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B4. Amenorrhea (cessation of menstruation circle)

  1. 桑椹子红花汤治疗闭经 (Sangshenzi Honghua Tang for menstruation cessation)

桑椹子 25 克,红花 5 克,鸡血藤 20 克,黄酒适量。

Sangshenzi 25 gram, Honghua 5 gram, Jixueteng 20 gram, Huangjiu (Cooking wine) some amount.


Add the herbs and the cooking wine in water to cook. Collect the herbal tea to drink every day.


This formula words to supply more blood, improve circulation, remove block to circulation, so to solve the cessation of women menstruation circle.

2. 山楂刘寄奴汤治疗闭经 (Hawthorn and Liujinu for menstruation cessation)

山楂 30-50 克,刘寄奴 12 克,鸡内金 9 克。

Hawthorn 30-50 gram, Liujinu 12 gram, Jineijing 9 gram.


Cook in water to drink the water extract. It needs several month's drink.

3. 益母草马鞭草治疗闭经 (Yimucao Mabiancao for menstruation cessation)

益母草 30 克,马鞭草 30 克。红糖适量。水煎服。

Yimucao (Motherwort) 30 gram, Mabiancao 30 gram, Brown sugar some. Cook in water to collect the water extract. Drink the water extract every day.

如果没有马鞭草,可用黑豆 30 克代替。

If there is no Mabiancao, use black bean 30 gram instead.

也可用益母草 15 克,红糖 30 克,水煎服。连服2-4 剂。

You can also cook Yimucao 15 gram, Brown sugar 30 gram in water to drink the water extract. Continue for 2- 4 doses.

4. 泽兰红花枸杞子治疗闭经 (Zelan Honghua Gouqizi for menstruation cessation)

泽兰 9 克,红花 9 克,枸杞子 15 克。水煎服。

Zelan 9 gram, Honghua 9 gram, Gouqizi 15 gram. Cook in water to collect the water extract. Drink the water extract every day.

5. 乌鸡丝瓜汤治疗闭经 (Wuji Sigua Tang for menstruation cessation)

乌鸡 150 克,丝瓜 100 克,鸡内金 15 克。

Wuji (black chicken) 150 gram, Sigua (Luffa) 100 grma, Jineijing 15 gram.


Cook in water until complete soft to be eatable. Add little salt before eat. This formula works for Blood-deficiency menstruation cessation.

6. 冬葵子黄酒方治疗闭经 (Dongkuizi Huangjiu Fang for menstruation cessation)

冬葵子 30 克,黄酒 250 毫升。

Dongkuizi 30 gram, Cooking wine 250 ml.

将上两味加水 50 毫升煎服。空腹顿服。每日两次。一般需要连续服 2 - 3 天。

Add 50 ml water to the above two ingredients, to cook and to collect the extract. Drink it all once with empty stomach. Repeat another dose in the afternoon. It usually needs 2 to 3 day's drinking.

7. 急性子治疗闭经 (Jixingzi for menstruation cessation)

急性子 15 - 30 克。水煎,分两次服。

Cook herb Jixingzi 15-30 gram in water. Collect the water extract. Drink the water extract once in the morning and once in the afternoon.

8. 党参黄芪当归汤治疗闭经 (Dangsheng Huangqi Danggui Tang for menstruation cessation)

党参 30 克,黄芪 30 克,当归 10 克,熟地 10 克,茜草 12 克,乌贼骨 15 克。

Dangsheng 30 gram, Huangqi 30 gram, Danggui 10 gram, Shoudi 10 gram, Qiancao 12 gram, Wuzeigu 15 gram.


If the patient has cold-weakness in the lower abdomen, add herb Zishiying and Fuzi; if has loss stool, add Buguzhi and Huluba; if has cold and pain in the lower abdomen, add Wuzhuyu and Xiaohuixiang; if has bloating and pain in the lower abdomen, add Yimucao (Motherwort) and Mabiancao.


This formula works for patients, who have had less and less volume of circle, thiner and thiner circle, and eventually the cessation. She may feel easy to get tired and has pale in face, and dislike to talk or to act.

9. 芥菜籽治疗闭经 (Leaf mustard for menstrual cessation)

芥菜籽 60 克,黄酒适量。研细末,每服 6 克,热黄酒为引。饭前服。

Leaf mustard seeds 60 gram, cooking wine some. Grind the seeds into fine powder. Drink 6 gram each time with help of the warm cooking wine for swallow. Drink it before meal.


This formula is used for women who feels pain in abdomen, heavy in lower back and legs, cold-hot shift feeling in the body, etc.

