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B11. Pregnant swelling


1. 人参黄芪汤治疗妊娠水肿 (Renshen Huangqi Tang for pregnant swelling)

人参 15 克,黄芪 9 克,柴胡 3 克,甘草 0.3 克,当归 (酒洗)9 克,白术 (土炒)15 克,茯苓 30 克,升麻 0.9 克,陈皮 0.9 克。

Renshen 15 gram, Huangqi 9 gram, Chaihu 3 gram, Gancao (licorice) 0.3 gram, Danggui (washed by liquor) 9 gram, Baizhu (fried with soil) 15 gram, Fuling 30 gram, Shengma 0.9 gram, Chenpi 0.9 gram.


Cook in water. Drink the water extract. This formula is used to treat swelling during pregnancy.

2. 鲤鱼治疗妊娠水肿 (Carp for pregnant swelling)

鲤鱼一条,白芍 9 克,当归 9 克,生地 9 克。

One carp, Baoshao 9 gram, Danggui 9 gram, Shengdi 9 gram.


Cook in cooking wine (or in liquor). This formula works for severe swelling during pregnancy. Note: the herbs need to be cooked in wine or liquor, not in water.

也可将鲤鱼一条,加茯苓 60 克,水煎服。

Alternatively, cook the carp with Fuling 60 gram in water. Drink the water soup and eat the carp meat.

也可将鲤鱼(或鲫鱼)一条,赤小豆 200 克,陈皮 10 克,大蒜 一头,加水煎煮。吃鱼饮汤。(将鱼开膛祛除内脏,洗净)。

You can also use one carp, Chixiaodou (red beans) 200 gram, Chenpi (dried orange skin) 10 gram, and one garlic. Cook in water. Drink the soup and eat the fish meat. This formula also works to release swelling in pregnancy.

3. 天仙藤香附汤治疗严重水肿 (Tianxianteng Xiangfu for severe swelling in pregnancy)

天仙藤 10 克,香附 10 克,陈皮 10 克,甘草 10 克,乌药 10 克,木瓜 10 克,紫苏 6 克,生姜 三片。

Tiandianteng 10 gram, Xiangfu 10 gram, Chenpi 10 gram, Gancao 10 gram, Wuyao 10 gram, Mugua 10 gram, Zisu 6 gram, fresh ginger three pieces.

水煎服。主治羊水过多症。若妊娠八个月以上,肿胀较重者,加车前子 10 克,泽泻 10 克;腹部胀满难忍,加大腹皮 10 克,莱菔子 10 克;肿胀甚而纳呆,加赤小豆 10 克,茯苓皮 10 克。

Cook in water. Drink the water extract. This formula is used for sever swelling in pregnancy, such as in polyhydroamnios. If it is over 8 months of pregnancy, and if the swelling is very severe, add Cheqianzi 10 gram and Zexie 10 gram; if the abdomen bloating feeling to much, add Dafupi 10 gram and Laifuzi 10 gram; if the swelling is severe and the appetite is very low, add Chixiaodou 10 gram, and Fulingpi 10 gram.

4. 黄芪大腹皮汤 (Huangqi Dafupi Tang for pregnant sweeling)

黄芪 30 克,大腹皮 15 克,当归 15 克,党参 15 克,车前草 15 克,白术 20 克,茯苓 20 克,山药 30 克,泽泻 10 克。

Huangqi 30 gram, Dafupi 15 gram, Danggui 15 gram, Dangshen 15 gram, Cheqiancao 15 gram, Baizhu 20 gram, Fuling 20 gram, Shanyao 30 gram, Zexie 10 gram.


Cook in water. This formula works for pregnant swelling.

5. 当归川贝苦参汤治疗妊娠膀胱炎 (Danggui Chuanbeimu, Kushen Tang for pregnant urine bladder infection)

当归 10 克,川贝母 10 克,苦参 10 克。

Danggui 10 gram, Chuan Beimu 10 gram, Kushen 10 gram.


Cook in water. Drink the water extract. It is used for pregnant bladder infection. if the condition belongs to Yin deficiency, add Shengdi, Gouqizi, Cheqianzi, and Mutong; if it is Shi Re zheng (real hot syndrome), add Huangbo, Danzhuye, Guolu; if it is to hot, add Zhizi, Huangqin; if it is with too thirsty, add Maidong, Shashen; if it is with Qi deficiency, add Huangqi, Dangshen and Xuduan, etc.


