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B3. Uterine Bleeding


崩漏 (metrorrhagia and metrostaxis) 是指妇女非周期性子宫出血,其发病急骤,暴下如注,大量出血者为“崩”;病势缓,出血量少,淋漓不绝者为“漏”。崩与漏虽出血情况不同,但在发病过程中两者常互相转化,如崩血量渐少,可能转化为漏,漏势发展又可能变为崩,故临床多以崩漏并称。青春期和更年期妇女多见。

Uterine bleeding is also called metrorrhagia and metrostaxis, which means uterine bleeding in women, between the normal menstrual circle. The bleeding comes as erupt, sudden, and is with heavy volume as a "collapse". It can also bleed slow and is with little volume as a drop by drop, as a leakage. It is commonly seen more in adolescent and menopausal women.

1. 蒲氏老年血崩汤 (Pushi Laonian Xueben Tang for uterine heavy bleeding)

阿胶 30 克,当归 30 克,熟地 30 克,冬瓜仁 30 克,红花 20 克。

Ajiao 30 gram,Danggui 30 gram,Shoudi 30 gram,Dongguaren 30 gram, Honghua 20 gram. 

水煎,饭前服。血热者熟地改为生地,加黄芩 12 克;气血加黄芪 30 克;阴虚加地骨皮 15 克;暴崩加地榆炭及白头翁 30-60 克;虚寒加艾叶 15 克;若血色鲜红,无瘀块者 当归红花各减 10 克。

Cook in water. Drink the water extract before meal. If the body is with hot blood syndrome, change the Shoudi into Shengdi, and add Huangqin 12 gram; if it is with Qi and blood deficiency, add Huangqi 30 gram; if with Yin deficiency, add Digupi 15 gram; if the bleeding is very heavy and the condition is very severe, add Diyutan and Baotouwen 30-60 gram each; if with deficieny-Cold condition, add Aiye 15 gram; if the color of the blood is resh red without blood clot, the amount of Danggui and Honghua should be reduced by 10 gram.

本方中的熟地也可用仙鹤草 12 克代替。

The Shoudi in this formula can be replaced by Xianhecao 12 gram.

2. 备金散治疗崩漏 (Bei Jin San for uterine bleeding)

炙香附 150 克,当归 45 克,炒五灵脂 30 克。

Processed Xiangfu 150 gram, Danggui 45 gram, Chao Wulingzhi 30 gram.

将上药研细末。每服 7.5 克,每天三次。食醋送下。一般需要服十天可大见效。

Grind the herbs into fine powder. Drink 7.5 gram each time, three times a day. It usually needs about ten days to see clear improvement.

3. 艾叶食盐热敷方 (Aiye Shiyan Hot application)


Aiye and table salt, equal amount. Grind into fine powder. Add little vinegar to fry to bring it warm. Apply it onto the naval, seal it with medical tape. Change it every day until the bleeding stops.


Alternatively, add Puhuang and table salt powder on to the naval, making the mixture little bit high than the skin. Put a moxibustion role on it. Burn the moxibustion role. Continue to do this way until the bleeding stops.

4. 熟地地骨皮汤 (Shoudi Digupi Tang for uterine bleeding)

熟地 24 克,地骨皮 12 克,青蒿 12 克,白芍 12 克,茯苓 10 克,丹皮 10 克,黄柏 10 克,黄连 6 克,续断 12 克,蒲黄 10 克,炒五灵脂 12 克,桃仁 10 克,红花 10 克,益母草 30 克。

Shoudi 24 gram, Digupi 12 gram, Qinghao 12 gram, Baishao 12 gram, Fuling 10 gram, Danpi 10 gram, Huangbo 10 gram, Huanglian 6 gram, Xuduan 12 gram, Puhuang 10 gram, Chao Wulingzhi 12 gram, Taoren 10 gram, Honghua 10 gram, Yimucao (motherwort) 30 gram.

水煎服。本方治疗崩漏患者 113 例,治愈 93 例,好转 15 例,无效 5 例。

Cook in water. Drink the water extract. This formula has been used in 113 cases with uterine bleeding. Ninety three were cured, fifteen were much improved, and five failed.

5. 鸡冠花白果仁方 (Jiguanhua Baiguoren for uterine bleeding)

鸡冠花 60 克,白果仁 十个。

Jiguanhua 60 gram, ten baiguoren.

兼气虚者,加黄芪 12 克,党参 9 克,白术 9 克。

If the person is with Qi deficiency, add Huangqi 12 gram, Dangsheng 9 gram and Baizhu 12 gram.

