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A4. Cervical Spondylosis


1. 葛根白芍汤治疗颈椎病 (Gegen Baishao Tang for Cervical spondylosis)

葛根 30 克,白芍 30 克,当归 30克,丹参 10 克,木瓜 10 克,生地 10 克,全蝎 10 克,川芎 10 克,桂枝 10 克,酸枣仁 10 克,乳香 10 克,没药 10 克,细辛3 克,甘草12 克。水煎分三次服。

Herb Gegen 30 gram, Baishao 30 gram, Danggui 30 gram, Dansheng 10 gram, Mugua 10 gram, Shengdi 10 gram, Quanxie 10 gram, Chuanxiong 10 gram, Guizhi 10 gram, Suanzaoren 10 gram, Ruxiang 10 gram, Moyao 10 gram, Xixin 3 gram, Gancao 12 gram.

曾用本方治疗颈椎病113例。治愈102例,显效6例,无效5例。治愈的102例中,服药 5 到 10付者42例,服11 到15 付者22例。

This herbal formula has been used in 113 cases of cervical spondylosis patients. Among them, 102 cases were cured, 6 were much improved, 5 were failed to get any improvement. Among the 102 successful cases, 42 cases drunk the herbal extract for 5 to 10 days, and 22 drunk 11 to 15 days.

2. 当归三七红花粉治疗颈椎病 (Danggui, Sanqi, Honghua powder for Cervical spondylosis)


Herb Danggui, Sanqi and Honghua, equal amount. Grind all into fine powder. Store in bottle. When use, take 3 gram of the powder, drink it with the help of wine or warm water. Three times a day. Ten-day is one healing period.


This herbal formula has been used for 95 patients with cervical spondylosis. Among them, 86 cases were cured, 5 cases were much improved, and 4 of them failed to get any improvement. Among the 86 successful cases, 32 cases used the herbal formula one healing period; 44 took two healing period, and 10 took three healing period.

3. 桂枝加葛根汤 (Guizhi jia Gegen Tang)

桂枝 18 克,白芍18 克,甘草 12 克,葛根25到40 克,生姜 6 克,大枣 6 枚。







Herb Guizhi 18 gram, Baishao 18 gram, Gancao 12 gram, Gegen 25 to 40 gram, Shengjing 6 gram, Dazao (Chinese date) 7 peices. If the person feels cold on the neck, add herb Fuzi; if he feels heavy and tightness, add herb Qianghuo and Duhuo;If he feels numbness in arm and hands, add Danggui, Chuangxiong and Niuxi.

For long term case, add Tianma, Quanxie, and Dilong; For person with Kidney deficiency, add Lujiaoshuang, Shangzhuyu, and Weilingxian. Cook the herbs in water. Collect water extract. This is one-day dose. Drink it three times a day. Twenty-day is one healing period.

4. 乌梢蛇甘草汤 (Wushaoshe Gancao Tang for cervical spondylosis)

乌梢蛇 15 克,甘草 15 克,蜈蚣 两条,穿山甲 12 克,全蝎 8 克,川芎 10 克,自然铜 10 克,木瓜 10 克,细辛 3 克,葛根 40 克,白芍 50 克。水煎服。每日一剂,早中晚饭后各服一次。五剂为一个疗程。

Wushaoshe 15 gram, Gancao 15 gram, Wugong two, Chuanshanjia 12 gram, Quanxie 8 gram, Chuanxiong 10 gram, Zirantong 10 gram, Mugua 10 gram, Xixin 3 gram, Gegen 40 gram, Baishao 50 gram. This is one-day dose. Cook in water to collect water extract. Drink it three times a day after meal. Five-day is one healing period.


This formula has been used in 25 patients with cervical spondylosis. After 2 to 4 healing periods, 23 cases were cured, 2 were much improved.

5. 葛根丹参汤 (Gegen Dansheng Tang for cervical spondylosis)

葛根 50 克,丹参 50 克,白芍 50 克,威灵仙 50 克,防风 50 克, 细辛 20 克,川芎 20 克, 乳香 20 克,没药 20 克,川椒 20 克,五加皮 20 克,桂枝 20 克,桑枝 20 克,荆芥 20 克,甘草 20 克,全蝎 10 克,蜈蚣 10 克。

 将上药研细末。装瓶备用。用时每次服 3 克,黄酒或温开水送下。每日三次。

Herb Gegen 50 gram, Dansheng 50 gram, Baishao50 gram, Weilingxian 50 gram, Fangfeng 50 gram, Xixin 20 gram, Chuanxiong 20 gram, Ruxiang 20 gram, Moyao 20 gram, Chuanjiao 20 gram, Wujiapi 20 gram, Guizhi 20 gram, Sangzhi 20 gram, Jingjie 20 gram, Gancao 20 gram, Quanxie 10 gram, Wugong 10 gram.

Grind the ingredients into fine powder. Store in bottle. When use, take 3 gram to drink with the help of wine or warm water for swallow. Repeat three times a day.



This herbal formula has been used in 72 cases with cervical spondylosis. Among them, 65 cases were cured, 4 were much improved, and 3 had some level of improvement.


