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A5. Frozen Shoulder


1. 黄芪桂枝五物汤加减方 (Huangqi Guizhi Wuwo Tang for frozen shoulder)

黄芪 30 克,桂枝6 克,赤芍 6 克,羌活 6 克,姜黄 6 克, 桑寄生 9 克,地龙 10 克, 当归 6 克。每日一剂水煎服。

Herb Huangqi 30 gram, Guizi 6 gram, Chishao 6 gram, Qianghuo 6 gram, Jianghuang 6 gram, Sangjisheng 9 gram, Dilong (earthworm) 10 gram, Danggui 6 gram. This is one-day dose. Cook in water to collect water extract. Drink it three times a day.

2. 桂心羌活汤 (Guixing Qianghuo Tang for frozen shoulder)

桂心 2.5 克,羌胡 5 克,当归 15 克,川芎 3.5 克,独活 5 克,乳香 4 克,木香 4 克,桑枝 15 克,秦艽 5 克,甘草 2.5 克,海风藤 10 克。

Herb Guixing 2.5 gram, Qianghuo 5 gram, Danggui 15 gram, Chuanxiong 3.5 gram, Duhuo 5 gram, Ruxiang 4 gram, Muxiang 4 gram, Sangzhi 15 gram, Qingjiao 5 gram, Gancao 2.5 gram, Haifengteng 10 gram.

肩膀畏寒甚者,去桂心,加桂枝 10 克,炙川乌 10 克;痛剧烈者加片姜黄 10 克,没药 10 克,丹参 15 克;酸重者加威灵仙 10 克;屈伸不利者加伸筋草 15 克;气虚者加党参 25 克,黄芪 30 克;血虚者加鸡血藤 30 克;病程日久不愈者,加防己 10 克,萆薢 15 克,薏苡仁 15 克。水煎服,每日一剂分三次服。

If the shoulder feels more cold, remove the Guixing, but add Guizhi 10 gram, processed Chuanwu 10 gram; If the pain is severe, add Pianjianghuang 10 gram, Moyao 10 gram, Dansheng 15 gram; If the shoulder feels more sour, add Weilingxian 10 gram; If the stretch of the shoulder is very hard, add Shenjingcao 15 gram; If the person is with Qi deficiency, add Dangsheng 25 gram and Huangqi 30 gram; if he is with blood deficiency, add Jixueteng 30 gram; if the problem has been there for a long time, add Fangji 10 gram, Beixie 15 gram, and Yiyiren 15 gram.

Cook the herbs in water to collect water extract. Drink the water extract three times a day.

3. 黄芪鸡血藤汤 (Huangqi Jixueteng Tang for frozen shoulder)

黄芪30 克,鸡血藤 30 克,丝瓜络 30 克,秦艽 12 克,威灵仙12 克,千年健 9 克,桑枝 30 克,伸筋草 12 克,桂枝尖 9 克,姜黄 10 克,当归尾 12  克,续断 12 克。水煎服,每天两次。

Herb Huangqi 30 gram, Jixueteng 30 gram, Sigualuo30 gram, Qinjiao 12 gram, Weilingxian12 gram, Qiannianjian 9 gram, Sangzhi 30 gram, Shengjingcao 12gram, Guizhijian 9 gram, Jianghuang 10 gram, Dangguiwei 12 gram, Xuduan 12 gram. Cook in water to collect water extract. Drink the herb extract twice a day.


If the condition is with Wind overwhelming, add herb Fangfeng and Qianghuo; If the Dampness is overwhelming, add Cangzhu and Yiyiren; If the Cold is overwhelming, add Fuzi and Wutou. If the pain is very much, add Xuanhu.  For Qi and Blood deficiency, add Dangsheng and Shoudi.

用本方治疗肩周炎34例,痊愈20 例,好转 11 例,无效 3 例。

This formula has been used in 34 patients with the frozen shoulder. Among them, 20 cases were cured; 11 were improved, and 3 cases failed to get any reduction in the pan.

4. 姜黄羌活汤 (Jianghuang Qianghuo Tang for frozen shoulder)

姜黄 15 克,羌活 10 克,炒白术 10 克,炙甘草 5 克。水煎服,日一剂。

Jianghuang 15 gram, Qianghuo 10 gram, processed Baishu 10 gram, processed Gancao 5 gram. Cook in water to collect water extract. Drink it three times a day.

5. 山萸肉汤 (Shanzhuyu for frozen shoulder)

山萸肉 35 克。 水煎服。

Herb Shanzhuyu 35 gram. Cook in water to drink the water extract, two to three times a day.

6. 山萸肉熟地汤 (Shanzhuyu Shoudi Tang for frozen shoulder)

山萸肉 15 克,熟地 15 克,当归 10 克,白术 10 克,桂枝 10 克,姜黄 10 克, 山药 15 到 20 克,炙甘草 3 克,陈皮 7 克。


Herb Shanzhuyu 15 gram, Shoudi 15 gram, Danggui 10 gram, Baizhu 10 gram, Guizhi 10 gram, Jianghuang 10 gram,Shanyao 15 to 20 gram, processed Gancao 3 gram, Chenpi 7 gram. Cook in water to drink the water extract, three times a day.

