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A2. Headache (Migraine)


1. 头痛塞鼻散治疗头痛 (Sai Bi San for headache).

川芎 50 克,白芷 50 克,炙远志 50 克,冰片 7 克。


Chuanxiong 50 gram,  Baizhi 50 gram, Zhi Yuanzhi 50 gram. Bingpian (Borneol powder) 7 gram. Grind the ingredients into powder. Store tightly in a bottle. Upon use, take a piece of gauze, fold with little bit the herbal powder. Apply into nose. Apply into the left nose if the headache is on the right side, or into the right side if the headache is on the left side of head.

This formula has been used to hundreds of cases. The healing effect is satisfied. Usually, after use of the herbs for  3 to 5 min, the headache start to reduce. For some, after a sneeze, the person can feel every clear in his eyes, nose, ears, and the pain stop. It still works if it is used when the pain comes later.

2. 龙骨汤治疗偏头痛 (Longgu Tang for migraine)

白芍 50 克,夜交藤 50 克,龙骨 30 克(先煎),蔓荆子 20 克,炒 酸枣仁 20 克,菊花 10 克,郁金 10 克,僵蚕 10 克。 栀子 15 克,红花 15 克,石膏 15 克。

Baishao 50 gram, Yejiaoteng 50 gram, Longgu 30 gram (cook first), Manjingzi 20 gram, Chao Suanzaoren 20 gram, Juhua 10 gram, Yujing 10 gram, Jiangchan 10 gram, Zhizi 15 gram, Honghua 15 gram, and Shigao 15 gram.

将上药水煎,每日一剂,分2 到 3 次口服。5 剂为一个疗程。用本方治疗偏头痛38例,经用药1-2个疗程后,治愈35例,显效2例,无效1例。

Cook the above ingredients in water. Drink the extract two to three times a day. Five-day is one healing period. It has been used for the treatment of migraine in 38 patients. After one to two healing periods, 35 were cured and and 2 cases were much improved, and one was failed.

3. 鲤鱼头治疗头痛 (Carp head for migraine)


Get a black carp head and some brown sugar. Prepare a pot of boiling water. Add the black carp head in, continue to cook until the carp head is very in mud form. Add brown sugar in. Drink the soup upon the head ache comes.

4. 二白汤治疗血管神经性头痛 (Erbai Tang for Angioneurotic headache)

白芍30 克,禅衣 12 克,白芷 12 克,葛根 15 克,桂枝 6 克,细辛 3 克,川芎 10 克,蔓荆子 10 克,甘草 8 克。将上药水煎。每日一剂,一日三次。

用本方治疗血管神经性头痛53例,用药 3 到 8 剂后,治愈 45 例,有效6例,无效 2 例。

Baishao 30 gram, Chanyi 12 gram, Baizhi 12 gram, Gegen 15 gram, Guizhi 6 gram, Xixing 3 gram, Chuanxiong 10 gram, Manjingzi 10 gram, Gancao (Licorice) 8 gram. This is one-day dose. Cook the ingredients in water to collect extract. Drink three times a day.

It has been used in 53 patients with Angioneurotic headache. After three to eight doses, 45 patients were cured, 6 were much improved, and 2 were failed to have any improvement.

5. 萝卜冰片治疗偏头痛 (Daikon and borneol for the treatment of migraine)


Take some Daikon. Wash it and grind it to get juice. Add borneol in, to dissolve. Drop the juice into nose. If the headache is on left side, drop it into right nose; if the migraine is on the right side, drop it into the left nose.


6. 蝎子末治疗偏头痛 (Scorpion powder for migraine)


Grind scorpion into fine powder. Apply little onto the side of head (the Taiyang point). Seal with medical tape. Change it every day. This is used for the treatment of migraine.


7. 清空膏治疗顽固性头痛 (Qingkun Gao for difficult migraine)

川芎 10 克,羌活 10 克,黄芩 15 克,川黄连 10 克,柴胡 10 克,防风 12 克, 炙甘草 10 克。

水煎,每天一剂。病程长者,上方加蜈蚣1 到 2 条,太子参 20 克(或红参 6 克),白蒺藜 12克。头痛连面或牙龈者,上方加细辛3克,生石膏 30克。

Chuangxiong 10 g, Qianghuo 10 g, Huangqin 15 g, Huanglian 10 g, Chaihu 10 g, Fangfen 12 g, Zhi Gancao 10 g.

