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C11. Blood in semen


1. 知柏小蓟饮治疗血精症 (Zhibo Xiaoji Yin for blood semen)

知母 9 克,山萸肉 9 克,黄柏 15 克,生地 15 克,土茯苓 15 克,山药 15 克,炒蒲黄 15 克,小蓟根 15 克,鲜白茅根 30 克,另服三七粉1.5 克或参三七片4片。

Zhimu 9 gram, Shanyurou 9 gram, Huangbo 15 gram, Shengdi 15 gram, Tufuling 15 gram, Shanyao 15 gram, Chao Puhuang 15 gram, Xiaoji root 15 gram, Fresh Baimaogen 30 gram。On the other hand, drink Sanqi powder 1.5 gram, or Shen Sanqi tablet for 4 tablets. 

水煎服,一个月为一个疗程。本方治疗血精症12例,两个疗程后,治愈8 例,显效 2 例,好转1例,无效1例。

Cook in water. Drink the herb extract. One-month is one healing period.

This formula has been used in 12 cases with blood semen. After treatment for two healing periods, 8 cases were cured, 2 were much improved, 1 was improved to some level, and 1 failed.

2. 银翘地黄二至汤治疗血性精液 (Yinqiao Dihuang Erzhi Tang for blood semen)

女贞子 15 克,旱莲草 15 克,金银花 12 克,连翘 12 克,生地 12 克,白芍 12 克,丹皮 10 克。遗精者加 金樱子,莲须,黄柏;睾丸坠胀者加橘核,小茴香;腰膝酸软者加杜仲牛膝。

Nuzhenzi 15 gram, Hanliangcao 15 gram, Jinyin花 12 gram,Lianqiao 12 gram, Shengdi 12 gram, Baishao 12 gram, Danpi 10 gram. If with seminal emission, add Jinyingzi, lotus hair, Huangbo; if with falling-swelling feeling of testis, add orange kernel, and cumin; if with sore in lower back and knee, add Duzhong and Niuxi.


Cook in water. Drink the herb extract. Ten-day is one healing period.

本方治疗12 例血精症,治疗三个疗程后,治愈 6 例,好转4例,无效2 例。

This formula has been used in 12 cases with blood semen. After three healing periods, 6 cases were cured, 4 were much improved, and 2 failed.



3. 宁血安精汤治疗血精症 (Ningxue Anjing Tang for blood semen)

黄芪 20 克,黄柏 12 克,牛膝 12 克,茜草 12 克,熟地 15 克,旱莲草 15 克,女贞子 15 克,小蓟 15 克,车前子 15 克,蒲公英 15 克,甘草 6 克。

Huangqi 20 gram, Huangbo 12 gram, Niuxi 12 gram, Qiancao 12 gram, Shoudi 15 gram, Hanliancao 15 gram, Nuzhenzi 15 gram, Xiaoji 15 gram, Cheqiancao 15 gram, Pugongyin 15 gram, Gancao 6 gram.


If the condition is with Yin deficiency, add herb Zhimu, Zhizi, Danpi, and Guiban; if with wetness-hotness in the lower part of the body, add Longdancao, Zhizi, Mutong, Tongcao, Baimaogen; if with Spleen-kidney deficiency, add Guipi Wan; if with staganated blood that block the energy flow, add Taoren, Honghua, Chuanxiong, and Sanqi powder.

水煎服。15天为一个疗程。本方治疗血精症30例,痊愈23 例,有效5 例,无效2 例。

Cook the herbs in water. Drink the herb extract. 15-day is one healing period.

This formula has been used in 23 cases with blood semen. After treatment, 23 cases were cured, 5 were much improved, 2 failed.


4. 加味薏苡仁附子败酱散治疗血精症 (Jiawei Yiyi Fuzi Baijiang San for blood semen syndrome)

薏苡仁 15 克,败酱草 15 克,益母草 15 克,生地 15 克,丹皮 10 克,藕节炭 10 克,附子 4 克,三七粉 3 克,血余炭 3 克。

Yiyiren 15 gram, Baijiangcao 15 gram, Yimucao 15 gram, Shengdi 15 gram, Danpi 10 gram, Oujietan 10 gram, Fuzi 4 gram, Sanqi powder 3 gram, Xuyutan 3 gram.


Cook in water. Drink the herb extract. Seven-day is one healing period.


5. 小蓟茜草汤治疗血精症 (Xiaoji Qiancao Tang for blood semen syndrome)

小蓟 15 克,茜草 15 克,黄柏 12 克,生地 12 克,泽泻 10 克,车前草 10 克,甘草 10 克,白茅根 20 克。

Xiaoji 15 gram, Qiancao 15 gram, Huangbo 12 gram, Shengdi 12 gram, Zexie 10 gram, Cheqiancao 10 gram, Gancao 10 gram, Baimaogen 20 gram.


Cook in water. Drink the herb extract.


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