10. 化瘀膏治疗闭经 (Huayu Gao for menstrual cessation)

大黄128 克,芒硝 64 克,柴胡 32 克,瓜蒌根 32 克,桃仁 32 克,当归 32 克,生地 32 克,红花 32 克,穿山甲 32 克,莪术 32 克,三棱 32 克,川芎 32 克,乳香 22 克,没药 22 克,肉桂 22 克,川乌 10 克。

Dahuang 128 gram, Mangxiao 64 gram, Chaihu 32 gram, Gualugen 32 gram, Taoren 32 gram, Danggui 32 gram, Shengdi 32 gram, Honghua 32 gram, Chuanshangjiao 32 gram, Ezhu 32 gram, Sanlen 32 gram, Chuanxiong 32 gram, Ruxiang 22 gram, Moyao 22 gram, Rougui 22 gram, Chuanwu 10 gram.

将上药加适量麻油熬制,去渣,家黄丹收,花蕊石 32 克,血竭 15 克 (研细末)搅匀,收膏备用。用时,将膏药贴肚脐下。本方活血化瘀,治疗妇科痛经,闭经,月经不调等。

Add proper amount of sesame oil to cook the herbs. Remove the debris, add Huangdan to solidify it little, add Huaruishi 32 gram and Xuejie (Grind into fine powder) 15 gram. Mix it well. Store in a bottle. When use, apply it onto the lower abdomen (beneath the naval). It works to remove blood stagnation and improve blood circulation. It is used to solve abdomen pain before and during circle, the menstrual cessation, and irregular menstruation.

11. 当归赤芍汤治疗闭经 (Danggui Chishao Tang for menstrual cessation)

当归 10 克,赤芍 10 克,桃仁 10 克,红花 10 克,三棱 10 克,莪术 10 克,牛膝 10 克,乌药 10 克,穿山甲 10 克,丹参 10 克,刘寄奴 10 克,川芎 5 克,肉桂 3 克。

Danggui 10 gram, Chishao 10 gram, Taoren 10 gram, Honghua 10 gram, Sanlen 10 gram, Ezhu 10 gram, Niuxi 10 gram, Wuyao 10 gram, Chuanshanjia 10 gram, Dansheng 10 gram, Liujinu 10 gram, Chuanxiong 5 gram, Rougui 3 gram.


Cook in water to collect the water extract. Drink the water extract. This formula works for primary menstrual cessation, and secondary menstrual cessation of Qi and blood stagnation type.


12. 干姜附子汤治疗闭经 (Ganjiang Fuzi Tang for menstrual cessation)

干姜 10 克,附子15 克,白术 15 克,白芍 15 克,茯苓 15 克,肉苁蓉 15 克,桃仁 15 克。

Ganjiang 10 gram, Fuzi 15 gram, Baizhu 15 gram, Baishao 15 gram, Fuling 15 gram, Roucongrong 15 gram, Taoren 15 gram.

水煎服。一般需要服 35-40 剂。治疗肾阳虚之闭经。

Cook in water. Drink the water extract. It needs about 35 to 40 doses (days). This formula is used for Kidney-deficiency type amenorrhea.


13. 黄芪党参汤治疗闭经 (Huangqi Dangsheng Tang for menstrual cessation)

炙黄芪 30 克,炒党参 10 克,炒白术 10 克,当归 10 克,茯神 10 克,龙眼肉 10 克,木香 5 克,紫河车粉 (吞) 5 克,远志 6 克,炙甘草 3 克。

Zhi Huangqi 30 gram, Chao Dangsheng 10 gram, Chao Baizhu 10 gram, Danggui 10 gram, Fusheng 10 gram, Longyanrou 10 gram, Muxiang 5 gram, Ziheche (swallow separately) 5 gram, Yuanzhi 6 gram, Zhi Gancao 3 gram.


Cook the herbs in water to get water extract, but swallow the Ziheche powder separately. This is one-day dose. This formula is mostly used for menstrual cessation following abortion.


14. 石膏生地汤治疗闭经 (Shigao Shengdi For menstrual cessation due to medical drugs)

生石膏 30 - 90 克,生地 30 克,石斛 30 克,麦冬 30 克,灵磁石 30 克,当归 15 克,桃仁 15 克,红花 15 克,牛膝 15 克,酒制大黄 10 克。

Shigao 30-90 gram, Shengdi 30 gram, Shihu 30 gram, Maidong 30 gram, Lingzishi 30 gram, Danggui 15 gram, Taoren 15 gram, Honghua 15 gram, Niuxi 15 gram, Alcohol-processed Dahuang 10 gram.

