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A6. Acute Lumber Sprain


1. 闪腰定痛汤 (Shan Yao Ding Tong Tang for acute lumber sprain)


Herb Muxiang, Xiaohuixiang, Yuanhu, Honghua, Xuduan, Zelan, Niuxi, Gancao,10 gram each. Cook in water. Drink the water extract three times a day.

2. 大黄膏 (Dahuang Gao for acute lumber sprain)


Herb Dahuang powder, fresh ginger juice, some amount for each. Mix and make the mixture into paste form.

用时,将药膏平摊于患处(厚约0.5厘米),用油纸包扎,胶布固定。12 到24 小时未愈者可换敷一次。

Upon use, apply the herbal paste on to the painful spot of lumber (about 0.5 cm thick). Fold with plastic paper and seal it with medical tape. If the pain remains after 12 to 24 hours, re-apply new herbal paste.


This formula works for acute lumber sprain. It has been used in 110 cases with acute lumber sprain. Among them, 86 cases were cured after one application. 22 were cured after twice application, and 2 patients needed three times of the application.

3. 消肿膏 (Xiao Zhong Gao for acute lumber sprain)

大黄 50 克,当归尾 9 克,续断 9 克,元胡 9 克。将上药研细末。用生姜汁调成软膏状装瓶备用。用时,将药膏敷于患处,外用油纸纱布包扎固定。一到两天换药一次,五次为一个疗程。主治急性腰扭伤。治疗五十例,一个疗程内全部治愈。

Herb Dahuang 50 gram, Dangguiwei 9 gram, Xuduan 9 gram, Yuanhu 9 gram. Grind the herbs into powder. Make it into paste with fresh ginger juice. Store in bottle.

Upon use, apply the herbal paste onto the painful spot on the lumber. fold with plastic paper and seal with medical tape.  Change the application one to two days. Five-day is one healing period. This formula is used for the treatment of acute lumber sprain. It has been used in 50 patients. All ewer cured within one healing period.

4. 大黄葱头外敷方 (Dahuang Congtou waifu Fang for acute lumber sprain)

大黄粉 60 克,葱头 5 根,生姜适量。大黄研细末,调入生姜汁半小杯,加入开水适量,使成糊状备用。用时,将葱白捣烂炒热,用布包好,在痛处揉搓至局部皮肤发红,觉烧烁感为止。然后,将上药的四分之一量敷上,盖以纱布或厚纸,每日一次。

Dahuang 60 gram, Leeks five pieces, fresh ginger juice about 100 to 150 ml. Grind the Dahuang into powder. Mix it with the fresh ginger juice and some boiling water, to make the mixture into mud form. Upon use, chop the Leeks into small pieces, fry it to warm. Fold it in cotton, massage it on the painful spot on the lumber until the skin turns red and the skin feels hot or burning sensation. Apply the herb mud on to the spot. Cover  the spot with gauze or thick paper, seal with medical tape.

用本方治疗急性腰扭伤患者,一般3 到4天即获治愈。

With this formula for acute lumber sprain, it usually needs about 3 to 4 days for cure.

5. 当归白术汤 (Danggui Baizhu Tang for acute lumber sprain)

当归 9 克,白术 9 克,牛膝 15 克,续断 15 克,黑杜仲 30 克。水煎服,每日一剂,分两次服。

Danggui 9 gram, Baizhu 9 gram, Niuxi 15 gram, Xuduan 15 gram, Hei Duzhong 30 gram. Cook in water to collect water extract. Drink the extract twice a day.


This formula is for acute lumber sprain. It usually needs one to two doses for cure. It has been reported in 10 cases. Among them, 9 cases were cured, 1 failed (the pain was due a chronic disease).



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