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A3. Trigeminal Neuralgia


1. 加味五白汤治疗三叉神经痛 (Jiawei Wubai Tang for trigeminal neuralgia)

白芷 9 克,白蒺藜 9 克, 白附子 9 克, 白僵蚕 9 克,地龙 15 克,全蝎 5 克, 蜈蚣 5 克,白芍 30 克,川芎 30 克,肉桂 1.5 克。因寒而触发者,加大白芷至 15 克, 加制川乌,制草乌各6 克。因热而触发者,加菊花 9 克,决明子 15 克。大便干结或闭塞者,加大黄 6 到 9 克。水煎服,一天一剂。

Herb Baizhi 9 gram, Baijili 9 gram, Baifuzi 9 gram, Baijiangchan 9 gram, Dilong 15 gram, Quanxie (Scorpion) 5 gram, Wugong (Centipede) 5 gram, Baishao 30 gram, Chuanxiong 30 gram, Rougui (Cinnamon)1.5 gram. If the pain is triggered out by Cold, increase the amount of Baizhi to 15 gram, and also add processed Chuanwu 6 gram, and processed Caowu 6 gram. If the pain is triggered out by Hot, add herb Juhua 9 gram, Juemingzi 15 gram. If the person has severe constipation, add Dahuang 6 to 9 gram, into the above herb formula. Cook the herbs in water. This is one-day dose. Drink the water extract two or three times a day.

2. 川芎止痛汤治疗三叉神经痛 (Chuangxiong zhitong Tang for trigeminal neuralgia)

川芎 30 克,荆芥 10 克, 防风 10 克, 全蝎 10 克,筚拨 10 克,蜈蚣两条,天麻10 克,细辛3 克。寒重加制附子 20 到 30 克(先煎);热重加生石膏20 到 30 克,黄芩 12 克,黄连 9 克;便秘加大黄 15 克;瘀重加赤芍 12 到 15 克,丹参 30 克,五灵脂 12 克;阴虚加生地,女贞子,龟板各 15 克,黄柏 12 克,知母 12 克。水煎服,每天一剂,重者两剂。

Herb Chuanxiong 30 gram, Jingjie 10 gram, Fangfen 10 gram, Quanxie (Scropion) 10 gram, Bibo 10 gram, Wugong (Centipede) two pieces, Tianma 10 gram, Xixin 3 gram. If the Cold is severe in the body, add processed Fuzi 20 to 30 gram. If the Hot is severe, add Shigao 20 to 30 gram, Huangqin 12 gram, Huanglian 9 gram. If there is constipation, add Dahuang 15 gram. If there is evidence for blood stagnation, add Chishao 12 to 15 gram, Dansheng 30 gram, Wulingzhi 12 gram. In Yin deficiency, add Shengdi 15 gram, Nuzhenzi 15 gram, Guiban 15 gram, Huangbo 12 gram, and Zhimu 12 gram. This is one-day dose. Cook in water to collect water extract. Drink the water extract three times a day. In severe case, drink two dose a day.

3. 向日葵盘治疗三叉神经痛 (Sunflower base for trigeminal neuralgia)

向日葵盘 100 到 200 克 (去子),白糖适量。

将向日葵盘掰碎,分两次水煎成500 到 600 毫升的汤,加白糖。每天早晚饭后一小时喝下。若病情重,可日服三次。服量也可以加大一些。

Get a sunflower base 100 to 200 gram (remove seeds) and some white sugar. Break the sunflower base in small pieces. Cook in water to get about 500 to 600 ml water extract. Add some sugar in to mix. Drink it one hour after each meal. If the pain is very severe, drink three times a day or also drink more volume.

4. 散偏汤治疗三叉神经痛 (San Pian Tang for trigeminal neuralgia)

川芎 30 克,白芷 8 克,白芥子 10 克,白芍 10 克, 香附 10 克, 郁李仁 10 克, 甘草 5 克。水煎两次,两汁混合,分两次服。 六天为一个疗程。一般2到3 和疗程可愈。

Herb Chuanxiong 30 gram, Baizhi 8 gram, Baijiezi 10 gram, Baishao 10 gram, Xiangfu 10 gram, Yuliren 10 gram, Gancao (Licorice) 5 gram. Cook in water to get water extract. Drink the extract two times. Six-day is one healing period. It usually needs two to three healing period to cure.


This herb formula has been used in 13 cases with trigeminal neuralgia. Five of them got cured after one healing period. Another five of them got cured after drink the extract for two healing period. Two cases got cured after three healing period. One case failed to have reduction in the pain after three healing period.