水煎服。一般需要服 2 - 21 剂。主要用于服抗精神病药物导致的闭经。月经来潮后,继服女金丹或丹参片。

Cook in water. Drink the water extract. It needs 2 to 21 doses to solve the problem. After the circle comes, continue to use Nujingdang pill or Dangsheng tablet for a maintenance. It is used mostly for circle cessation due to intake of anti-psychological drugs.


15. 枸杞子覆盆子汤治疗精亏闭经 (Gouqizi Fupengzi for menstrual seccation)

枸杞子 10 克,覆盆子 10 克,车前子 10 克,鹿角霜 10 克,菟丝子 10 克,熟地 15 克,紫石英 15 克。

Gouqizi 10 gram, Fupengzi 10 gram, Cheqianzi 10 gram, Lujiaoshuang 10 gram, Tusizi 10 gram, Shoudi 15 gram, Zishiying 15 gram.


Cook in water. Drink the water extract. It is used mostly for amenorrhea due to Kidney deficiency and Jing insufficiency.


16. 猪肝绿豆治疗闭经 (Pig liver and green bean for amenorrhea)

猪肝 150 克,绿豆 120 克。

Pig liver 150 gram, green bean 120 gram.

将绿豆先煮熟,再加入猪肝(洗净切片),稍煮数分钟即可。此为一剂量。分两天吃完。主治闭经,一般需要2 - 4 剂。

Add the green bean in water to cook until it is eatable. Add the pig liver (Wash and chop into slides) in. Continue to cook for several min. This is one dose and can be eat for two days. This formula is used for menstruation cessation. It usually needs 2 to 4 doses.


17. 当归黄芪汤治疗闭经 (Danggui Huangqi Tang for amenorrhea)

当归 30 克,炙黄芪 30 克,菟丝子 30 克,仙灵脾 15 克,生姜 三片,大枣 10 枚。

Danggui 30 gram, Zhi Huangqi 30 gram, Tusizi 30 gram, Xianlingpi 15 gram, Fresh ginger three pieces, ten Chinese date.

水煎服。连服三个月为一个疗程。连用 1-2 个疗程。主治多囊卵巢综合征导致的闭经。

This is one-day dose. Cook in water. Drink the water extract for three months. Continue to drink for one to two healing period.  This formula is used for amenorrhea due to polycystic amenorrhea.


18. 红参白术汤治疗闭经 (Hongsheng Baizhu Tang for amenorrhea)

红参 10 克,白术 10 克,益母草 10 克,肉桂 10 克,淫羊藿 10 克,甘草 10 克,当归 15 克,川芎 15 克,茯苓 15 克,白芍 15 克,熟地 15 克。

Hongsheng (Red ginseng) 10 gram, Baizhu 10 gram, Yimucao 10 gram, Rougui 10 gram, Yinyanghuo 10 gram, Gancao 10 gram, Danggui 15 gram, Chuanxiong 15 gram, Fuling 15 gram, Baishao 15 gram, Shoudi 15 gram.


Cook in water. Drink the water extract. This formula works for amenorrhea due to Sheehan's syndrome.


19. 木耳苏木汤 (Muer Sumu Tang for amenorrhea)

木耳 50 克,苏木 50 克,黄酒 250 克。

Muer 50 gram, Sumu 50 gram, Cooking wine 250 ml.

将上诸味加水300 毫升煎。煎煮至剩下约300 毫升。将煎煮之药分两次服。

Add the Muer, Sumu and cooking wine and about 300 ml water in pot to cook. Collect about 300 ml final liquid. Drink the extract.


This formula is used for women, who has just the menstruation, but the menstruation stops soon. After finish of the circle, she feels pain and bloating in the lower back, bloating in the abdomen, and feels very tired.


20. 墨鱼桃仁汤治疗闭经 (Cuttlefish Taoren Soup for amenorrhea)

墨鱼 200 克,桃仁 10 克。油盐适量.

Cuttlefish 200 gram, Taoren 10 gram. Little sesame oil and table salt.


Wash the cuttlefish, chop it into slides. Add it with water and the Taoren to cook. Add little sesame oil and salt to adjust taste. Drink the soup and eat the fish. This formula works for amenorrhea.


21. 红糖姜枣汤治疗闭经 (Brown sugar, Ginger and Chinese date for amenorrhea)

红糖 100 克,红枣 100 克,生姜 25 克。

Brown sugar 100 gram, Chinese date 100 gram, fresh ginger 25 gram.


Cook in water. Drink it as regular tea.


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