 Cook in water, once a day, drink it three times a day. For chronic migraine, add Wugong one to two, Daizisheng 20 gram (or Red Ginseng 6 gram), Baijili 12 gram. If the migraine affects the face or tooch gum, add Xixing 3 gram and Shigao 30 gram into the above formula.


8. 川芎,丹参治疗血管神经性头痛 (Chuanxiong, Dansheng for angioneurotic headache).

川芎 30 克,丹参 30 克,白芍50 克, 石决明(先煎)60 克,全蝎(冲服) 3 - 6 克,细辛 3 克,白芷 10 克。上药水煎服。每日一剂,每天服三次。

Chuangxiong 30 gram, Dansheng 30 gram, Baishao 50 gram, Shijueming (cook first) 60 gram, Quanxie (drink as powder) 3 to 6 gram, Xixin 3 gram, Baizhi 10 gram. This is one-day dose. Cook in water to collect water extract. Drink the extract three times a day.


This formula has been used in 38 patients with angioneurotic headache. After 2 to 6 doses, 32 of them were cured, 4 were improved, and 2 failed to get any improvement.


9. 三白汤治疗偏头痛 (San Bei Tang for Migraine)

川芎 30 克,白芷 15 克,白芍 15 克,白芥子 9 克,香附 6 克,柴胡 3 克,郁李仁 3 克,甘草 3 克。将药水煎服,每日一剂,每日服两次。

Chuanxiong 30 gram, Baizhi 15 gram, Baishao 15 gram, Baijiezi 9 gram, Xiangfu 6 gram, Chaihu 3 gram, Yuliren 3 gram, Gancao (Licorice) 3 gram.

This is one-day dose. Cook in water to get water extract. Drink it two times a day.

用上药治疗偏头痛24例,用药 2到5 剂后,头痛减轻,少则1到2 剂,多则7到8剂,均能达到缓解头痛,止痛效果。

This formula has been used in 24 patients with migraine. After two to five days of treatment, the headache was reduced. As less as only one to two days, or as more as seven to eight days, all can bring reduction or cessation in headache.


10. 热水洗手治疗偏头痛 (Hot water wash to stop migraine)


Prepare hot water, about 5 to 6 liters or more. Rinse both hands in the hot water (the water temperature should be tolerable by the hands) in the basin. During the wash, add more hot water in, so as to keep the hot in the water. After half hour, the headache start to reduce, even to disappear.


11. 加减清上蠋痛汤治疗偏头痛 (Jiajian Qinshang Yi Tong for migraine).

当归 3 克,川芎 3 克,白芷 3 克,细辛 3 克,羌活 3 克,防风 3 克,菊花 3 克,黄芩 3 克,麦冬 3 克,蔓荆子 6 克,甘草1 克。每日一剂。水煎服。

Danggui 3 gram, Chuanxiong 3 gram, Baizhi 3 gram, Xixin 3 gram, Qianghuo 3 gram, Fangfeng 3 gram, Juhua 3 gram, Huangqin 3 gram, Maidong 3 gram, Manjingzi 6 gram, Gancao (Licorice) 1 gram. This is also one-day dose. Cook in water to drink the water extract.


12. 带壳白果(即银杏)60克。(Ginkgo for migraine)

将上药捣碎捣裂入砂锅加水 500 毫升,文火煎至300毫升。分两次服。本方可连煎三次。服三日。

Get ginkgo (with shell) 60 gram. Break it. Add into pot to cook in water (500 ml), until the water extract is about 300 ml. Drink the extract twice a day. It can be re-cooked for three times, and drink for three days.


The person who used this formula, usually had their headache reduced after one drink.


13。全席汤治疗血管神经性头痛 (Quanxi Tang for angioneurotic headache)

黄芪 30 克,当归 20 克,川芎 10 克,天麻 10 克,乳香 10 克,没药 10 克,白蒺藜 10 克,蜈蚣 三条,细辛3 克,全蝎 5 克,甘草 6 克。


Huangqi 30 gram, Danggui 20 gram, Chuanxiong 10 gram, Tianma 10 gram, Ruxiang 10 gram, Moyao 10 gram, Baijili 10 gram, Wugong three, Xixin 3 gram, Quanxie 5 gram, Gancao 6 gram.

This is one-day dose. Cook it in water to collect water extract. Drink it two to three times a day.

