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A28. Mis-swallow of  foreign thing


1. 韭菜叶芹菜茎方治疗误吞金属物 (Chinese chives, Celery stem, lotus powder for mis-swallow metal material)

韭菜(除去白茎,不切)30 克,鲜芹菜(除去叶子,也不切)30 克,干藕粉 30 克,莲房炭 50 克。

Fresh Chinese chives (Remove white stems, do not chop) 30 gram, fresh celery stems (remove leaves, do not chop) 30 gram, Dried lotus powder 30 gram, Lotus-base char 50 gram.


Add the stuff into about 2000 ml of water. Bring to heat to cook until the lotus is eatable. Remove the lotus-base, drink the soup three to four times a day. This formula is used to solve mis-swallow of metal material by children.


This formula has been used for mis-swallow of metal dress button, pin, coin, etc. In most cases, these foreign things are past through stool within 24 to 72 hours.

2.  荸荠核桃仁治疗误吞铜物 (Water chestnut and walnut kernel for mis-swallow of copper material)

荸荠 250 克,核桃仁 120 克。
Water chestnut 250 gram, walnut kernel 120 gram.

将上两味生嚼。 治疗误吞铜物。

Chew and eat the two. This formula is used to treat mis-swallow of copper material.

3. 大蒜塞鼻子治疗鱼骨卡喉 (Garlic and white sugar for block of fish bone in throat)


Garlic two, white sugar, some.


Cut the garlic in horizontal way. Put it into both nostrils, so there is not leak of air from the nose. Swallow the white sugar powder without drink any water. If it does not work, drink a teaspoon of the white sugar again.

4. 喝醋治疗细骨头卡喉 (Vinegar drink for block in throat by fish thorn or chicken bone)

醋 120 毫升。将醋稍温,趁热徐徐喝下,然后大口嚼食馒头,咽下。

Vinegar 120 ml. Warm the vinegar little bit. Drink it slowly when it is still warm. Eat bread in large mouth, swallow the bread.


5. 橄榄核治疗骨鲠 (Olive kernel for block of bone in throat)


Grind olive kernel into fine powder. Drink the powder. It works to solve the block of fish thorn and bone in throat.


也可将橄榄核 30 克,焙干研细末,加冰片1.5 克混合后,用笔管吹入喉中约 0.3 克。约半小时骨即软化而痛止。如不见效,可再吹 2 - 3 次即可。

You can also bake the olive kernel 30 gram to dry. Grind it into fine powder. Mix it with 1.5 gram of borneol. Blow 0.3 gram of the powder mixture into the throat. After about half hour, the bone will become soft and the pain will be released. If not, repeat the blowing again for two or three more times.

6. 蚕豆和韭菜治疗针卡喉中 (Fava bean and Chinese chives for needle block in throat)


Fava bean and Chinese chives, some for each.


Cook the two in water. Drink and eat it. The needle will be expelled out through stool.

7. 丝瓜煎粉治疗鱼骨梗喉 (Luffa powder for block by fish bone or thorn)




Old luffa stems and seeds.




Dry and char the luffa stems and seeds. Grind them into fine powder. Add it into boiling water about 200 to 250 ml. After cooling down a while, drink all once the luffa-water. If it is felt clear and easy in the throat, it will be done.




This formula is used for block of throat by fish thorn or fish bone.


8. 蝼蛄汁滴被刺处 (Mole Cricket juice for needle block in throat)



Chop the mole cricket into mud, get its juice, drop the juice on to the block part of throat.



9. 硼砂乌梅方治疗鱼骨卡喉 (Borax Wumei fang for fish bone block in throat)


硼砂 9 克,乌梅 5 只,桔梗 9 克,甘草12 克,威灵仙 9 克,沙姜 30 克,青橄榄 5 只,山楂 30 克。


Borax 9 gram, Wumei 5, Jiegeng 9 gram, Gancao 12 gram, Weilingxian 9 gram, Shajiang 30 gram, Fresh olive 5, Hawthorn 30 gram.


加水 1000 毫升水煎服 500 毫升。半小时内服完。


Add the herbs into 1000 ml of water. Bring to heat to cook, so to collect about 500 ml water extract. Drink all of the extract within half hour.




This formula works for throat block by fish bone.


10. 皂角喷鼻治疗鱼刺卡喉 (Zaojiao spray into nose for fish bone block in throat)




Grind the Zaojiao into fine powder. Blow little into nose, to create sneeze, so to help to remove the fish bone.



11. 大黄厚朴汤治疗异物梗喉 (Dahuang Houpo Tang for fish bone block in throat)


大黄 6 克,厚朴15 克,枳实 10 克,芒硝 15 克,威灵仙 10 克。


Dahuang 6 gram, Houpo 15 gram, Zhishi 10 gram, Mangxiao 15 gram, Weilingxian 10 gram.




Cook in water. Drink the water extract to solve the foreign material block in throat.



12. 威灵仙薏苡仁汤治疗各种骨鲠 (Weilingxian Yiyiren Tang for bone block in throat)


威灵仙 50 - 90 克,薏苡仁 20 克,白糖 30 克,醋适量。


Weilingxian 50-90 gram, Yiyiren 20gram, White sugar 30 gram, Vinegar some.




Cook the Weilingxian and Yiyiren in water to collect water extract.  Add white sugar in to dissolve it. Then add vinegar. Mix it well. Drink the mixture by 4 to 6 times (Hold in mouth for a while before swallow it). It usually needs about two days to solve the block.



13. 威灵仙野菊花汤治疗骨头卡喉 (Weilingxian and wild corn flower tang for bone block in throat)


威灵仙 25 克,野菊花 30 克。


Weilingxian 25 gram, Wild corn flower (chrysanthemum) 30 gram.



加水 1300 毫升,慢火水煎取450 毫升。加 10% 醋酸 10 毫升。口服每次 60 毫升。于 20 分钟内服完。


Add 130-0 ml of water to cook slowly and collect 450 ml of water extract. Add 10 ml of 10% acetic acid. Mix it well. Drink the mixture 60 ml each time within 20 min. It usually needs one to two times of drink to solve the block.



14. 山楂乌梅含服治疗骨头梗喉 (Hawthorn and Wumei for bone block in throat)



One slide of hawthorn, one Wumei (Dark plum)



洗净山楂和乌梅,含入口中,不断地徐徐咽下含有药汁的唾液。一般约 5-10 分钟即可见效。如含至酸涩味消失而无好转,可再依上方用药一次。如含服两剂不见效,则可认为无效。本方对较小的骨鲠,如鱼刺疗效较好。对骨质坚硬或较大块的猪骨,疗效较差。


Wash the hawthorn and dark plum, chew it in mouth. Swallow slowly the saliva. Usually after 5 to 10 min, the block can be solved. If there is no more sour and astringent taste in the mouth and there is no any improvement, repeat the chew of new fruits again. If after twice trying, there is still no effect, it means not working. This method works for smaller bone, such as fish bone, not so good for bigger bones, such as pig bones.






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