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B25. Contraception


1. 明矾用于绝育 (Alum for permanent contraception)

明矾 2.1 克

Alum 2.1 gram.


Grind alum into fine powder. Store in a capsule. After expel of placenta, drink the capsule with empty stomach.


Note, this way is to stop pregnancy permanently. If you want baby later in your life, don't try this method!

2. 带柄柿蒂避孕 (Persimmon base with petiole to contraception)


Take persimmon base with its petiole 4 to 7. Bake to dry on a tile. Grind into fine powder. Drink it with some wine, two days after stop of menstrual circle. One of such drink helps to have contraception for one year.

注意不要用铁器。服柿蒂的一年内,禁服柿子,柿饼,和圆枣。服药 48 小时内不要有房事。

Note: iron pot is forbidden during the preparation. Within one year to use this formula, you should not eat any persimmon or round Chinese date either. It is not recommend to have sex within 48 hours after eat this herbal powder.

3. 龙胆草避孕法 (Longdancao for contraception)


Longdancao 30 gram. Cook in water. Drink the water extract. Drink if after stop of menstrual circle. Once a month. Continue for three months. It is claimed to be able to have contraception for one year.

4.七叶一枝花避孕法 (Chonglu for contraception)

七叶一枝花 6 克。

Chonglu root 6 gram.


Grind the herb root into juice. Drink it after stop of the menstrual circle. Drink three times. It is claimed to have contraception effect for one year.

5. 佩兰避孕法 (Peilan for contraception)

佩兰 30克

Peilan 30 gram.


Grind Peilan into fine powder. Drink it 6 gram before each meal, once a day for five days. Drink start after the menstrual circle finishes. This is one healing period. It help to have contraception for one year.

6. 紫茄花避孕法 (Purple eggplant flower for contraception)

紫茄花 14 朵(含苞未放的),黄酒适量。

Fourteen purple eggplant flowers (the flower not open yet), cooking wine some amount.


Bake the flowers on a new clay tile to dryness. Grind them into fine powder. Drink the powder all once after birth delivery or after clear of menstrual circle. Drink one dose one day, continue for seven days.


7. 黑木耳红糖膏避孕 (Edible fungus and brown sugar for contraception)


Edible fungus

Cook the edible fungus (Wood ear) in water until it is very soft or in light mud form. Add brown sugar to continue cook until the mixture becomes paste form. Eat it with drink of little wine. Drink twice a day. Finish all of the dose within 3 to 7 days. Drink it after birth delivery.

8. 油菜籽生地白芍避孕方 (Canola seeds and Shengdi formula for contraception)

油菜籽 20 克,生地 15 克,白芍 15 克,当归 15 克,川芎 5 克。


Canola seeds 20 gram, Shengdi 15 gram, Baishao 15 gram, Danggui 15 gram, Chuanxiong 5 gram.



Cook in water. Drink the water extract every day (one dose for one day). Start after stop of menstrual circle. Continue to drink the extract for three day. It helps to have contraception for three months. If the herbs are prepared into pills. Continue to take the pills for three months so to have contraception for a long time period.


9. 牛膝川芎红花汤终止早孕 (Niuxi Chuanxiong Honghua Tang to prevent and stop early pregnancy)

牛膝 30 克,川芎 5 克,红花 5 克,当归尾 12 克,桃仁 12 克,三棱 12 克,莪术 12 克,水蛭 12 克,炒枳壳 12 克,炙甘草 6 克。

Niuxi 30 gram, Chuanxiong 5 gram, Honghua 5 gram, Danggui wei 12 gram, Taoren 12 gram, Sanlen 12 gram, Ezhu 12 gram, Shuizhi 12 gram, Chao Zhike 12 gram, Zhi Gancao 6 gram.


Cook in water. Drink the water extract. One day one dose, until the next circle comes. This formula is mostly used to prevent and to stop early pregnancy.


10. 芸苔子(油菜子)绿豆汤终止早孕 (Canola seeds, Green bean, to stop early pregnancy)


Canola seeds, Green bean, Jixingzi, Chongweizi (seeds of motherwort), Wangbuliuxing, equal amount.

研细末。加蜂蜜制成丸,直径约2 厘米大。于产后,人流后,或月经后第五天开始服,每次9克,每日两次。连服 7 天。哺乳期间闭经者,每月服7天,连服六个月。本方用于避孕止胎。

Grind the herbs into fine pills. Add honey to make it into pills, as 2 cm in diameter. Start after birth delivery, after abortion, or five days after menstrual circle, to take the pills, 9 gram each time, twice a day for seven days. If there is no circle coming during breast feeding, drink the pills seven day each month for six months. This formula is used to stop early pregnancy.


11. 三棱莪术桃仁汤终止早孕 (Sanlen Ezhu Taoren Tang to stop early pregnancy)

三棱 10 克,莪术 10 克,桃仁 10 克,红花 10 克,当归尾 10 克,赤芍 10 克,泽兰 10 克,牛膝 10 克,元胡 10 克,川芎 15 克,益母草 15 克,丹参 15 克。

Sanlen 10 gram, Ezhu 10 gram, Taoren 10 gram, Honghua 10 gram, Danggui 10 gram, Chishao 10 gram, Zelan 10 gram, Niuxi 10 gram, Yuanhu 10 gram, Chuanxiong 15 gram, Yimucao 15 gram, Danshen 15 gram.


Cook in water. Drink the water extract. This formula is used to stop early pregnancy. It is used for women who is healthy in physical body and wants to stop the early pregnancy.


12. 木鳖子绿豆汤避孕 (Mubiezi and green bean to prevent pregnancy)

木鳖子 0.3 克,绿豆粉 10 克。

Mubiezi 03 gram, green bean 10 gram.


木鳖子 Mubiezi



Cook in water. Drink the water extract. Start from the fourth day after delivery. Continue for three days.


13. 桃仁蓖麻子猪油方避孕 (Peach kernel, castor bean and pig oil for contraception)

桃仁 15 克,蓖麻子 15 克,猪油 60 克。

Peach kernel 15 gram, castor bean 15 gram, pig oil 60 gram.


Chop and grind the peach kernel and the bean into mud in form. Mix with the pig oil. Bring to hot to melt and to mix them well. Store in a bottle. When use, apply little of the paste (a size as thumb) with finger and put it into the vagina before sex activity.


14. 铁绿豆避孕方 (Hard green bean for contraception)

铁绿豆三粒 (即煮不烂的绿豆)

Hard green bean (e.g. the green bean that can not be cook to soft)


After birth delivery, don't eat anything but three grains of hard green beans. It can help to have contraception for three years.


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