7. 乌头樟脑外敷方 (Wutou Zhangnao application for frozen shoulder)

川乌 90 克,草乌 90 克,樟脑 90 克。


Herb Chuanwu 90 gram, Caowu 90 gram, Zhangnao (Camphor) 90 gram. Grind the ingredients into fine powder. Take proper amount of the mixture, mix with vinegar and honey to prepare herbal mud. Apply it onto the painful spot on the shoulder (about 0.5 cm thick the herbal mud). Warm it with hot water bag for 30 min. Do it once a day. (Suggestion: you can also heat the herbal mud with a lamp, until the mud turns dry. We usually use a TDP lamp)

8. 外敷麻药方 (Waifu Mayao Fang for frozen shoulder)

川乌 20 克, 草乌 20 克,半夏 15 克,天南星 15 克,筚拨 15 克,蟾蜍 12 克,细辛12 克,胡椒 30 克,55% 乙醇 500 毫升。

将上药放入乙醇中浸泡一周。用时,将3 到 4 层纱布浸入药汁中,取出拎干,敷于痛处,用红外线灯照射直至纱布干燥。每日一到两次,7 天为一个疗程。本方用于肩周炎,坐骨神经痛,腰纤维织炎,慢性腰肌劳损,慢性风湿性关节炎等,均以关节剧痛,活动不利为主症。

Herb Chuanwu 20 gram, Caowu 20 gram, Banxia 15 gram, Tiannanxing 15 gram, Bibo 15 gram,Chantu 12 gram, Hujiao 30 gram, 55% alcohol 500 ml. Add the herbal ingredients in the alcohol. Store in a sealed bottle for one week. Upon use, dig several layers of gauze into the herbal solution, make it little bit dry (no liquid drops off when lift up the gauze). Apply the herbal gauze onto the painful spot on the shoulder. Warm the herb application with TDP lamp until it turns dry. Do it once or twice a day. Seven-day is one healing period. This formula is used in frozen shoulder, sciatic pain, lower back pain, arthritis etc.


9. 南乌膏 (Nanwu Gao for frozen shoulder)

天南星 20 克,草乌 20 克,川乌 20 克,羌活 20 克,苍术 20 克,姜黄 20 克,半夏 20 克,白附子 15 克,白芷 15 克,乳香 15 克,没药 15 克,红花 10 克,细辛10 克。

诸药共研细末,加食醋,蜂蜜,白酒,葱白(捣碎),白胡椒 30 粒(研末),炒热后装布袋中,热敷于患处 30 分钟,每日两次,连续用 5 到 7 天。

Herb Tiannanxing 20 gram, Caowu 20 gram, Chuanwu 20 gram, Qianghuo 20 gram, Cangzhu 20 gram, Jianghuang 20 gram, Banxia 20 gram, Baifuzi 15 gram, Baizhi 15 gram, Ruxiang 15 gram, Moyao 15 gram, Honghua 10 gram, Xixin 10 gram, Baihujiao 30 pieces. Grind the herbs into fine powder. Mix it with vinegar, honey, liquor and leeks (chop into mud). Prepare all into mud form. Fry all to warm, put into a cotton bag. Apply it onto the painful spot on the shoulder when it is still warm. Apply for 30 min. Repeat twice a day. Continue the therapy for 5 to 7 days.

10. 肩周止痛膏 (Jianzhou Zhitong Gao for frozen shoulder)

络石藤 1000 克,桑寄生 200 克,当归 40 克,全蝎20 克,土鳖虫 20 克,独活 20 克,肉桂 20 克,黑附子 20 克,干姜 15 克,乳香 30 克,没药 30 克,冰片 6 克,桑枝 一握 (大约 30 克)。

将络石藤,当归,桑枝水煎取汁。冰片研细末备用。 其余药物另外混合略炒,再加入冰片,粉碎,过筛取末。加入药汁混合成药膏。将药膏敷于肩膀痛处,以及天宗穴和肘部的曲池穴上。胶布固定。每天换药一次。

Luoshiteng 1000 gram, Sangjisheng 200 gram, Danggui 40 gram, Quanxie 20gram, Tubiechong 20 gram, Duhuo 20 gram, Rougui 20 gram, Hei Fuzi 20 gram, Ganjiang 15 gram, Ruxiang 30 gram, Moyao30 gram, Bingpian 6 gram, Sangzhi 30 gram. Cook the Luoshiteng, Danggui and Sangzhi in water to get water extract. Grind the Bingpian into fine powder. Fry the remaining herbs little bit. Chop and break to get powder. Mix all the ingredients to make herbal paste. Apply the herbal paste onto the painful spot on the shoulder, the Tianzong and Quchi point too. Fold with gauze and fix it with medical tape. Change it every day. 


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