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B9. Fetal Irritability


1. 赤小豆治疗胎动不安 (Chixiaodou for fetal irritability)

赤小豆 一把,黄酒 30 毫升。

  Red bean

Chixiaodou (red bean) 50 gram, cooking wine 30 ml.


Cook the red beans with 100 ml water until there is about 500 ml left. Collect the water extract. Add the cooking wine in. Mix and drink it.

2. 黑豆黄酒治疗胎动不安 (Black bean for fetal irritability)

黑豆 100 克,黄酒 100 毫升。

Black bean

Black bean 100 gram, Cooking wine 100 ml.


Cook the black bean in water until it is eatable. Eat and drink the water part with the addition of the cooking wine. This formula is used for fetal irritability with sour lower back or pain in legs.

3. 砂仁黄酒治疗胎动不安 (Sharen Huangjiu for fetal irritability)


Sharen (Fructus Amomi)

Sharen (removal of skin) some, cooking wine some amount.

将砂仁炒干,研细末。每服 5 - 10 克,黄酒送下。

Fry the Sharen to dry. Grind it into fine powder. Drink the powder 5 to 10 gram each time, with drink the cooking wine same time.


This formula is used for pregnant woman, who fall down, so that the fetus is irritable and she suffered from abdomen pain too.


4. 鲈鱼治疗胎动不安 (Weever for fetal irritability)

鲈鱼 一条,葱,姜,少许。

One weever fish, little leeks and ginger.


Open the weever body, clear off the inside organs, wash it. Bring water to boil, add the weever, leeks and ginger in. Continue to cook for about one hour. Drink the soup and eat the fish, three times a day.


This formula works for pregnant swelling and fetal irritability.

也可将鲈鱼加黄芪 30 克,加水适量,隔水炖熟服食。

Alternatively, add Huangqi 30 gram to the weever fish, add little water, steam it over the water in a pot. Eat the fish every day or once every other day. The calming effect shows after three to five times.

5. 白扁豆治疗胎动不安 (White beans for fetal irritability)


White beans some amount, rice some amount.

White beans


Grind the white bean into powder. Mix with rice to cook in water as cook for a rice soup. Eat the soup.


This formula is used for the fetal irritability due to mistaken of some drugs by the pregnant woman.


6. 葡萄治疗胎动不安 (Grape for fetal irritability)


During pregnancy time, eat more grapes. It can help to quiet down the stomach and calm the fetus.



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