用本方治疗血管神经性头痛者120例,痊愈108 例,显效5例,无效者3例。一般服用2到4 剂见效。

This formula has been used in 120 patients with angioneurotic headache. Among them, 108 cases were cured, 5 were much improved, and 3 failed to get any improvement.



14. 何首乌土茯苓方治疗偏头痛 (Heshouwu, Tufuling for the treatment of headache).

何首乌 9 克,土茯苓 30 克,天麻 6 克,当归 9 克,防风 6 克。


Heshouwu, 9 gram, Tufuling 30 gram, Tianma 6 gram, Danggui 9 gram, Fangfeng 6 gram.

This is one-day dose. Cook in water to get water extract. Drink it twice  a day. It works for any kind of headache, no matter if it is migraine or not, or no matter if its on the left side or on the right side of the head.


15. 荞麦粉治头痛 (Buckwheat for headache)


Fry the buckwheat powder in hot pot to warm. Add some vinegar and continue to fry. Apply the hot buckwheat onto the head. Fold with cotton sheet. Avoid wind blowing. Change it when it turns cold. Continue day and night.


 This herbal formula words for the headache due to common cold, or for ordinary headache. It does not work for headache due to Qi deficiency, nor to warm-caused headache.


16. 全蝎蜈蚣粉治疗头痛 (Scorpion and centipede for headache)

全蝎和蜈蚣,等量,研成细粉。每服1.5 到2.4克,一日两次。主治顽固头痛。

Take equal amount of scorpion and centipede. Grind into powder. Drink the powder 1.5 to 2.4 gram each time, repeat twice a day. It works for difficult, obstinate headache. 


17. 白芷川芎粉塞鼻治疗头痛 (Baizhi and Chuanxiong powder for migraine)

白芷 30 克,川芎 15 克,细辛 10 克,升麻 10 克,冰片6 克,薄荷 10 克。


Baizhi 30 gram, Chunxiong 15 gram, Xixin 10 gram, Shenma 10 gram, Borneol powder 6 gram,  Mint 10 gram. Grind the ingredients into fine powder. Store tightly in a bottle. Upon use, dip little powder into nose with deep breath. Dip it into the right nose if the headache is on the left side, or dip it into the left nose if the headache is on the right side. This herbal formula is used to solve the angioneurotic headache, migraine, or that caused by sinus illness.


18. 白芎膏治疗头痛 (Bai Xiong Gao for headache)

白附子 3 克,川芎 3 克,葱白 15 克。


Herb Baifuzi 3 gram, Chuanxiong 3 gram, Leeks 15 gram.

Chop the leeks into mud, and grind the herbs into powder. Mix them well into paste. Store into a bottle. Upon use, take little bit of the herb mud, apply it on to the front head and the two sides of the head (the Taiyang points). Seal it with plastic paper, or similar, fold to fix it. Usually, it only needs one time application. If not, repeat it next day. This herb formula works for Wind-Cold type headache.


You can also warm the fresh ginger, chop into into slice. Apply it onto the head. Fix it with tape.


19. 吴白散敷脐部治疗头痛。(Wu Bai San application onto naval for headache).

吴茱萸 30 克,川芎 30 克,白芷 30 克。


或者取药末 30 克,用醋或白酒调成糊状,敷脚底涌泉穴,外以纱布包扎固定。每日换药一次。

Herb Wuzhuyu 30 gram, Chunxiong 30 gram, Baizhi 30 gram. Grind the herbs into fine powder. Store into bottle. Upon use, take a cotton ball to fold the herbal powder. Apply the cotton ball into the naval. Seal it and fix it with tape. If the person feels itch in the naval, take it out. Re-apply it after the itch disappears. Usually, it only needs one time or twice application per day. One to two hours each time. Three to ten times of application is one healing period. Or, you can take the herbal powder 30 gram, mix it with vinegar or liquor to make herb mud. Apply it on to the sole (the Yongxuan point). Seal it with tape. Change it every day. 


20. 黄硝散治疗偏头痛 (Huang Xiao powder for headache)


将上药共研粉,装瓶备用。用时,取药粉10 到 20 克,用井水调和并捏成饼状。贴在双侧太阳穴处。纱布包扎固定。每日换药一次。本方泻热止痛。用于风热型头痛,患者头痛而胀,痛势较急而剧,头中有热感,喜欢吹冷风。热重时口鼻发干,咽红或牙痛,大便秘结,小便黄等。

Herb Dahuang and Puxiao (Glauber's salt), equal amount.

