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C16. Scrotum Eczema


1. 芒硝(元明粉亦可)外洗法治疗阴囊湿疹 (Mirabilite powder wash for scrotum eczema)

芒硝(或元明粉)30 克,食盐 10 克。

Mirabilite (or sodium sulfate powder) 30 gram, table salt 10 gram.


Add the powder into hot water to dissolve. After cooling down little bit, wash scrotum with the solution. Wash it three to five times a day. Seven-day is one healing period.

2. 苦参地肤子汤外洗治疗阴囊湿疹 (Kushen Difuzi Tang wash for scrotum eczema)

苦参 30 克,地肤子 16 克,蛇床子 12 克,花椒 10 克。

Kushen 30 gram, Difuzi 16 gram, Shechuangzi 12 gram, Prickly ash 10 gram.

水煎外洗阴囊。早晚各一次,每次15-20 分钟。一剂药可连续用两天。洗完后用毛巾檫干阴囊,将复发滑石粉涂檫患处。(复方滑石粉:滑石粉 15 克,枯矾 6 克,青黛 9 克,研细末备用)。

Cook in water. Use the herb extract to wash scrotum, once in the morning and once in the afternoon, 15- 20 min each time. One dose of the herb extract can be used twice. After wash, dry the scrotum with towel, apply Huashifen powder (Talcum powder 15 gram, alum 6 gram, Qingdai powder 9 gram, mix them well, grind into fine powder).

3. 蛇黄二苍汤治疗阴囊湿疹 (Shehuang Ercang Tang for Scrotum eczema)

蛇床子 30 克,苦参 30 克,地肤子20 克,黄柏 20 克,苍术 15 克,紫草 15 克,苍耳子 15 克,白矾 10 克。

Shechuangzi 30 gram, Kushen 30 gram, Difuzi 20 gram, Huangbo 20 gram, Canzhu 15 gram, Zicao 15 gram, Cangerzi 15 gram, Alum 10 gram (powder)

渗出液多者重用苍术,或加花椒 5克;有感染者家蒲公英 20 克。

If the condition is with lots of secretion fluid, add more Canzhu, or add prickly ash 5 gram; if with inflammation, add Pugongying 20 gram.

水煎。四分之一药液口服,剩余药液外洗阴囊。早晚各一次。本方治疗34例阴囊湿疹患者,全部治愈。需要用药1-2 周。

Cook in water. Drink quarter part of the herb extract orally, and use the remaining herb extract to wash the scrotum, twice a day.

This formula has been used in 34 cases with scrotum eczema, all were cured. It needs one to two weeks of treatment.


4. 乌蛇败毒汤治疗阴囊湿疹 (Wushe Baidu Tang for Scrotum eczema)

乌梢蛇 12 克,防风 12 克,当归 12 克,荆芥 12 克,黄芪 12 克,赤芍 12 克,柴胡 12 克,白芍 10 克,黄连 6 克,甘草 9 克。

Wushaoshe 12 gram, Fangfeng 12 gram, Danggui 12 gram, Jingjie 12 gram, Huangqi 12 gram, Chishao 12 gram, Chaihu 12 gram, Baishao 10 gram, Huanglian 6 gram, Gancao 9 gram.

水煎服。7天为一个疗程。本方治疗阴囊湿疹 66 例,痊愈55 例,显效 5 例,有效 3 例,无效 3 例。

Cook in water. Drink the herb extract. Seven-day is one healing period.

This formula has been used in 66 cases with scrotum eczema. 55 were cured, 8 were much improved, 3 failed.


5. 加味蛇床子汤治疗阴囊湿疹 (Jiawei Shechuangzi Tang for scrotum eczema)

蛇床子 60 克,苦参 15 克,明矾 15 克,威灵仙 15 克,地肤子 24 克,黄柏 20 克,冰片 10 克,白鲜皮 30 克,透骨草 30 克。

Shechuangzi 60 gram, Kushen 15 gram, Mingfan (Alum) 15 gram, Weilingxian 15 gram, Difuzi 24 gram, Huangbo 20 gram, Bingpian (Borneol) 10 gram, Baixianpi 30 gram, Tougucao 30 gram.


Cook in water. Use the herb extract to steam and to wash the scrotum, twice a day. Ten-day is one healing period. During the treatment, do not each see food, and avoid food with stinging like fish.

本方治疗240例阴囊湿疹患者,治愈189 例,好转 32 例,无效 19 例。

This formula has been used in 240 cases with scrotum eczema. 189 cases were cured, 32 were much improved, and 10 failed.



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