6. 全蝎蜈蚣汤 (Quanxie Wugong Tang for cervical spondylosis)

全蝎 9 克,蜈蚣 两条,鹿含草 30 克,乌梢蛇 15 克,当归 15 克,川芎 15 克,自然铜 15 克。


Quanxie 9 gram, Wugong two, Luhancao 30 gram, Wushaoshe 15 gram, Danggui 15 gram, Chuanxiong 15 gram, Zirantong 15 gram.

If the person feels more numbness and pain in the arms, add herb Sangzhi; if the neck feels more tightness and pain, add herb Gegen; if he has dizziness, or lose of consciousness, add Dilong (earthworm), Gouteng, and Zexie; if the condition become worse upon weather change, add Hanfangji, Qingjiao. Cook the ingredients in water to collect water extract. Drink the extract three times a day.


7. 归红颈椎膏 (Guihong Jingzhui Gao for cervical spondylosis)

当归 20 克,红花 20 克,防风 20 克,威灵仙 20 克,姜黄 20 克,透骨草 20 克,川乌 20 克,冰片 10 克。

将上药研细末,冰片单另包装。用时,取药末 20 克,冰片 2 克,和匀,用米醋调成糊状,敷在双侧脚底颈椎反应区,或压痛点,反���点,或小���节处���用胶布���定。每日换一次,十天为一个疗程。用前先用热水洗脚按摩脚底后再服药更好。

Herb Danggui 20 gram, Honghua 20 gram, Fangfeng 20 gram, Weilinxian 20 gram, Jianghuang 20 gram, Tougucao 20 gram, Chuanwu 20 gram, Bingpian (Borneol) powder 10 gram. Save the Bingpian powder separately in a bottle. Grind all other herbs into fine powder. Store in different bottle.

To use, take 20 gram of the herbal powder and 2 gram of Bingpian powder. Mix well. Make the mixture into mud with the use of vinegar or wine. Apply the herbal mud onto the bottom of the feet (sole), on the corresponding neck zone, or the reactive zone, or the area with painful spot. Seal it with medical tape. Change it every day with fresh herbal mud. Ten-day is one healing period. It is better to wash the feet and massage the feet before applying the herbal mud on the sole.


8. 二乌透骨膏 (Er Wu Tougu Gao for cervical spondylosis)

当归 15 克,茜草 15 克,威灵仙 15 克,艾叶 15 克,透骨草 15 克,川芎 10 克,赤芍 10 克,红花 10 克,雄黄 10 克,白矾 10 克, 川乌 10 克, 草乌 10 克, 羌活 10 克。

上药共研细末,加白醋适量搅拌,装入布袋备用。用时,取药袋放入蒸笼中加热,敷于痛处。每次一小时,每日两次。每剂可用五天。十天为一个疗程。疗程间休息五天,连续用 2 到 3 个疗程。(注:药袋可用微波炉加热也可)。

Herb Danggui 15 gram, Qiancao 15 gram, Weilingxian 15 gram, Aye 15 gram, Tougucao 15 gram, Chuanxiong 10 gram, Chishao 10 gram, Honghua 10 gram, Xionghuang 10 gram, Baifan 10 gram, Chuanwu 10 gram, Caowu 10 gram, Qianghuo 10 gram.

Grind the herbs into fine powder. Store in a cotton bag. When use, heat the herbal bag in a water steam with hot vapor. Apply the warm bag onto the painful spot for one hour. Repeat twice every day. Each bag can be re-used for five days. Ten-day is one healing period. Have a five-day break after each healing period. This method can be continue for two to three healing periods. (Suggest: the herbal bag can be heated in a microwave oven).


9. 归芪四虫酊(Guiqi Sichong Ding for cervical spondylosis)

当归 30 克,川芎 30 克,五加皮 30 克,桂枝 30 克,鸡血藤 30 克,三七 30 克,地龙 20 克,全蝎 20 克,土鳖虫 20 克,红花 20 克,川乌 20 克,草乌 20 克,蜈蚣10 条。

上药共研细末,加入 75%乙醇 2000 毫升,密封浸泡4周。用时,取纱布蘸湿药汁,敷于颈部正中,外敷塑料薄膜,面积略大于纱布,再用热水袋热熨患处。每日两次,每次20 分钟,7 天为一个疗程。

Herb Ganggui 30 gram, Chunxiong 30 gram, Wujiapi 30 gram, Guizhi 30 gram, Jixueteng 30 gram, Sanqi 30 gram, Dilong 20 gram, Quanxie 20 gram, Tubiechong 20 gram, Honghua 20 gram, Chuanwu 20 gram, Caowu 20 gram, Wugong 10 pieces.

Grind all the ingredients into fine powder. Mix it with 2000 ml of 75% alcohol. Store tightly in a bottle for 4 weeks. When use, use a gauze to dip wet into the herbal-alcohol mixture. Apply the herbal gauze onto the painful spot. Cover it with a plastic paper, a size little bit more than the gauze. Warm the herb-gauze with a hot water bag. (Suggestion: you can warm the herbal gauze in a microwave oven, instead of using a hot water bag). Repeat the application twice a day, 20 min each time. Seven-day is one healing period.  


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