12 gram, Baizhi 3 gram.


Cook in water. Drink the herb extract. 2-week is one healing period.


This formula is used to Qi-Blood stagnation type chronic prostatitis.


6. 大黄煎治疗慢性前列腺炎 (Dahuang Jian for chronic prostatitis)

大黄 50 克。加水水煎。用药水熏洗会阴处。同时按摩会阴部。

Dahuang 50 gram. Cook in water. Use the herb water to smoke and to wash perineum area. At the same time, massage the perineum. 

之后,另外用生姜汁调大黄粉 20 克,外敷于会阴穴和中极穴位,胶布固定。体质强壮者,还可每日泡大黄粉(3-6 克)当茶饮。如此治疗15天。

After that, use fresh ginger juice to mix with Dahuang powder 20 gram. Apply it onto the Huiyin point and the Zhongji point on the body. Seal it with medical tape. If the body is strong, drink the Dahuang tea (3-6 gram) every day. Perform this therapy for 15 days.

临床报道本方治疗60例慢性前列腺炎患者,治愈56例,显效4 例。

It has been reported in 60 cased with chronic prostatitis. After treatment, 56 were cured, 4 were much improved.



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