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C0. Impotency


1. 清炒虾仁治疗阳痿 (Fry Shrimp to solve impotency)

虾仁 250 克,鸡蛋清一个,淀粉 5 克,盐少许,白汤 30 毫升,熟猪油 适量。

Shrimp (remove shell) 250 gram, chicken egg white one, starch 5 gram, table salt little, white soup (the soup after cooking other meat, such as pork, or chicken, without addition of any other spicy yet) 30 ml, boiled pig oil some.

将虾仁(去皮壳),鸡蛋清,淀粉和匀。用熟猪油烧热锅,倒入和好的虾仁糊,用筷子搅散虾仁成粒,倒入漏勺沥去油。炒锅置旺火上,油 10 毫升烧热,倒入虾仁,再加黄酒,白汤,味精,煮沸勾芡,翻炒,撒上胡椒面即可。

Mix the shrimp, egg white, starch well. Bring a pot to hot, add pig oil to warm, add the shrimp mixture in to fry, stir lose the shrimp, pour it in a leaking spoon to remove extra oil. Bring another pot on fire, add vegetable oil 10 ml to warm, add the shrimp in again to fry, add cooking wine, the white soup, gourmet powder. Cook to boiling, add some pepper powder. It is ready to eat. Note, the amount of shrimp should be a large amount. Little amount of shrimp do nothing to you.

2. 益肾通灵汤治疗阳痿 (Yishen Tongling Tang for impotency)

柴胡 10 克,龙胆草 10 克,炙黄芪 30 克,栀子 10 克,木通 6 克(可用通草代替),黄柏 10 克,知母10 克,山萸肉 20 克,熟地 30 克,夜交藤 30 克,牛膝 10 克,皂角刺 3 克,当归须 10 克,车前子 10 克,甘草 10 克,覆盆子 15 克,蛇床子 10 克,蜈蚣 1 克,土茯苓 20 克。

Chaihu 10 gram, Longdancao 10 gram, Zhihuangqi 30 gram, Zhizi 10 gram, Mutong 6 gram (can be replaced by Tongcao), Huangbo 10 gram, Zhimu 10 gram, Shanyurou 20 gram, Shoudi 30 gram, Yejiaoteng 30 gram, Niuxi 10 gram, Zaojiaoci 3 gram, Dangguixu 10 gram, Cheqianzi 10 gram, Gancao 10 gram, Fupengzi 15 gram, Shechuangzi 10 gram,Wugong 1 gram, Tufuling 20 gram.


Cook in water. Drink the water extract. Have a break for half hour or one hour after drink of the herbal extract. One-month is one healing period. Continue for 2-3 months.

3. 小茴香炮姜粉敷肚脐治疗阳痿 (Xiaohuixiang Paojiang powder external application in naval to solve impotency)

小茴香 5 克,炮姜 5 克,食盐少许。

Cumin 5 gram, Pao ginger 5 gram, table salt some.


Grind the ingredients into fine powder. Add little human milk (or honey, or chicken blood) to make it into paste form. Apply it into the naval. Seal it with medical tape. Remove it after 5-7 days. Continue this way for one month. During this time, try not to have any sex activity or sex stimulation from film, video, book, ratio, etc.

4. 海参冬笋冬菇治疗阳痿 (Haishen Dongsun Donggu for impotency)

水发海参 (切片)100 克,冬笋(切片) 20 克,水发冬菇 5 克,熟火腿末 3 克,白汤少许,猪油 3 克。

Haishen (water-rinsed, chop into slides) 100 gram, Dongsun (in slides) 20 gram, Donggu (rinse in water) 5 gram, Edible ham 3 gram, white soup some, pig oil 3 gram.


Bring pig oil in a pot to hot, add chopped leeks, ginger to fry in big fire, add chopped leeks, ginger to fry to black in color or have nice smell from them. Add white soup in, add the Haishen, Donggu, Dongsun, salt, cooking wine, gourmet powder in. Bring to boil. Add starch water to make the whole soup little bit sticky. Add the chopped ham, and pepper powder. Mix all well. It is ready to serve.