Grind them into fine powder. Store in bottle. Upon use, take 10 to 20 gram the powder, make it into paste with water from well. Apply the paste onto the Taiyang point of head, seal it with tape. Change it every day.

This herb formula works to expel Fire, so to stop headache. The person feels headache and bloating feeling in the head. The pain comes fast and heavy. There could have hot feeling in the head. The person likes to be blowed with cold wind, or air conditioning. When the hot is severe, he may also feel dryness in the mouth and nose, have red or sour throat, or teethache. He may have constipation, or the urine tends to be strong yellow in color.


21. 二草散治疗头痛 (Er Cao San for headache)

草决明 15 克,苏子 15 克,草乌 5 克。


Herb Caojueming 15 gram, Suzi 15 gram, Caowu 5 gram. Grind the herbs into fine powder. Store in bottle. Upon use, take 30 gram of the mixture, make it into paste with tea water and prepare it into a cake in shape. Apply the herb cake onto the Taiyang point on the side of the head. Seal it with tape. This herb formula works for Wind-Fire type headache. The person feels headache, cloudy in head, nausea, willing to vomit. The head feels bloating. The person feels annoyed, and tends to be upset. He likes to stay quiet, and dislike noise or crowd. He feels heavy floating on the side of stomach, his face and eyes are red in color. He feels bitter taste in mouth and dryness in mouth and throat. He has poor sleep with lots of dream.


22. 头痛散治疗头痛 (Headache powder)

草乌 30 克,天南星30 克,白附子 30 克,葱白 7 根,生姜 40 克。

上药研细末装瓶备用。用时,将药末用一层纱布包好,放入锅内蒸,热敷痛处,包扎固定。本方用于血管性头痛。本方曾用于43例,24 小时内止痛者40 例,2 到 3 天内止痛者3 例,随访2年内无复发者31例。

Herb Caowu 30 gram, Tiannanxing 30 gram, Baifuzi 30 gram, Leeks seven, fresh ginger 40 gram. Grind these ingredients into powder/mud. Store into bottle. When use, fold the herb powder with a layer of gauze. Steam in water vapor in a pot. Apply it onto the painful spot of the head. Fix it. This herb formula is used for angio headache. It has been used in 43 patients. Fourty of them stop their headache after 24 hours, three of them had headache stop within 2 to 3 days. the survey after 2 years found that, 31 of them did not get headache any more within the 2 years.


23. 芎星膏治疗头痛 (Xiong Xing Gao for headache)

川芎 10 克,天南星 3 克,葱白 适量,朱砂 1.5 克���白酒 5 毫升。


Herb Chuanxiong 10 gram, Tiannanxing 3 gram, Leeks some amount, Zhusha (Cinnabar) 1.5 gram. Liqor 5 ml. Grind the herbs into fine powder. Add the liquor in to prepare paste. Store in a bottle. When use, take it out and apply it onto the Taiyang point of the head. Seal it with tape. This herb formula is used for Wind-Cold type headache.


24. 三生祛痛方(Sansheng Qutong Fang for headache)


将上药研细末装瓶备用。用时取32克,加葱白连须 7 根,生姜 15 克,捣碎如泥,入药和匀,用纱布包好蒸热,乘热敷于痛处。绷带包扎固定,每日换药一次。主治偏头痛。

Herb Wutou, Tiannanxing, and Baifuzi, equal amount. Grind it into fine powder. Take leeks 7 with roots, fresh ginger 15 gram. Chop and grind the leeks and ginger into mud, mix it with the herbal powder. Fold the herbal mud with gauze and steam over water vapor. Apply it onto the painful spot of the head. Fix it with gauze. Change it every day. It works for migraine.


25. 白石散治疗头痛 (Bai Shi San for migraine)


将上药研细末装瓶备用。取15 到20 克,用温开水调和,外敷脐部,外以纱布包扎固定。约2小时取下。主治血管性头痛。

Herb Baizhi, Chuanxiong, and Shigao, equal amount. Grind them into fine powder. Take 15 to 20 gram of it, mix with warm boiling water. Apply it onto the naval. seal with tape or with gauze. Keep for 2 hours and remove it away. This herb formula works for vascular headache.



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