5. 邓氏方治疗三叉神经痛 (Dang Shi Fang for trigeminal neuralgia)

川芎 30 克,当归 9 克,桃仁 9 克,赤芍 10 克,白芍 10 克,白芷 10 克,钩藤 12 克,全蝎 10 克,蜈蚣 三条,制乳香 10 克,制没药 10 克,地龙 10 克,水煎服。偏于风寒者,加防风,细辛;偏于风热者加菊花,白蒺藜,石决明;痛止而面部发麻者加黄芪。

Herb Chuanxiong 30 gram, Danggui 9 gram, Taoren 9 gram, Chishao 10 gram, Baishao 10 gram, Baizhi 10 gram, Gouteng 12 gram, Quanxie 10 gram, Wugong three peices, processed Ruxiang 10 gram, processed Moyao 10 gram, Dilong 10 gram. Cook in water to get water extract. If the condition is with more Wind-Cold, add herb Fangfen and Xixin; if with more Wind-Hot, add Juhua, Baijili and Shijueming. If the pain stops, but there is numbness feeling in the face, add herb Huangqi in the formula.


This formula has been used in 43 cases of trigeminal neuralgia. Among them, 26 cases were cured, 11 were much improved, 5 were improved to some level, and 1 case failed to have any improvement. Usually, it needs 5 to 10 days of herb extract drinking to stop the pain. It needs about three months to get cured.


6. 石膏葛根汤 (Shigao Gegen Tang for trigenimal neuralgia)

生石膏 24 克,葛根 18 克,黄芩 9 克,荆芥 9 克,
薄荷 9 克,甘草 9 克,赤芍 12 克,苍耳子 12 克, 钩藤 12 克, 柴胡 12 克, 蔓荆子 12 克,全蝎 6 克,蜈蚣 三条。每日一剂,水煎每日两次服。目痛甚者家桑叶,菊花;牙痛甚者加细辛,生地,牛膝。

Herb Shigao 24 gram, Gegen 18 gram, Huangqin 9 gram, Jingjie 9 gram, Bohe 9 gram, Gancao 9 gram, Chishao 12 gram, Cangerzi 12 gram, Gouteng 12 gram, Chaihu 12 gram, Manjingzi 12 gram, Quanxie 6 gram, Wugong three pieces. Cook in water to collect water extract. Drink half of the extract in the morning and half in the evening. If the eyes are very painful, add herb Sangye and Juhua; if the teeth is painful, add Xixin, Shengdi and Niuxi.


7. 白芍甘草汤 (Baishao Gancao Tang for trigeminal neuralgia)

白芍 50 克,炙甘草 30 克,酸枣仁 20 克,木瓜 10 克。每日一剂水煎服。主治三叉神经痛。

Herb Baishao 50 gram, processed Gancao (licorice) 30 gram, Suanzaoren 30 gram, Mugua 10 gram. Cook in water for one-day dose. Drink it separately two to three times a day. It works for the treatment of trigeminal neuralgia.


8. 龙蝎散 (Long Xie Sang for trigeminal neuralgia)

地龙,全��,白��子,细辛��天南星,半夏,路路通各等份。上药研细末,装瓶备用。用时,取 30 到60 克,用黄酒调成膏状,贴敷于太阳穴上,外以纱布包扎固定。每日换药一次。

Dilong, Quanxie,Baifuzi,Xixin, Tiannanxing, Banxia, Lulutong, equal amount for each. Grind the herbal ingredients into fine powder. Store in bottle. When use, take about 30 to 60 gram of the powder. Mix it with wine or liquor to make it as a paste. Apply it onto the Taiyang point of the sides of the head. Seal it with medical tape. Change it every day.


9. 白附子葱白散 (Baifuzi Congbai San for trigeminal neuralgia)

白附子3 克,葱白 15 克。将二者捣成糊状,装瓶备用。用时,取黄豆大小药糊,贴于太阳穴上,胶布固定。一小时后取下。

Herb Baifuzi 3 gram, Congbai (Leeks) 15 gram. Grind the two ingredients into mud. Store in bottle. When use, take little herb mud (a soy bean size), apply onto the Taiyang point of the head. Seal with medical tape. Remove it after one hour.


10. 蜈蝎散 (Wu Xie San for trigeminal neuralgia)

蜈蚣,全蝎,地龙,细辛各等份。上药共研细末,装瓶备用。用时,用药酒将药末调成糊状。贴于患处太阳穴处。包扎固定。每日换药一次。连贴 5 到7 天。

Wugong (Centipede), Quanxie (Scorpion), Dilong (Earthworm), and Xixin, equal amount for each. Grind all into fine powder. Store in bottle. When use, make the powder into mud form with wine, or liquor. Apply the herb mud onto the Taiyang point of the head sides. Seal with medical tape. Change it every day. Continue to apply it for 5 to 10 days.


11. 桑椹子汤 (Sangshengzi Tang for trigeminal neuralgia)

桑椹子 150 克。水煎分三次服。治疗三叉神经痛。

Sangshengzi 150 gram. Cook in water. Separate into three parts to drink. Three times a day.




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