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A29. Heel pain


1. 温补肾阳汤治疗脚跟痛 (Wenbu Shenyang Fang for heel pain)

鹿角胶 15 克,龟板 15 克,熟地 10 克,当归 10 克,牛膝 10 克,茯苓 10 克,杜仲 10 克,菟丝子 10 克,党参 10 克。另外用硫磺末每日三次,每次 1 克服。

Lujiaojiao 15 gram, Guiban 15 gram, Shoudi 10 gram, Danggui 10 gram, Niuxi 10 gram, Fuling 10 gram, Duzhong 10 gram, Tusizi 10 gram, Dangsheng 10 gram. Cook in water to drink the water extract. At the same time, drink Liuhuang (Sulphur) powder, 1 gram each time, three times a day.


This formula works for pain in heel.

2. 地鳖虫五灵脂方治疗跟骨骨刺 (Dibiechong Wulingzi for heel pain)

地鳖虫 40 克,五灵脂 30 克,白芥子 30 克,制草乌 30 克,三棱 30 克,威灵仙 60 克,槠实子 60 克,马鞭草 60 克,苏木 60 克, 海带 60 克,皂角刺 60 克,蒲公英 60 克,元胡 60 克,汉防己 60 克,食醋 100 毫升,鲜葱 100 克。

Dibiechong 40 gram, Wulingzi 30 gram, Baijiezi 30 gram, Zhi Caowu 30 gram, Sanlen 30 gram, Weilingxian 60 gram, Zhishizi 60 gram, Mabiancao 60 gram, Sumu 60 gram, Haidai 60 gram, Zaojiaoci 60 gram, Pugongyin 60 gram, Yuanhu 60 gram, Han Fangji 60 gram, cooking vinegar 100 ml, fresh leeks 100 gram.

将中药加入水约两倍量,用旺火烧沸后,再煎 3-5 分钟即可。将葱连根洗净,摘断放入脚盆内,再倒进食醋约100 毫升。 将煎好的药汁,药渣一起倒入盆内,乘药水还温时,用药水泡脚。泡半小时到一小时以上。每天两次。继续泡脚时,可将药汁再煎一次再用。每剂药可用两天。

Add two fold of water to the herbs. Bring to boiling for 3 to 5 min.

Wash the leeks with roots, break it into short piece with hands (do not chop with knife), add it into a basin. Add the vinegar into the basin then the herbal extract (with the residue). Wash and dip the affected foot in the herbal solution for 30 to 60 min. Add warm water from time to time to keep the warm. Repeat twice a day. This amount of herbs is one dose, which can be re-used for two days (four times in total). It should be brought to warm again before each wash.

曾用本方治疗脚跟痛者 33 例。泡一次痊愈者 13 例,需要 2-4 次不痛者 5 例,好转者 10 例,无效 5 例。

This formula has been used for 33 patients with heel pain. After one wash, 13 of them has no more pain. After 2 to 4 times of wash, 5 patients have no more pain. After 2 to 4 times of wash, 10 cases were much improved, and 5 failed to have any improvement.

3. 川芎外敷法治疗脚跟痛 (Chuanxiong for heel pain)



Take herb Chuanxiong some amount. Grind it into powder. Add it into a cotton bag. Put the bag in the shoe for one week. Change it every week. It needs more than one week to see the effect.


4. 熟地肉桂方治疗脚跟痛 (Shoudi Rougui fang for heel pain)

熟地 25 克,肉桂 3 克,牛膝 9 克,木瓜 9 克,杜仲 9 克,枸杞子 9 克,当归尾 9 克,汉防己 6 克,炙甘草 6 克。

Shoudi 25 gram, Rougui 3 gram, Niuxi 9 gram, Mugua 9 gram, Duzhong 9 gram, Gouqizi 9 gram, Dangguiwei 9 gram, Han Fangji 6 gram, Zhi Gancao 6 gram.

