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A27. Feet injury by shoes


1. 烟灰饭糊治疗鞋磨伤 (Ash and rice for feet damage by shoes)


If the feet is injured and hurt by shoes, mix burning ash (from grass or from cigarette, etc.) with cooked rice (or cooked wheat). Chop it together and apply on to the wound.

2. 半夏饭糊治疗鞋磨伤 (Banxia and rice for feet injury by shoes)


Chop herb Banxia into mud. Mix it with rice meal, apply on to the wound.

3. 乌贼骨白面治疗鞋磨伤 (Wuzeigu and wheat powder for feet injury by wearing shoes)


Grind Wuzeigu into fine powder, add little wheat powder and water to make into mud form. Apply the mixture to the wound. Change it every day.


4. 蓖麻油治疗鞋磨伤 (Castor oil for feet hurt by shoes)


Apply the castor oil on to the wound.

5. 硼酸软膏治疗鞋磨伤 (Boric acid location for feet hurt by shoes)


If there is blister on feet due to wearing shoes, apply boric acid lotion on the wound for cure.



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