水煎服。一般服 3-5 剂即可痊愈。本方对于赤白带也十分显效。

Cook in water. Drink the water extract. This formula also works for women with heavy discharge (with or without blood in the discharge).


6. 天门冬汤 (Tianmendong Tang for uterine bleeding)

天门冬 15 - 30 克。水煎服。饮时加红糖少许。

Tianmendong 15-30 gram. Cook in water. Drink the water extract. Add little brown sugar in the extract to drink.

 7. 熟地山萸肉汤 (Shoudi Shanyurou Tang for functional uterine bleeding)

熟地 20 克,山萸肉 20 克,杜仲 20 克,续断 20 克,桑寄生 20 克,海螵蛸 25 克,白芍 25 克,牡蛎 25 克,阿胶 15 克,牛膝 15 克,炒地榆 50 克。

Shoudi 20 gram, Shanyurou 20 gram, Duzhong 20 gram, Xuduan 20 gram, Sanjisheng 20 gram, Haipiaoxiao 25 gram, Baishao 25 gram, Muli 25 gram, Ajiao 15 gram, Niuxi 15 gram, Chao Diyu 50 gram.


Cook in water. Drink the water extract. It works for functional uterine bleeding.


8. 黄芪当归汤 (Huangqi Danggui Tang for functional uterine bleeding)

黄芪 20 克,当归 20 克,川芎 10 克,赤石脂 10 克,党参 10 克,阿胶 10 (烊化),赤芍 10 克,丹皮 10 克,三七(冲服) 4 克,炮姜 4 克,海螵蛸 20 克。

Huangqi 20 gram, Danggui 20 gram, Chuanxiong 10 gram, Chishizhi 10 gram, Dangsheng 10 gram, Ajiao 10 gram (melt), Chishao 10 gram, Danpi 10 gram, Sanqi 4 gram (drink the powder), Paojiang 4 gram, Haipiaoxiao 20 gram.


Cook in water. Drink the water extract. Seven-day is one healing period. It works for functional uterine bleeding.


9. 旱莲草��见愁方 (Hanliancao Xuejianchou Fang for adolescent functional uterine bleeding)

旱莲草 50 克,血见愁 50 克,当归 5 克,白芍 15 克,熟地 15 克,菟丝子 15 克,白术 15 克,女贞子 20 克,黄芪 20 克,甘草10 克。

Hanliancao 50 gram, Xuejianchou 50 gram, Danggui 5 gram, Baishao 15 gram, Shoudi 15 gram, Tusizi 15 gram, Baizhu 15 gram, Nuzhenzi 20 gram, Huangqi 20 gram, Gancao 10 gram.


Cook in water. Drink the water extract.


10. 熟地龟板胶方治疗更年期宫血。(Shoudi Guibanjiao fang for uterine bleeding during menopause period)

熟地 24 克,龟板胶 24 克,鹿角胶 12 克,山萸肉 12 克,枸杞子 12 克,菟丝子 15 克,续断 15 克。

Shoudi 24 gram, Guibanjiao 24 gram, Lujiaojiao 12 gram, Shanyurou 12 gram, Gouqizi 12 gram, Tusizi 15 gram, Xuduan 15 gram.


Cook in water. Drink the water extract. This formula is more suitable for uterine bleeding during menopause time.


11. 固冲汤 (Guchong Tang for uterine bleeding)

熟地 30 克,山萸肉 30 克,白术 30 克,仙鹤草 30 克,侧柏叶 30 克,黄芪 45 克,龙骨 45 克,牡蛎 45 克,白芍 25 克,五倍子 25 克,茜草 25 克。

Shoudi 30 gram, Shanyurou 30 gram, Baizhu 30 gram, Xianhecao 30 gram, Ceboye 30 gram, Huangqi 45 gram, Longgu 45 gram, Muli 45 gram, Baishao 25 gram, Wubeizi 25 gram, Qiancao 25 gram.


Cook in water. Drink the water extract. One dose for one day. Three-day is one healing period. Continue to drink for one to two healing period.


12. 芹菜水煎服 (Celery for uterine bleeding)


Cook celery in water. Drink the water extract. One cup one time, three times a day. Keep doing for a longer time. It will work.


13. 血余炭粉 (Xueyutan powder drink for uterine bleeding)

血余炭 120 克,研细末,每服 1.5 -3 克,一日三次。从月经第二天开始,连服三到五天。

Xueyutan 120 gram. Grind into fine powder. Drink the powder 1.5 - 3 gram, three times a day, starting from the second day of the menstrual circle. Continue to drink it for three to five days.


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