This dish works for impotency due to kidney deficiency.

5. 肉苁蓉羊肉粥治疗阳痿 (Roucongrong lamb soup for impotency)

肉苁蓉(切细) 15 克,羊肉(切细) 60 克,梗米 100 克,葱白 2 根,生姜 3 片,盐适量。

Herb Roucongrong (chop into silk) 15 gram, Lamb (chop to slides or silk) 60 gram, glutinous rice 100 gram, Chinese leeks two stems, fresh ginger 3 slides, table salt some.


砂锅加水煎肉苁蓉取汁。用此汁加入水,梗米,羊肉同煮,待到沸后加入盐,姜,葱,煮成粥。秋冬季服用。5-7 天为一个疗程。

Add water and Roucongrong in, bring to cook to get the juice. Add the juice, the lamb, the rice, to cook. After boiling, add salt, ginger, leeks, to cook into soup. Drink this soup in autumn of winter. 5-7 day is one healing period.


6. 补肾壮阳丸治疗阳痿(Bushen Zhuangyang wan for impotency)

人参 30 克,仙灵脾 30 克,肉苁蓉 30 克,枸杞子 30 克。

Renshen 30 gram, Xianlingpi 30 gram, Roucongrong 30 gram, Gouqizi  30 gram.


Grind into fine powder. Add honey to make it into pill. One pill weights 2 gram. Drink two pills each time, two to three times a day.


Or, add the herbal powder into liquor. Keep for two weeks. Drink the herbal liquor 5-10 ml each time, two to three times a day.

7. 健雄煎治疗阳痿 (Jianxiong Jian for impotency)

海螵蛸 30 克,龙骨 30 克,牡蛎 30 克,丁香 5 克,鹿角霜 15 克,阳起石 15 克,牛膝 10 克,韭菜籽 10 克,硫磺(粉)1 克。

Haipiaoxiao 30 gram, Longgu 30 gram, Muli 30 gram, Dingxiang 5 gram, Lujiaoshuang 15 gram, Yangqishi 15 gram, Niuxi 10 gram, Jiucaizi 10 gram, Liuhuang powder 1 gram.


Cook in water. Drink the water extract. One dose is for one day. Seven-day is one healing period.

8. 亢萎灵治疗阳痿 (Kangweiling for impotency)

蜈蚣 18 克,当归 60 克,白芍 60 克,甘草 60 克。

Wugong 18 gram, Danggui 60 gram, Baishao 60 gram, Gancao 60 gram.

研细末,混合,分为 40 包。每次一包,一日两次。空腹用白酒或黄酒送服。15 天为一个疗程。

Grind into fine powder, mix well. Separate into 40 pouch. Drink one pouch each time, twice a day. Fifteen-day is one healing period.

9. 露蜂房粉治疗阳痿 (Loufengfang for male impotency)

露蜂房,烧存性研细末,每服 6 克,每天睡前服,用��水送��。

Loufengfang (bee net), burn into ash. Drink the ash 6 gram every night before go to bed. Drink well water for swallow.


10. 葫芦巴补骨脂方治疗遗精 (Huluba Buguzhi for seminal emission)

葫芦巴 6 克,补骨脂 3 克,菟丝子 3 克,山萸肉 3 克

Huluba 6 gram, Buguzhi 3 gram, Tusizi 3 gram, Shanyurou 3 gram.


Cook in water. Drink the water extract. Drink little cooking wine with the water extract.


11. 小茴香虾肉治疗遗精 (Cumin and shrimp for seminal emission)

小茴香 30 克,虾仁 100 克

Cumin 30 gram, shrimp 100 gram.

将小茴香炒干研细末,加虾仁捣烂为丸。每服 3-6 克,每天两次。

Fry the cumin to dry, grind it into fine powder. Mix it with shrimp meat to make pills. Drink the pills, 3-6 gram each time, twice a day.



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