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A6. Stiff neck


1. 落枕汤 (Luo Zhen Tang for Stiff neck)

党参 15 克,黄芪 15 克,蔓荆子 9 克,黄柏 6 克,白芍 6 克,升麻 4.5 克,炙甘草 3 克。水煎服,每日一剂,分 2 次服。

Dangsheng 15 gram, Huangqi 15 gram, Manjingzi 9 gram, Huangbo 6 gram, Baishao 6 gram, Shengma 4.5 gram, processed Gancao 3 gram. Cook in water to collect water extract. This is one-day dose. Drink the herbal extract twice in the day. 


This herbal formula has been used in 20 patients with stiff neck. Usually, it needed only one day intake of the herbal tea to solve the problem, no more than three doses.





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