将上药水煎服,一日两次。另外,将皂角 60 克,头发 16 克,水煎泡脚。每日 1-2 次。还可配合针灸治疗。一般需要3-5 天痊愈。

Cook the herbs in water to collect water extract. Drink the water extract twice a day. At the same time, cook Zaojiao 60 gram, human hair 16 gram in water. Collect the water extract to rinse and dip foot, once to twice a day. It is better to combine the herbal therapy with acupuncture for cure.

Usually, it needs 3 to 5 days to cure.


5. 食醋浸泡法治疗脚跟痛 (Vinegar wash for heel pain)

将食醋(1000 毫升)加热后泡脚。每次泡 30 到 60 分钟。如果温度下降,应将之加入后再泡。一般需要连续泡 10-15 天后后跟痛方会减轻。可连续 1-2 个月。

Bring vinegar (1000 ml) to warm. Rinse and dip the foot in for 30 to 60 min. If the vinegar temperature reduces, bring it to warm again by heat. Usually, it needs 10 - 15 days to see the reduction of the pain. It needs continuous wash for one to two months.

曾用本方治疗者 34 例,明显好转者 32 例。

This formula has been tried by 34 patients with heel pain. Among them, 32 were much improved.


6. 夏枯草食醋方治疗脚跟痛 (Xiakucao - vinegar wash for heel pain)

夏枯草 50 克,食醋 1000 毫升。

Xiakucao 50 gram, vinegar 1000 ml.

将夏枯草放入食醋中浸泡 2-4 小时,然后煮沸 15 分钟。先熏后洗患处 20 分钟,每日1-3 次。每剂可用两天。一般需要3-4 剂痛可明显减轻。

Put the Xiakucao into the vinegar for 2 to4 hours. Bring to boiling for 15 min. Smoke the feet with the steam of the vinegar, then wash the feet with the vinegar solution. Do it one to three times a day. Each of the vinegar solution can be used for two days. It usually needs 3 to 4 times of wash to the diminish of the heel pain.


7. 姜芍散治疗手脚痛

 (Jianghuang Shaoyao San for pain in heels or hands) 

姜黄12 克,赤芍 12 克,栀子 12 克,白芷 12 克,穿山甲 6 克,冰片3 克。研细末。用醋调成糊状敷患处,外用塑料纸包扎,夜敷日除。药干加醋。每剂可连用三夜。一个月为一个疗程。

Jianghuang 12 gram, Chishao 12 gram, Zhizi 12 gram, Baizhi 12 gram, Chuanshanjiao 6 gram, Bingpian 3 gram.

Grind the herbs into fine powder. Add vinegar to make it into mud form. Apply the herbal mud onto the heel or hands before going to bed. Fold it with plastic paper and fold with gauze. Remove it next morning. If the herbal bud turns dry, add little bit more vinegar. Every dose can be re-used for three nights. One-month is one healing period.


8. 大豆根洗脚 (Soya root wash for heel pain)


Cook soya roots in water. Wash the foot with the water extract every day.


9. 蚯蚓屎外敷治疗脚跟痛 (Earthworm stool application on feet for feet pain)


Add water to the earthworm stool to make it into mud form. Apply the earthworm stool mud on to the affected foot at night. Remove it next morning. Repeat it every night until the pain is gone.


10. 补阴汤治疗脚跟痛 (Buyin Tang for heel pain)

首乌 60 克,熟地 30 克,枸杞子15 克,知母10 克,黄柏 10 克,牛膝 15 克。

Heshouwu 60 gram, Shoudi 30 gram, Gouqizi 15 gram, Zhimu 10 gram, Huangbo 10 gram, Niuxi 15 gram.


Cook in water to collect the water extract. Drink the water extract twice a day. This formula works for Yin-deficiency in Liver and Kidney.


11. 细辛防风散预防脚痛 (Xixin Fangfeng San prevent feet pain due to long distance walk)


Xixin, Fangfeng, Baizhi, Caowu, equal amount. Grind into powder. Add water to make the mixture into liquid form. Add several drops into socks。This formula works to prevent feet pain due to long distance walk.


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