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C10. No sperm in semen


1. 补肾益精汤治疗无精子症 (Bushen Yijing Tang for no sperm syndrome)

熟地 30 克,枸杞子 15 克,山药 15 克,茯苓 15 克,巴戟天 15 克,露蜂房 10 克,蛇床子 10 克,党参 15 克,补骨脂 15 克,仙茅 15 克,淫羊藿 15 克,山萸肉 15 克。

Shoudi 30 gram, Gouqizi 15 gram, Shanyao 15 gram, Fuling 15 gram, Bajitian 15 gram, Lufengfang 10 gram, Shechuangzi 10 gram, Dangshen 15 gram, Buguzhi 15 gram, Xianmao 15 gram, Yinyanghuo 15 gram, Shanyurou 15 gram.


Cook in water. Drink the herb extract. 20-day is one healing period.

本方曾用于 30 例,效果满意。

This formula has been used to 30 cases with no sperm in semen. The result is satisfied.

2. 五子桃红四逆汤治疗无精子症 (Wuzi Taohong Sini Tang for no sperm syndrome)

五味子 15 克,枸杞子 15 克,菟丝子 15 克,覆盆子 15 克,车前子 15 克,柴胡 12 克,枳壳 12 克,桃仁 3 克,红花 3 克,甘草 6 克。

Wuweizi 15 gram, Gouqizi 15 gram, Tusizi 15 gram, Fupengzi 15 gram, Cheqianzi 15 gram, Chaihu 12 gram, Zhike 12 gram, Taoren 3 gram, Honghua 3 gram, Gancao 6 gram.

水煎服。 每月服7-10 剂 为一个疗程。

Cook in water. Drink the herb tea.

本方治疗14 例无精子症,全部痊愈。治疗最短两个月,最长两年另四个月。

This formula has been used in 14 cases with no sperm syndrome. All were cured. The patients drunk the herb tea as short as two months, and as long as 30 months.


3. 肉苁蓉羊肉粥治疗无精子症 (Roucongrong Lamb soup for no-sperm syndrome0

肉苁蓉 20 克,羊肉 25 克,大米 30 克。

Roucongrong 20 gram, Lamb 25 gram, rice 30 gram.


Chop the Roucongrong into slide, cook with the lamb, rice in water to prepare as for a soup. Drink the soup.

It works to stimulate sperm production.


4. 健身宁合五子衍宗丸治疗无精子症 (Jianshenning and Wuzi Yanzong Wan for no-sperm syndrome)


Jianshenning: Lourong, Shoudi, Huangjing, Heshouwu, Sanshenzi, Nuzhenzi, Hanliancao;

Wuzi Yanzong Wan: Gouqizi, Tusize, Fupengzi, Wuweizi, Cheqiancao.


They are herb pills or tablets. Drink it as introduction.




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