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B5. Compensatory menstruation



During menstrual period, if there is bleeding out side of uterus, such as the bleeding in the nasal mucosa, stomach , intestine, lung , breast and other parts of the body, it is called down upon, also known as " compensatory menstruation "," cyclical uterus bleeding. " 此时,月经量少,甚至无月经,鼻衄或吐血量可多可少。 The common reason for the compensatory menstruation is the endometriosis.

At this time, the menstruation may be more or less. 常伴有全身不适、精神不畅、烦躁不安、下腹部胀痛等症状。 Person is also usually accompanied by general malaise, low emotional mode, irritability, lower abdominal pain and other symptoms.


1. 当归代赭石汤治疗倒经 (Danggui Daizhishi Tang for compensatory menstruation)

当归 20 克,代赭石 20 克,珍珠母 20 克,生地 15 克,玄参 15 克,黄芪 15 克,牛膝 15 克,茜草 15 克,赤芍 15 克,香附 15 克,白茅根 15 克,益母草 15 克,黄芩 6 克,黄连 6 克,红花 6 克,甘草 6 克。

Danggui 20 gram, Daizheshi 20 gram, Zhenzhumu 20 gram, Shengdi 15 gram, Xuansheng 15 gram, Huangqi 15 gram, Niuxi 15 gram, Qiancao 15 gram, Chishao 15 gram, Xiangfu 15 gram, Baimaogen 15 gram, Yimucao 15 gram, Huangqin 6 gram, Huangliang 6 gram, Honghua 6 gram, Gancao 6 gram.


Cook in water. Drink the water extract. One day one dose. It usually needs two circles to show the healing effect.

本方治疗倒经者 60 例,治愈 58 例。无效 2 例。服药一个周期痊愈者 25 例,服两个周期痊愈者 30 例,服三个周期痊愈者 3 例。

This formula has been used to 60 cases with the compensatory menstruation. Among them, 58 were cured: after drinking the herbal tea one circle, 25 cases were cured; after two circles of drinking, 30 were cured; and after three circles of drinking, additional three cases were cured.


2. 芒硝甘草汤治疗倒经 (Mangxiao Gancao Tang for compensatory menstruation)

芒硝 50 克,甘草 10 克。

Mangxiao 50 gram, Gancao 10 gram.


Cook in water. Drink all of the water extract once. If not cured, repeat the cooking and drinking once more.

本方治疗倒经者 31 例,经用药 1-2 剂后,均获痊愈。

This method has been used to 31 cases. After one to two doses, all were cured.


如为体质虚者,可仅用芒硝 10 克,甘草 10 克,水煎服。

If the body condition is weak, use only 10 gram of the Mangxiao and 10 gram of Gancao to cook and to drink.


3. 生地珍珠母汤治疗倒经 (Shengdi Zhenzhumu Tang for compensatory menstruation)

生地  30 克,珍珠母(先煎) 30 克,丹皮炭 12 克,焦山栀 6 克,荆芥炭 6 克,黄芩 6 克,牛膝炭 15 克,甘草 3 克。

Shengdi 30 gram, Zhenzhumu (cook first) 30 gram, Danpi Tan 12 gram, Jiao Shanzhizi 6 gram, Jingjie Tan 6 gram, Huangqin 6 gram, Niuxi Tan 15 gram, Gancao 3 gram.


Cook in water. Drink the water extract every day. Drink five days before the menstruation. If not work, repeat five days in next menstrual circle.


4. 当归白芍汤治疗倒经 (Danggui Baishao Tang for compensatory menstruation)

当归 6 克,白芍 15 克,生地 50 克,玄参 20 克,����胡 9 ��,���山�� 12 克,白术 15 克,丹皮12 克,薄荷 9 克,阿胶(烊化)18 克。

Danggui 6 gram, Baishao 15 gram, Shengdi 50 gram, Xuansheng 20 gram, Chaihu 9 gram, Jiao Shangzhi 12 gram, Baizhu 15 gram, Danpi 12 gram, Bohe 9 gram, Ajiao (melt) 18 gram.


One day one dose. Cook in water. Drink the water extract.


5. 韭菜汤治疗倒经 (Chinese chives cooking for compensatory menstruation)


Cook Chinese chives in water. Drink the water extract, three times a day, one cup each time.

  Chinese chives




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