6. 金银花连翘汤治疗妊娠尿路感染 (Jinyinhua Lianqiao Tang for pregnant bladder infection)

金银花 30 克,连翘 30 克,蒲公英 15 克,紫花地丁 15 克,扁蓄 15 克,石韦 12 克,黄柏 12 克,茯苓 12 克,车前子 12 克,白术 12 克,山药 12 克,栀子 12 克,白茅根 10 克,甘草稍 6 克。

Jinyinhua 30 gram, Lianqiao 30 gram, Pugongyin 15 gram, Zihuadiding 15 gram, Bianxu 15 gram, Shiwei 12 gram, Huangpo 12 gram, Fuling 12 gram, Cheqianzi 12 gram, Baizhu 12 gram, Shanyao 12 gram, Zhizi 12 gram, Baimaogen 10 gram, Gancaoshao 6 gram.


Cook in water. Drink the water extract.


7. 黄芪党参汤治疗妊娠尿潴留 (Huangqi Danshen Tang for pregnant urine retention)

黄芪 60 克,党参16 克,当归 16 克,白术 16 克,肉桂 6 克,柴胡 6 克,升麻 6 克,陈皮 3 克,茯苓 10  克,泽泻 10 克,琥珀 10 克,杏仁 7 克,连翘 7 克。

Huangqi 60 gram, Dangshen 16 gram, Danggui 16 gram, Baizhu 16 gram, Rougui 6 gram, Chaihu 6 gram, Shengma 6 gram, Chenpi 3 gram, Fuling 10 gram, Zexie 10 gram, Hupo 10 gram, Xinren 7 gram, Lianqiao 7 gram.


Cook in water. Drink the water extract.


8. 当归川芎汤治疗妊娠突然转胞 (Danggui Chuanxiong Tang for pregnant urine block syndrome)

当归 40 克,川芎 35 克,升麻 5 克,柴胡 5 克。

Danggui 40 gram, Chuanxiong 35 gram, Shengma 5 gram, Chaihu 5 gram.


Cook in water. Drink the water extract. This formula is used for twist of uterus that causes sudden stop of urine, acute pain in lower abdomen, and hard to pass any urine or stool.


9. 冬瓜汁蜂蜜治疗妊娠小便不利 (Donggua juice and honey for difficult urine during pregnancy)


Gonggua juice one cup, honey one cup.


Mix the two well. Drink it from time to time. It works to solve difficult urine for pregnant women.


10. 玉米衣治疗妊娠小便不利 (Corn shell skin for harsh urine in pregnant woman)

玉米衣(即紧贴玉米的嫩皮) 25 克。

The young skin shell membrane of a corn, 25 gram.


Cook in water. Drink the water extract. It works for difficult urine in pregnant women.


11. 猪肉葵花籽仁治疗孕妇小便不利 (Pork and sunflower seed kernel for harsh urine in pregnant women)

猪肉 150 克,葵花籽仁 25 克。

Lean port meat 150 gram, Sunflower seed kernel 25 gram.


Chop the lean pork into slides, add the kernel of the sunflower seeds in water to cook. Drink the soup and eat the meat. It works for pregnant woman with difficulty in urine, or with frequent urine.


12. 木瓜大腹皮汤治疗妊娠水肿 (Mugua Dafupi Tang for pregnant swelling)

木瓜 30 克,大腹皮 25 克,陈皮 15 克,茯苓皮 12 克,生姜皮 3 克,大枣 五枚。

Mugua 30 gram, Dafupi 25 gram, Chenpi 15 gram, Fulingpi 12 gram, Shengjiangpi 3 gram, Chinese date five.


Cook in water. Drink the water extract.


13. 花椒食盐葱白热敷治疗孕妇小便不通 (Prickly ash, table salt, leeks for harsh urine in pregnant woman)

炒花椒 10 克,炒食盐 15 克,炒葱白 3 根。

Prickly ash 10 gram, table salt 15 gram, leek white stem three. Fry them to warm, chop into mud. Apply the mud onto the naval. It works for difficulty in urine in pregnant women.



14. 冬瓜皮赤小豆汤治疗妊娠水肿 (Wax gourd, red bean for swelling in pregnant women)

冬瓜皮 30 克,赤小豆 30 克。

Wax gourd skin 30 gram, Red bean 30 gram.


Cook in water. Drink the water extract and eat the gourd and bean.


Alternatively, cook the wax gourd in water. Drink the soup and eat the gourd as will.




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