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B10. Pregnant bleeding

  偏方验方治疗妊娠阴道出血, 即胎漏及先兆流产

胎漏指的是怀孕后阴道不时少量下血,或时下时断,或淋漓不断,但无腰痛腹痛及小腹下坠等不适为特点。常发生于妊娠早期(孕12 周以内),以气血虚为主要原因。而胎动不安是先感到胎动下坠,腰酸腹痛或坠胀不适,继而有少量阴道出血为特征。多见于妊娠12 -28 周期间。病因也多为气血虚弱。现代医学统称先兆流产。

1. 当归尾川芎汤治疗胎漏不止 (Dangguiwei chuanxiong Tang for early bleeding in pregnancy)

当归尾 15 克,川芎 15 克。

Danggui wei 15 gram, Chuanxiong 15 gram.


Cook in cooking wine. Drink it before go to bed. This formula is used to stop bleeding during early stage of pregnancy (fetal spotting).

2. 党参白芍汤治疗胎漏 (Dangshen Baishao Tang for fetal spotting)

党参 30 克,白芍 (酒炒)15 克,益母草 3 克,续断 6 克,黄芩 (酒炒)9 克,甘草 3 克,生地 (酒炒)9 克。

Dangshen 30gram, Baishao (fried with wine) 15 gram, Yimucao 3 gram, Xuduan 6 gram, Huangqin (fried with wine) 9 gram, Gancao 3 gram, Shengdi (fried with wine) 9 gram.


Cook in water. Drink the water extract. This formula is used for fetal spotting.

3. 艾叶阿胶甘草汤治疗先兆流产 (Aye Ajiao Gancao Tang for early sign of abortion)

艾叶 100 克,阿胶 20 克,甘草 10 克。

Aye 100 gram, Ajiao 20 gram, Gancao 10 gram.


Cook in water. Drink the water extract. This formula is used for threatened abortion. The woman feels irritable of the fetus, with bleeding from vagina.

4. 当归泽泻汤治疗先兆流产 (Danggui Zexie Tang for threatened aborsion)

当归 10 克,泽泻 10 克,川芎 10 克,白芍 15 克,茯苓 15 克,白术 12 克,续断 30 克,桑寄生 30 克,菟丝子 30 克,苎麻根 30 克。

Danggui 10 gram, Zexie 10 gram, Chuanxiong 10 gram, Baishao 15 gram, Fuling 15 gram, Baizhu 12 gram, Xuduan 30 gram, Sangjisheng 30 gram, Tusizi 30 gram, Zhumagen 30 gram.


Cook in water. Drink the water extract.

5. 桑寄生杜仲汤治疗先兆流产 (Sangjisheng Duzhong Tang for threatened abortion)

桑寄生 24 克,杜仲 24 克,阿胶(烊化)15 克,白术 15 克,黄芩 12 克,苏梗 12 克,砂仁(后下) 6 克,艾叶炭 6 克。

Sangjisheng 24 gram, Duzhong 24 gram, Ajiao (melt) 15 gram, Baizhu 15 gram, Huangqin 12 gram, Sugen 12 gram, Sharen (add it later) 6 gram, Aiye tan 6 gram.

Cook in water. Drink the water extract.

6. 熟地山萸肉方治疗先兆流产 (Shoudi Shanyurou Fang for threatened abortion)

熟地 10 克,山萸肉 10 克, 阿胶(烊化) 9 克,桑寄生 12 克,杜仲 12 克,菟丝子 15 克,党参 15 克,苎麻根 30 克。

Shoudi 10 gram, Shanyurou 10 gram, Ajiao (melt) 9 gram, Sangjisheng 12 gram, Duzhong 12 gram, Tusizi 12 gram, Danshen 15 gram, Zhumagen 30 gram.

水煎服。主治各种原因引起的先兆流产。如果阴道流血过多,色鲜红者,加黄芩 9 克,旱莲草 18 克;腹痛较频者,加白芍 15 克;腰酸明显者,加桑寄生至 20 克;恶心呕吐者家苏梗 10 克;小腹冷痛者加艾叶炭 5 克;大便干结者加肉苁蓉 10 克。

Cook in water. Drink the water extract. This formula is used for various threatened abortion. If the bleeding from vagina is very heavy, and the color of the blood is fresh red, add herb Huangqin 10 gram, Hanliancao 10 gram; if the stomach pain is frequent, add Baishao 15 gram; if the lower back is very sore, add Sangjisheng to 20 gram; if with heavy nausea and vomiting, add Sugen 10 gram; if the lower abdomen is painful, add Aye tan 5 gram; if there is constipation, add Roucongrong 10 gram.


7. 苜蓿子鸡蛋汤治疗先兆流产 (Muxuzi Egg for threatened abortion)

苜蓿子 3 克,鸡蛋两个。

Myxuzi 3 gram, two chicken egg.


Chop the Muxuzi little bit. Add to water to cook for about 15 min. Break the eggs in. Continue to cook for 5 min. After cooling down, eat the egg and drink the soup.

本方治疗先兆流产18 例,其中痊愈 16 例。一例因为外出效果不明,一例同时用它药效果不确定。一包需要服 1 到 3 剂。

This formula is used for threatened abortion. It has been used in 18 cases. Sixteen of them were cured. For one, it is not known the result since she went away for traveling. For another one, she took some other medicine at the same time, so it is uncertain for the effect of this herbal therapy.


8. 白葱根治疗胎动出血 (Leek white and leek root for threaten abortion with bleeding)

葱白和葱根 80 克。浓煎服。如果还出血不止,取川芎 8 克加大米40 克熬粥服。

Leek white stem and root, 80 gram. Cook in water to condense form. Drink the water extract. If the bleeding continues, cook Chuanxiong 8 gram with rice 40 gram in water into soup. Drink the soup.


9. 荷叶白矾鸡蛋汤治疗胎漏 (Lotus leaves, Alum, Egg for fetal spotting)

荷叶 15 克,白矾 6 克。红皮鸡蛋三个。

Lotus leaves 15 gram, Alum 6 gram, three red skin chicken eggs;


Cook the leaves and alum in water. Break in the eggs. Drink the soup and eat the egg.




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